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Anger Management



Whilst anger is a normal human emotion, sometimes it is experienced beyond reasonable levels and can become a problem in our lives, either if the anger is within us or if we experience it from other people.  It can cause emotional and physical pain to ourselves and to others and can have a destructive effect upon interpersonal relationships.


This page has been posted to my website as from time to time energy healers are called upon to help clients who hold anger or suffer anger from other people and it is helpful to know what additional resources are available to support the energy work that we do.  If our clients have to go back to the environment where anger is caused or experienced after they have left us, they might benefit from knowing where they can go for some practical help on managing anger in their day to day lives. Alternatively, attendance on anger management courses by healers who are suitably qualified and experienced in counselling can give them some ideas on how to integrate anger management techniques into healing energy workshops.


This page has also been posted to my website to give some ideas to people landing here from internet search about practical steps they can take if the anger is within themselves or if they suffer anger from other people.


Below I give details of various organisations in the London area offering a range of anger management support options aimed at different client groups. I present a selection because there are variations in approach between organisations. It might be helpful for anybody interested in anger management to have a look at all of them to get some ideas on what the best approach might be for them or the people that they know. Internet search will come up with many other organisations working in the area of anger management.     


Workshop fees for the organisations below are very reasonable and affordable for most individuals unless indicated to the contrary.







Anger Management Online

Anger Management Online is an internet based distance learning supplier that focuses exclusively on supporting people who experience anger within themselves and which tries to give them tools for understanding anger and how to deal with it. Clients include people who have been required to undertake anger management courses by the Courts. The Anger Management Online experience includes understanding our anger triggers, how to differentiate anger from other emotions, how to recognise behavioural patterns within ourselves, techniques to manage within ourselves our responses to anger triggers, how to communicate effectively with other people in situations that are likely to cause feelings of anger, and how to set boundaries between ourselves and other people in interpersonal relationships.


-    Admitting and accepting responsibility for behaviour.

-    Determining the root of anger causing emotions.

-    Quickly recognize anger and other emotions leading to anger expression.

-    Recognize old patterns of undesirable behaviour.

-    Identification of provocative emotions other than anger. 

-    Identify and change unhealthy coping styles.  

-    Ineffective patterns of communication (passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive).

-    Assertive Communication. 

-    Boundaries.  

-    Resolving conflict in a productive manner.

-    Relaxation techniques and time outs.

-    Positive self talk.

-    Commitment to healthy behavioural change.

-    Living in positive solutions.

-    Self awareness.

-    Thought stopping techniques.

-    Paying attention to the negative inner critic.

-    Patterns of negative self talk.

-    Patterns of negative thinking (filtering, black and white, over generalizing, mind reading).

-    Physical activity to release energy.

-    Road Rage.

-    Living in solution.


The Anger Management Online website is at http://www.angermanagementonline.com.






Bodyspace is the name under which the body psychotherapist Guy Gladstone has been running workshops and courses for over 20 years at the Open Centre in Old Street on the edge of the City in Central London. As well as being able to work with traditional counselling and personal development techniques, Guy can bring to his workshops his experience as a facilitator of both bioenergetic and psychodramatic expression of emotions. One of the workshops that he offers is ‘Anger’ All Angles’. it is designed to do full justice to the complexity of anger and is packed with tried and tested procedures for getting a handle on anger. A guiding assumption is that we need to take responsibility for our anger and be able to choose how we communicate it. Guy’s view is that to do this requires first hand bodily knowledge of its workings and the difference between Guy’s workshops and those offered by other organizations is that his workshops are designed to work on the links between anger and the physical body. The bodyspace website is at http://www.bodyspace.co.uk. Details of the ‘Anger, All Angles’ workshop can be found by clicking here.





The British Association of Anger Management

The British Association of Anger Management is one of the leading resources of anger management expertise in England and regularly holds anger management courses in the South of England.  The Association structures its courses both to help participants deal with their own anger and to train those in the caring and healing professions who need to help other people deal with anger or have to deal with anger directed at them from their clients. The BAAM website is at http://www.angermanage.co.uk where you can find details of their courses. These courses are quite expensive for private individuals  





Human Givens College

Human Givens College arrange seminars and workshops around the country covering a range of topics. One of the seminars offered is called ‘Effective Anger Management’. This seminar is tailored towards people in public services who have to deal with anger from clients, for people in the care and healing sector who have clients with anger in their lives, and for people who hold anger themselves. The emphasis of the seminar is on understanding the causes and behaviour patterns of anger and to learn techniques for diffusing and coping with situations of anger. The Humans Given College website is at http://www.humangivenscollege.com and details of the Effective Anger Management seminars can be found by clicking here.





Open College

The Open College offers a distance learning course in Anger Management leading to the awarding of a diploma upon successful completion of the course. Please note that this diploma does not have recognition by any of the Government Accreditation Awarding Bodies. Please click here to read about these if you do not know about them. The course is designed for people who need to understand more about anger within themselves and also for those in the caring and healing professions who need to help other people deal with anger or have to deal with anger directed at them from their clients. The course does not involve face to face learning or guidance from tutors. The Open College website is at  http://www.opencollege.info. Details of the Anger Management course can be found by clicking here. 





Parents’ anger

Many parents experience anger in connection with their children. Often this is because parents do not have enough hours in the day to go to work, run their homes and cope with the demands of looking after their children. This often leads to stress and the next step is anger. Anger management courses are held from time to time at local schools around London. For people happy to be in group workshops, these workshops give the opportunity for parents to learn about anger management alongside other parents who are in exactly the same situation so there can be a good feeling of sharing and openness in the learning situation. If your local school does not hold these courses, please phone the Civic Centre for your local London Borough and make enquiries about workshops being held in your Borough.    





Phoenix Counselling

Phoenix Counselling is an organisation providing counselling services primarily in the North East, East and South East London areas and extending outwards to Essex and to Kent. The organisation is registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and employs a number of professionally trained therapists. They offer counselling services for a wide range of life situations such as depression, bereavement, stress, relationship difficulties and breakdown, low self esteem, addictions, etc.. They also offer a small number of workshops to help clients to deal with their life situations. One of these is a one day workshop called ‘Anger Management’.  This workshop is usually held at Heathway, Dagenham which is within easy walking distance of Dagenham Heathway Underground Station (on the District Line and with easy access facilities for disabled people) and which is easily accessible from the M25. Contact details for more information can be found by clicking here. The advantage of working with Phoenix is that they can help with both counselling and the workshops. The Phoenix Counselling website is at http://www.phoenix-counselling.co.uk






Skilltrain is a charity operating in Wandsworth in South West London which specialises in developing and delivering client orientated programmes that help to re-engage disaffected young people in learning personal and technical skills that will help them to find and to hold down employment.  Founded in 1983, the charity offers a range of practical workshops including one called ‘Lose your ANGER, not your TEMPER’.  This course runs for an hour or two each week over six weeks and is intended to give young people practical help to help them to manage their own anger. The course includes videos, team exercises, assertiveness techniques and practice exercises. The Skilltrain website is at http://www.skilltrain.co.uk and details of the ‘Lose your ANGER, not your TEMPER’ course can be found by clicking here and then by clicking through on ‘Programmes / Can U Handle It?’ 






Spectrum are based at Finsbury Park in North London with Associated Centres in Portsmouth, Southampton, Taunton and Swansea. Staffed by a team of professional practitioners with a wide range of experience and qualifications, Spectrum offers a number of personal development workshops and programmes. One of the workshops offered is called ‘Working with Anger’. This workshop is for women only and works from the starting point that anger is a response to a need that is seeking to be met and that anger represents the need to change or to restructure a problem or an unbearable situation.  The Spectrum website is at http://www.spectrumtherapy.co.uk. Details of the ‘Working with Anger’ workshop can be found by clicking here.








Date of posting : 29th September 2007

Updated : 22nd August 2012