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Advertising Standards Authority Adjudication Premier Health




This is one of series of reproductions on this website of adjudication decisions given by the Advertising Standards Authority in response to complaints made by members of the public about advertisements and related publicity promotion placed in the past by therapists and related organisations working in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine sector.


The reproduction has been made in accordance with the copyright conditions of the ASA whose website may be found by clicking here.


Reproduction of the adjudication decision on this page does not imply endorsement of the other content of this website by the ASA. Reproduction is made purely for information purposes to raise awareness amongst therapists of the existence of advertising standards and the requirement to comply with them.


The reproduction of this and other adjudication decisions on this website give examples of advertisements placed in good faith by therapists and related organisations in the past but which were judged not to meet required advertising standards.


From 1st September 2010, the scope of jurisdiction of the ASA has been extended to include all forms of digital publicity and promotional communications. This means that for the first time the promotional activity of the majority of therapists falls under the remit of the ASA and many will need to change the content of their websites and to change the content of their electronic communications to comply with current advertising standards.


A brief summary of the overall framework for the overall quality control of advertising in the UK including legislation and both statutory and non-statutory regulation can be found on this website by clicking here.


A directory of all the ASA adjudication decisions posted to this website together with a reproduction of the Advertising Codes may be found by clicking here.




Advertising Standards Authority Adjudication

16 September 2002



Premier Health
1 Churchwood Gardens
Barclay Oval
Woodford Green




Objection to a leaflet that was headlined "FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING. VITAMIN AND MINERAL DEFICIENCY". Beside a picture of a machine, the leaflet listed "Chronic Sinusitis? Irritable Bowel? Hay Fever? Migraine? Chronic Fatigue? Eczema? Hyperactivity? Diarrhoea? Abdominal Bloating? Repeated Infections/Colds? Candida? ...". The leaflet stated "... COMPLETE TEST FOR TODAYS HIDDEN HEALTH PROBLEMS. The complementary Approach!! Bio-Energetic Testing Taking us into 21st century ... Our Testing Procedure is one of the latest developments in food sensitivity testing ... Many people suffer from health problems such as eczema, stomach problems, irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis and mood swings ... We believe in the holistic approach in preventative healthcare and also provide safe and commonsense nutritional information by the process of elimination. Thus allowing your body a chance to respond to this programme. We must point out, however, that our test is an alternative, non-invasive procedure. It is NOT a medical diagnosis, nor does it pretend to be so ...". The complainant challenged the efficacy of the technique.

Codes section: 3.1, 7.1, 50.1, 50.2, 50.3





Complaint upheld

The advertisers sent a published study about electrodermal (ED) testing using Vega II equipment and an article about the development of the Vega device. They believed the study showed that the device diagnosed allergies. The Authority noted the study tested for dust mite allergen and concluded that the "results indicate that ED testing is a promising technique and should be the subject of further scientific studies". The Authority understood that other studies, the outcome of which had been published in medical journals, disagreed that the device could detect food allergies. The Authority considered that because the advertisers had provided one study of one allergy only and because there were studies that disputed the system's efficacy, the evidence provided was insufficient to support the claim. It asked the advertisers to withdraw the advertisement and take advice from the Committee of Advertising Practice Copy Advice team before advertising again.




Date of posting : 31st August 2010