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Antahkarana Symbols


Clean high frequency energy comes off the centre of the Antahkarana symbol and the symbols can be used to clean the human energy field. When in printed form, they can be put under mattresses in beds so that people receive the benefit when they are asleep or can be taped to the underside of massage tables so that clients can receive the benefit during treatment sessions. They can also be used to clean the energy in crystals by laying the crystals over the centres of the symbols. This is the only way in which I clean crystals of any energy that they might have picked up from people.


I learned about the Antahkarana symbol when I learned Reiki and was attuned to it when I learned Raku-Kei. I am always very impressed by the energy that comes off this symbol so have incorporated its use into all the training courses that I offer.


For those people reading this page who are not familiar with these symbols, you can read more about them at



Many teachers in the UK use black and white photocopies of the cards but I like to use the symbols in purple / violet.


Printed antahkarana symbols may be obtained by mail order from William Randís Reiki Store and from Matthew Holbrookís Online Store.





William Randís Reiki Store


The Antahkarana Plates that I use most often are printed cards approximately 11 inches (28cm) by 11 inches (28cm). I purchase them from William Randís online Reiki Store in the USA at http://www.reikiwebstore.com/ . William supplies the cards in purple / violet and not in any other colours.They come in four different designs as shown on the right.


If anybody in the UK is thinking of buying from Williamís Reiki Store, could they please note the following:

- ††††Import duty and VAT (Value Added Tax or Sales Tax) are chargeable on the value of all imports into the UK where the value is above the personal Customs Allowance. Most of us are familiar with the personal Customs Allowance as this is what we have to bear in mind when bringing back items purchased when out of the country on holiday.If we import goods valued at less that the personal Customs Allowance, no tax is payable.

- †††The value of any plates imported will include the cost of shipping.

- ††††Information about current rates of tax may be found from HM Revenue and Customs. The main website is at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/home.htm. It is not easy to find all the necessary information on this website so it might be easier to use the helpline for some guidance.

- ††††When buying these plates, there will be a cost trade off between getting best value for money from the shipping costs and incurring import duty and VAT when your delivery arrives in the UK.If you are likely to need only small quantities of the Plates at irregular intervals, it might be better for you to buy a smaller quantity where the value for assessing tax due is just under the personal Customs Allowance but this will mean that the shipping cost is relatively high against the value of your order. If you need large quantities of these plates, it might be best to buy a single large quantity to get best value for money on the shipping cost but you will then have to bear the import duty and VAT when your delivery arrives at the UK.††


Although the plates which come from Williamís Shop are of good quality, the additional shipping costs and tax mean that they are very expensive to import into the UK.


The surfaces of the cards will soon get damaged from regular use so it is best to have some clear plastic around them to protect them. You can laminate them yourself if you have a laminating machine at home or you can take them to your local photocopy shop and they should be able to do the laminating for you. Alternatively, you can find some plastic sleeves for them. I use the clear plastic sleeves for old vinyl LP records and these can be obtained from:

-††† Esprit International Limited at http://eil.com/visitorcentre/cleaning.asp

-††† Hard To Find at http://www.htfr.com/vinylcare/?start=60.






Matthew Holbrookís Online Store


Matthew is an energy healer based near Bath and Bristol. He has an Online Shop athttp://handswithenergy.co.uk/ with a range of Antahkarana products as shown below.


If you wish to have some printed antahkarana symbols to use with your healing work, Matthew supplies laminated A4 size sheets for much less cost than importing the larger cards from the USA. Matthew also supplies them in a range of colours which means that there is the opportunity to bring some colour therapy into the healing situation.††


Matthew also supplies the Antahkarana mug. A box of these would be good to have in your practice. The mugs also make good personal gifts.††



































Date of posting : 9th April 2007