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Andy Weber  -  Buddhist Artwork and Artistic Training Courses


This is an information page on the healingenergies-at-londonwest website about Andy Weber’s Buddhist artwork and his Buddhist Artistic Training Courses.


If you have landed on this page from internet search, please note that this is not Andy Weber’s website. This information page about Andy’s work does not imply endorsement by him of other content on this website.


This is one of the pages in the Suppliers section of the Information Centre. The Buddhist related art cards that I work with were created by Andy.


This page is also one of a number of pages on this website about spiritually related events and activities that people connected with myself might be interested in. Other events being held during the year may be found in the Calendar of Events in the Events section of the Information Centre.





Andy Weber

Andy is the artist who was inspired to study the artistic representation in Tibetan Buddhism of the various Tibetan Deities and Higher Beings and of Buddhist concepts when he was living close to the famous Boudhanath Stupa just outside Kathmandu. He trained for many years with teachers within the Tibetan Buddhist community and his work is highly regarded around the world both inside and outside the Buddhist community for the quality and accuracy of its presentation. Most of the Tibetan Buddhism deity and mantra seed symbol cards that I work with were created by Andy. The reason why Andy’s work is of such a high quality is that he studied the spiritual aspects of Buddhism at the same time as working on getting the artistic experience. This means that his artwork has been developed from the viewpoint of an insider understanding the true nature of what the art is meant to represent rather than as an outsider simply trying to copy accurately existing artistic images. 


Please click here to go to a website with pictures of Boudhanath Stupa to see what inspired him.   





Online Shop

The seed mantra cards that I use when working with Higher Beings such as Green Tara, Avalokiteshvara and the Medicine Buddha were painted by Andy. You can obtain your own copies from the online shop on Andy’s website. His Buddhist artwork is available in art card and poster sized print formats.





Buddhist Artistic Training Courses

Those readers who are practicing Buddhists or who have empathy with the Buddhist tradition and who have artistic skills might be interested to attend one of the artistic training courses held by Andy Weber. He usually organises an annual programme of training workshops around the UK and Europe. Details of the 2010 programme are given at the bottom of this page to give some idea of his annual programme. If you would like to learn more about his training workshops, please visit his website for more information. 





Other Services

Andy’s Studios offers also the following Buddhism related services:

-    Commissions for traditional thangkas of any size, murals, landscape paintings in Tibetan style

-    Line illustration, designs and Dharma logos

-    Restoration of old and new thangkas

-    Gilding of statues





Andy’s Contact Details


Website : http://www.andyweberstudios.com


Andy Weber

1 Barn Garth




LA12 8AE





Examples of Andy’s artistic courses and workshops held in previous years


Buddha Shakyamuni Workshop


Mandala of Five Elements Lecture 


Dzambhala - Wealth Creating Deities Course 


Mandala of Vajrayogini Course  -  Menorca, Spain


Female Buddhas and their Mandalas Course  -  Emst, Netherlands


Tara, The Goddesses


One Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara


Cittamani Tara and the Twenty One Taras