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Most of us are aware of the physical aspects of our bodies. Few people, however, are aware of our energy bodies and the relationship between these and our physical bodies and our health.


The diagram on the left is a representation of who we are in terms of energy. Our physical bodies are surrounded by a number of energy bodies. These fit inside each other like a set of wooden Russian dolls. The energy vibrations of these bodies are slowest in the physical body and increase outwards from the physical body. Emotions and thoughts are held in the energy bodies immediately surrounding the physical body. 


Everyday senses such as taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, etc., and day to day feelings and thoughts have a relatively low energy frequency and do not give the average person the ability to have much awareness of what is going on in the outer energy fields which have a higher energy frequency. This is why most people are not aware of their energy bodies.  


We are all familiar with the need to eat food and to drink liquids. These pass through our physical body, we take the nutrients that we need, and then release from our bodies the waste products. We also need to do the same thing with the life force energy that is in the air all around us. We need to take in this energy, process the ‘nutrition’ that it gives us, and then release the ‘waste products’. This energy is needed in not just our physical bodies but in the energy bodies around us as well. This life force energy helps us to maintain good health in our physical bodies, it helps us to process emotions and feelings in our emotional energy bodies, it helps us to process thoughts and ideas in our mental energy bodies, etc..  The term ‘life force energy’ is a generic term for a range of energies that are all around us but which most of us cannot sense with our physical senses. Life force energy is received into the energy and physical bodies through the ‘chakras’ as shown in the two diagrams on the right. A chakra is a ‘gateway’ though which a vortex of energy flows into our energy and physical bodies and out through which we release used energy. Each person has thousands of chakras, with the seven most important chakras shown in the diagrams. The incoming energy flows through the chakras into the meridian channels and through the nervous system into the endocrine (glandular) system and into the blood stream. The used energy then travels back out through the same routes and is released out through the chakras. Further below are some diagrams of the meridian system, with the meridians represented as the dotted lines. The oriental practices of acupressure and acupuncture are focussed on ensuring that life force energy flows freely along the meridians.


Additionally, the chakras are intrinsically linked to our growth as people through life. Each of the seven main chakras takes about five to six years to develop fully, and they develop in turn, one after the other. The first to develop is the root chakra at the bottom of the spine which has the function of anchoring our energy bodies to the physical body. It develops during the first five to six years of life. It is then the turn of the next main chakra above the root chakra, the sacral chakra, to develop fully. The sacral chakra is linked to a person’s creativity including reproductive creativity, and develops between the fifth and twelfth years of life. The onset of puberty arises when this chakra is fully developed. The next chakra is the solar plexus which is linked to emotional development, developing during the teenage years,  followed by the heart chakra which is linked to the ability to have loving relationships. The fifth is the throat chakra which is linked to our ability to communicate and to express our creativity verbally. The third eye chakra is linked to our psychic ability and the crown chakra at the top of our head is linked to our spiritual connection with the world around us and the cosmos. At the bottom of our spines is our own personal pool of life force energy, called kundalini energy, which trickles out into our internal energy system. It flows more freely into each chakra when the chakra has developed fully. When all the chakras are developed, it should flow straight up through all the chakras and through the crown chakra to link with the life force energy all around us.  This then opens the door of opportunity for significant spiritual growth and for strong spiritual connection to the world around. This is what happened to me when I was not working for a while. 


Linked to the development of the chakras through life are the energies of the stars and planets. These are filtered as constituents of the life force energy through the chakras into our energy and physical bodies. In the west, we are used to the concept that the Moon influences the menstrual cycle of women. What we have less awareness of is the general influence of astrological energies in our energy fields and how they influence our personal growth in life. At the soul level, we process through our energy fields in particular the energies of the stars of the Great Bear, Pleiadean and Sirius systems and the energies represented by the lunar nodes in our horoscopes. In the other energy bodies and in the physical body, we process the energies of the planets in our solar system. The energy of the Moon is connected to our emotions, the energy of the planet  Mercury is connected to our mental processes and communications, Venus is connected with love, Mars with our day to day energy, Jupiter with our growth and development through life, Saturn with how we structure and focus our day to day energies, etc.. The energetic relationships between these astrological energies change as the planets move closer to or further away from each other as they orbit around the Sun.  Some of these relationships have the ability to influence our personal development. For example, the energy of Saturn challenges the day to day structures of our lives at the age of 14 to 15 as it moves into what the astrologers refer to as an opposite transit. For young people, this represents an opportunity to experience the challenge of growing out of the day to day structures which their parents have given them and to find their own structures in life. This can be quite stressful, especially as they will also have been coping with a lot of hormonal and chemical changes in their bodies at that age. Saturn challenges the structure of our lives again around the age of 29 to 30. Some of these planetary relationships have the ability to influence our energy fields significantly. As a different example, between the ages of 38 and 42, the energy of the planet Uranus in opposite transit pulls on the kundalini to rise upwards very strongly through all the chakras. A person can experience depression and other symptoms of what is commonly referred to as the mid-life crisis if the kundalini energy cannot move freely under the influence of Uranus.           


The free flow of incoming and outgoing life force energy and the flow of the internal kundalini support good health and the development of the chakras. Anything that blocks the free flow of this energy has the potential to cause disturbance to mental, emotional and physical health, and to the development of the chakras. The most common blockages arise from life experiences and from internal behavioural patterns. For example, a person can sometimes encounter a very traumatic event in life such as unfaithfulness by the person’s spouse. If the pain of the trauma is more than the person can cope with at the time, the energy of the trauma ‘sits’ in the energy field waiting for the right time for it to be released. Sometimes, however, the person will avoid dealing with the release of the pain, and there is then the potential for the energy of the trauma to interrupt the natural flow of life force energy through the energy field. If the person feels very bitter or angry about what has happened, there is a need for these feelings to be processed out of the energy field. However, what often happens is that the feelings get held within the energy field. If the person keeps going over and over in the mind and in the emotions what has happened,  the energy of these feelings held by the person becomes bigger and bigger and creates further potential for the interruption of the natural flow of energy through the energy field. If the person then holds feelings of  suspicion or mistrust for the next close partner and is expecting the next partner also to be unfaithful, that holds further negative energy in the energy field. The cumulative effect of all this is to build up a big ‘lump’ of unprocessed energy in the energy field which affects the person’s emotional and mental state, and which also has the potential to cause physical illness due to the interruption of the free flow of energy through the energy and physical bodies. Such events and behavioural patterns are referred to as ‘issues’ by healers, and their resolution is often linked to improved health conditions.


Relationships with other people can create blockages in a person’s energy field in a different way. Mental and emotional and physical relationships with other people create connecting strands of energy between the chakras of the people in the relationship. If there is a lot of negativity in relationships, the energy in these connecting strands is usually negative and we may find it uncomfortable to deal with. Again, if it then ‘sits’ in the energy field, it can interrupt the free flow of energy and affect a person’s behavioural patterns and health. For example, a parent who often tells a young child that he or she is useless and no good will be sending a stream of very unpleasant energy into the child’s energy field. If the child cannot process this negative energy back out, it can create energy blockages in the child’s energy field. If the negative energy sits in the sacral chakra, it can affect the creativity of the child. If it sits in the solar plexus or heart chakras, it can affect the child’s emotions and capacity to open up to receiving and giving love. If it sits in the throat chakra, it can make it difficult for the child to express him/herself. It can also create the potential for physical illness in the child.   


Relationships with other people can also affect our energy fields for another important reason. Although most of us do not have the awareness of where we come from before physical life because of the limitations of the physical senses, we ultimately come from  what is called the Universal or Divine Consciousness.  Different cultures have different concepts of this. European cultures refer to this as God. Some Asian cultures refer to this as the Source. When we are incarnate in our physical bodies, we become fragmented from the Universal Consciousness. Additionally, the physical world in which we live is one that has been created in polarities or dualities, e.g. male/female. The effect of all this is that in physical life not only are we separated from where we have come from but we are also not complete as we do not have all the dualities within us. If we are aware of this, we can work with spiritual practice to link back to the Universal Consciousness and we can work on issues of duality and have learning experiences from these. If we are not aware of this, however, which is the state of most people, we can often feel that we are not fully integrated with the world around, we can feel isolated and separated, we can feel that we are not achieving full communication and understanding with other people, we can feel incomplete, etc.. Having relationships with other people is a way of dealing with this, and where two or more people come together it is possible to form an integrated energy whole or union in relationships.  A negative relationship is where a person uses another person as a crutch to give them access to the energies they are missing, and where there is the potential for negative behavioural patterns to arise such as jealousy, forcing opinions on the other person, emotional manipulation, etc. – all arising intentionally or unintentionally to prevent the loss of the other person and that person’s energy. This throws all sorts of negative energy into the energy links between the energy fields and chakras of the people involved. If this is not processed out properly, the energy fields become clogged up with this negative energy, resulting in emotional and mental behavioural disturbance and sometimes can influence physical health. A positive relationship, however, where there is mutual support and respect and love brings positive energy into the energy links between people and helps to support good health.


Sometimes, the root cause of addictive behavioural patterns is linked to feelings of separation and isolation, and the addiction is a form of nurturing which the person is unable to find externally.      


The life force energy that we take in contains the elemental energies of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These are essential energy building blocks which need to be in place to support the physical manifestation of life. The element of Earth is connected with physicality and materiality, the element of Water is connected with emotions and feelings, the element of Air is connected with mental and thought processes, and the element of Fire is connected with action and making things happen. Lack of or imbalance of these energies can influence behavioural patterns and affect our energy and physical bodies, sometimes affecting our health.


Most people in Western societies hold a number of energy blockages in their energy and physical bodies which affect their behavioural patterns and their health. Relatively few Western people reach the stage where all their chakras are fully developed and where they can experience the subsequent spiritual awakenings as they feel themselves reconnecting to the world all around.