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Astrological Perspectives for 2007


The commentary on this page was posted at the beginning of 2007 to give some guidance to healers about the effects of the astrological energies that year on some of their clients and also on themselves.


The delayed reaction between the conjunction referred to below and the manifestation in people could to relevant into 2008 and 2009. 


If you are not familiar with astrology, it might be helpful to read the page in the Information Centre called The Astrological Energies. You can find it by clicking here . 







The key astrological theme for 2007


The table below shows the movement of some of the planets from the fourth quarter of 2006 through to the fourth quarter of 2007.



R means retrograde where it the motion of a particular planet relative to all the others appears to be backwards.


As can be seen from the table, the most important of the astrological movements during 2007 is the conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Centre at around 27 degrees in Sagittarius.


The scientists have been able to identify the Galactic Centre as the physical centre for our galaxy of stars. There is a black hole at the Galactic Centre. A black hole develops when the force of gravity become so strong that it overwhelms the other energies that enable the various components of atoms to retain their respective physical distance from each other and to have distinctive physical structure. Atomic collapse follows and the structures within which the energies represented by the subatomic particles were held previously are subject to change. Some of the energy moves into the structure of the dense mass of the black hole. Other energy moves into the structure of the high level of radiation coming off the black hole. All energy has its own consciousness so we are talking about changes in structures for consciousness as well here. Although astrologers do not have the length of experience of observing the impact of the Galactic Centre upon the horoscopes of people that they have had with the zodiac signs and the planets, there is a general consensus that the Galactic Centre has an energy significance at an astrological level which tends to mirror what is happening at the physical level. Out of the change in form and structure taking place within the black hole, the resulting energy constantly spewing out from the Galactic Centre is the energy of new creation and of making things happen at all levels. 


As I write in my training manuals, Pluto energy is the energy of transformation. It helps to bring hidden and very deep rooted energies and issues and baggage to the surface where they can be evolved or destroyed if they no longer have any purpose or are not good. Through this process, it is the energy of regeneration through the constant cycle of death and rebirth in the universe and within us. Pluto energy can act as a great catalyst for change by going deep and bringing causes of behavioural patterns to the surface – it is a very powerful energy and can push issues straight into a person’s face in such a way that they cannot be ignored, no matter how painful a process that can be.


The characteristics of the energy of the Sagittarius sign of the zodiac include the seeking of truth both in day to day affairs and also in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. 


The combination of the energy of the Galactic Centre and of Pluto when they are in conjunct position has the potential for powerful impact upon those people who have significant aspects to 27 degrees Sagittarius in their horoscopes. The key theme of the conjunction in Sagittarius is death and rebirth, leaving behind the old and developing the new, transmutation and transformation, new beginnings and the search for higher truths. Those people who have some self awareness and understand personal development have the best chance of handling the intensity of this conjunction as a catalyst for change. For those people who do not understand themselves and who will find the intensity of the energy stressful, there is no guarantee that they will be able to use the energy build up in a positive way. At best, they might go through a period of feeling stressed and out of sorts. At worst, they might go through destructive and very negative behavioural patterns or might experience physical conditions due to energy blockages in their energy fields and physical bodies.     


Additionally, in the third quarter of 2007, Saturn will pass through Leo in trine aspect to the Galactic Centre and to Pluto. Although trine aspects usually have an easy energy flow, Leo is a fixed sign and does not have a natural tendency to want change to happen. Given that Leo will be in Saturn which influences structure in life, the energy from this triple conjunction / trine aspect between the Galactic Centre, Pluto and Saturn for somebody with Saturn and a number of other planets in their horoscope around 27 degrees in Leo could be eventful. The issue with people with a lot of fixed signs in their horoscopes is that if they cannot change from within themselves when it is time for change, external factors will usually force the issues resulting in sudden breakage of life patterns and relationships. The longer change is delayed, usually the more powerful and painful the breakages.      





People born in the second half of the 1960s


One group of people who are being affected by this conjunction of the Galactic Centre and Pluto in particular are those born in the second half of the 1960s. The table below shows the movements of some of the planets during this period and which are represented therefore in the horoscopes of people of that time.


You can see that people who were born at this time have significant aspects between Chiron and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in their horoscopes. Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto at different times during this period were close to and transited the Galactic Centre in square aspect. People born at this time who can master the square aspects have great potential as healers, particularly when there are good aspects between the outer planets and the inner planets in the horoscope. At the present time, these people have Uranus approaching the birth chart Uranus in opposite aspect.  The Uranus opposition is the astrological factor behind what is commonly referred to as the mid-life crisis because it usually happens around the ages of 38 to 43 years. The opposition stimulates the rise of the kundalini energy up the spine and the central energy channels. If people experiencing this have a lot of stuck or blocked energy, the kundalini cannot flow freely and either builds up a head of pressure or finds other ways of dissipating around the person. The resulting energy stress can cause unexplained physical ailments such as back pains and can cause unusual behavioural problems and depression.  In addition to this, to varying degrees people of this period are going to be experiencing the present day Pluto and Galactic Centre conjunction aspecting the birth chart positions of Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto in square aspect. What all this means is an enormous build up of energies in these people stimulating release of whatever is no longer needed, including that which it may be difficult to let go of or even to face, and stimulating the regaining of the cosmic connection.  Even for those people who understand personal development, this could still be a very challenging time for them.  For people born in this era who are lost in day to day life and are not on the personal development wavelength, this period could be very stressful and problematic. However, a lot of these people are likely to turn to alternative forms of healing therapy even if they do not understand why because of the aspects to Chiron in their horoscopes and it would be extremely helpful for healers to understand what is going on with these people astrologically.  A number of the people born in the late 1960s incarnated to be healers and spiritual teachers so the more help that is on hand to support them the better.





People born in the late 1980s


Another smaller group of people likely to be affected in particular by the conjunction are people born late 1987 / early 1988 who are now at the age when they are in the half way house between childhood and adulthood and are having to learn to stand on their own two feet in life.  The position of Pluto in Scorpio in their birth chart is not subject to the maximum power of the aspect from the conjunction but the birth positions of Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, and the Lunar Nodes are all such that they are aspected very powerfully by the conjunction.  How this manifests in health and behavioural situations will depend upon other factors as well but there is a likelihood that a number of them are likely to feel very stressed and out of sorts. Given that they are young and not so experienced in life and that these aspects are all of a square or opposite nature between mutable signs, there is always the likelihood that many of these people will not recognize the learning opportunity that comes from this astrological line-up and will use the flexibility of the mutable signs to turn away from and to avoid what is facing them. Again, it might be helpful if healers could be aware of what is challenging these people at the present time so they can give a bit of guidance and help on what is going on.  








Date of posting: 30th January 2007