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Accredited Reiki Course



The objective of this page is to give some helpful guidance about recognised qualifications to energy healers who might like to work for an employer in the healthcare sector.




In the UK there has been some recognition in recent years of the role that complementary therapies can play in healthcare on the peripheries of the National Health Service and other public sector and charitable organisations. Such organisations have a public duty to ensure that they recruit adequately qualified and experienced therapists.  One of the ways in which they do this is to recruit staff with accredited qualifications.  This situation will have relevance also for private sector healthcare organisations in the years ahead.

There are a number of accreditation or awarding bodies in the English education sector.
They assess on behalf of the Government the quality and grading of courses offered by training organisations and educational institutions. A course which has been accredited by one of these bodies effectively has a Government quality control stamp on it which will be recognised by employers and institutions in the healthcare sector.  The accreditation system is a way of ensuring that quality control can be exercised over private sector training and educational organisations as well as those in the public sector.  You can read more about this system of accreditation and NVQ National Vocational Qualifications by clicking here  to go to another page on this website. 


At the time of posting this page, the general picture for energy healers is that there are a number of training courses available in energy healing that are accredited by or are recognised as meeting required training levels by trade associations within the complementary therapies sector such as the Complementary Medical Association and the British Complementary Medical Association. However, the accreditation offered by such trade associations does not fall within the Government system of accreditation and might not be recognised by potential employers. It is most important to understand that the courses offered by these trade associations have not been assessed within the Government accreditation system.





Energy Healing Accredited Courses


At the date of posting this page, I can find only one energy healing course in the UK that is accredited within the Government Accreditation and Awarding system. This Reiki course is accredited by ITEC to NVQ Level 3. A prerequisite is an NVQ Qualification to Level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology.      


Interested readers can find out more about this course and the syllabus by visiting the ITEC website. The home page is at http://www.itecworld.co.uk and the ITEC webpage giving details of the ITEC Diploma Reiki course is at http://www.itecworld.co.uk/students/Diplomas.aspx?k=108.


At present, the ITEC website is indicating that there seem to be only three organisations accredited to offer the Reiki diploma course in the UK. These are in Willenhall, Hartlepool and Tadley. Their contact details are given below. When I visited their websites, two made no mention of the ITEC Reiki Diploma and it is possible that they are not currently offering the ITEC Reiki Diploma course.   





Therapy Accredited Courses


Apart from the above, there are no other Reiki training courses or courses for any other healing energies that are accredited within the Government Accreditation and Awarding scheme.


One of the possible routes open to an energy healer to improve the chances of gaining employment as a therapist in the healthcare sector is to study for qualifications in related health areas such as anatomy or counselling which are recognised within the Government accreditation system.  I give some examples of the kinds of such accredited training courses which might be of interest to energy healers in the External Training section of the Information Centre on this website.

If you are thinking of taking a course because you need it for future employment such as working in the National Health Service, it is a good idea to check out with potential employers first what sort of accreditation they will accept and what level of qualification they will be looking for. Some of the introductory courses will not be at the level needed for employment purposes.

If you might just be looking for a basic introduction to a particular skills area, consider taking a course which is accredited anyway as it might help you to take a higher level accredited course some years in the future, even if you might not be thinking of this at present.

Whilst not the main focus for this page, the issue of accreditation for energy healing courses is relevant also in the context of self regulation within the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine sector for those energy healers who might be working for themselves.  The Information Centre of this website gives further information about regulation.






Original; date of posting : 14th October 2007

Date of last update : 14th November 2013