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April 2007 Newsletter


Welcome to the April 2007 newsletter. 


As in previous newsletters, the legal issues referred to in this newsletter are intended for healers in England.††


If you get lost when looking at some of the other pages on this website, the headers at the top of the page are the navigation links to the main sections of the site.


Thank you.


Robert    29th April 2007 






Divine Dine

The next Divine Dine evening is Monday 30th April, again at The Orangery at the Old Ship Inn alongside the Thames at Hammersmith. Diners will be in the company of palm readers, tarot readers and mediumship lightworkers. The charge for the evening includes any personal guidance or readings given as well as the delicious food. I am looking forward to going myself. If you cannot be there for the whole evening, you are still welcome to be there for whatever time is possible for you. For further details please click here.







Mind Body Spirit Festival

The annual Mind Body Spirit Festival in Victoria is scheduled to take place from 23th May to 28th May. As usual, it will take place in the Royal Agricultural Halls. For anybody who has never visited this Mind Body Spirit before, the format includes:

        Many exhibition stands covering therapies and courses, professional associations, astrological readings, books, jewellery, recorded music, crystals and other spiritually related products.

        Talks, presentations and workshops.

        Demonstrations and performances in the Main Hall during each day.

There are price reductions for tickets bought in advance. Please click here to go to the Mind Body Spirit website for further information.†††





William Rand Newsletters Archive

I am in William Randís Reiki lineage as is anybody who has learned Reiki from me. For any readers who do not subscribe to Williamís monthly newsletters and have not seen the notification, William advised in his last newsletter that he has now listed 86 previous articles in a single directory which makes them easier to find. It is always interesting to read about the experiences that other people have with Reiki so if anybody is interested in having a look, the directory can be found by clicking here.






Raku-Kei and Raku Pottery

I have encountered recently a situation with a pottery teacher and the connection between the Raku in Raku-Kei and the Raku in the Raku pottery technique.I have posted up some notes about this as there is potential in the situation for incorrect teachings to enter the public domain.They can be found by clicking here.







Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

As people will be aware, I have introduced some simple techniques for using crystals when working with the healing energies into some of my training courses. Some people will have seen me demonstrating working with quartz crystal singing bowls which bring quartz and sound energy into the healing situation. My intention has been to give people a quick Ďtasterí about working with bowls so that they can follow up elsewhere if the bowls really catch their enthusiasm. Due to space limitations, I do not have a lot of opportunity to work regularly with the bowls in healing situations so do not have a substantive track record to draw upon to advise objectively upon the benefits of working with them.However, I feel that they can be very powerful tools for energy healers to use. I have posted here, therefore, a page for people who would like to work with the bowls which gives links to information pages posted by Spectrum Wellbeing.





First Aid Training

Following on from last monthís post about counselling courses, I have posted this month details of the area of first aid training which some healers might find it appropriate to consider.Once we get into a regulatory environment, such additional training might be helpful for those healers wishing to work with the energies in public sector organisation such as the National Health Service. Although there are a lot of training organisations offering first aid training, most of this is geared up to help the corporate world comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety Regulations and is not accessible to individuals. The two best sources of this training for healers are the long established Red Cross and St.Johnís Ambulance organisations. Their courses are relatively inexpensive and their certifications widely accepted. Please click here to read.††





Legal Framework

I have posted another page relating to the legislative framework in England within which healers need to work. Please click here to go to it. It covers the provisions of The Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 1988 in relation to notifiable diseases. Ideally, this should be read in conjunction with the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. This is not yet posted up to the website but should be up within the coming weeks.






As part of the development of an Information Centre on this website, I have started a section which will give details of suppliers who provide products that I use in my energy work. By posting to the website, it will help to take some of the pressure of the size of my training manuals and might also be helpful for general visitors to the website.

        All my training courses involve the use of the Antahkarana symbol in various forms. I have created a page giving details of where Antahkarana cards may be obtained from. Please click here to go to it. The cards that I use from the USA and are expensive to get here but the page also gives details of less expensive laminated sheets available from here in England. I would not usually put healing symbols up on the internet for everybody to see but there are numerous sites already showing the Antahkarana so I do not think it will make much difference to have showing them on my site.

        Earthly Gems is a good source of crystals in wholesale quantities and at wholesale prices. The company is based near Peterborough and has both a High Street shop and an online shop. The company runs a mail order operation with very competitive postage prices and often gives free postage on wholesale size orders. If you wish to supply your students with crystals for healing grids and similar as part of your course materials, Earthly Gems are worth checking out. The company also fulfils smaller retail size orders. Please click here to read more about them.

        Spectrum Wellbeing is also a good source of crystals. The Online Shop also sells crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, dowsing pendulums and general gifts. Based here in the Thames Valley, it is a family run business that was started by energy healers.It also has many items that are not often seen elsewhere so is worth remembering when you need to buy presents. Although not geared up to handle very large wholesale orders, Spectrum Wellbeing will fulfil smaller sized wholesale orders as well as the standard retail offering in the Online Shop. Please click here to read more about them.†††






May Newsletter

The May Newsletter will be posted towards the end of May.