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 Astrological Perspectives for 2008


This page gives some analysis for healers about the effects of the astrological energies on some of their clients who might request healing during 2008 and also on themselves. It is always helpful for healers who understand the astrological energies to ask for the date of birth of clients when appointments for healing are made so that the birth horoscopes can be checked out quickly. 


The same analysis for 2007 is still posted to this website and may be found by clicking here. There can be a time lag between astrological transits and the manifestation of their impact upon the lives of people and it is likely during 2008 that healers will be seeing people affected by last year’s transits.  




If you are not familiar with astrology, please click here to go to the Information Centre page called The Astrological Energies which gives a good overview. 







The key astrological themes


The table below shows the movement of some of the planets through 2008.


R means retrograde where it the motion of a particular planet relative to all the others appears to be backwards.



The key themes for 2008 are:

·        Jupiter moved into Capricorn right at the end of 2007 and progresses through Capricorn during 2008.

·        Saturn moved into Virgo in the last quarter of 2007 and continues to progress through Virgo during 2008. There is some retrograde movement during the year.

·        Chiron and Neptune continue to progress through Aquarius whilst the North Node moves retrograde through Aquarius. Chiron does not quite catch up with Neptune and we have to wait until the Spring of 2009 before we get the exact conjunction between the two bodies. Throughout 2008, however, there is a prolonged wide aspect triple conjunction between Chiron, Neptune and the North Node in Aquarius.

·        Uranus continues to progress through Pisces, albeit with some retrograde movement in the second part of the year.

·        Pluto moves out of Sagittarius into Capricorn in the Spring but goes retrograde again into Sagittarius again for several months before going direct back into Capricorn. The retrograde into Sagittarius does not go so far as to have an exact conjunction with the Galactic Centre but the retrograde does go within 2 degrees which is close enough for their to be some effect. Pluto going back into Sagittarius for several months during 2008 will have a repeat effect upon the people with a lot of late sign Sagittarius and other mutable signs as flagged up in last year’s notes.







The expansionary and growth effect of Jupiter in Capricorn is likely to support people with Capricorn featuring prominently in their horoscopes. It should also have a supportive effect for people with the other Earth signs featuring prominently in their horoscopes and also with Cancer if the Cancer people are able to master the opposition aspect. As Capricorn is a cardinal sign, this in isolation to the rest of a horoscope bodes well for people making things happen including change in their lives. Capricorn tends to be quite grounded and very hard working so a good time to start new projects. 


Depending upon how far into Capricorn various signs are in an individual’s horoscope, the movement of Pluto into Capricorn might or might not have some impact during 2008 for the Capricorn people. It could be that we start noticing the impact much more in 2009 even after Jupiter has moved into Aquarius. Whilst in the same sign for some of 2008, Jupiter and Pluto never get close and Jupiter is in fact is running away from Pluto throughout the year. In the past I have treated several people with strong Capricorn influences in their horoscopes. The one striking point about Capricorn is how hard working some of these people are. This was the reason why they all got ill physically. The other striking point about Capricorn is that they will keep going in the face of difficult circumstances and they honour their commitments to the people around them come what may, almost to the extent that they end up holding enormous responsibilities on their shoulders. The effect of Pluto moving into Capricorn and stirring things up could make its impact felt in different ways. For some Capricorn people, it will give them the extra bit of energy to break out of a long established routine or way of life and to do things in a changed or new way. This could be quite pleasant. For others, it could be a difficult time as all the issues or restrictions in life which have held them back or which they have ignored for a long time suddenly come to the forefront in ways which cannot be ignored and which have to be dealt with. In terms of health conditions that healers might be called upon to help with during 2008, Capricorn people might be experiencing the consequences of or the unexpected release of long suppressed stress from years of hard work with little time for themselves. They might feel very out of sorts emotionally if the long established pattern of life seems to be challenged and the structure in their lives does not seem to be as relevant or useful as it once was. It will all depend what planets they have in Capricorn and in what houses they are.







Chiron and Neptune both move through Aquarius during 2008, with Chiron always several degrees behind Neptune. The North Node, whose movement is always retrograde, enters Aquarius from Pisces and moves towards Capricorn. From Quarter 2 of 2008 to the end of the year, there is a wide conjunction in Aquarius between Chiron, Neptune and the North Node. The indicator here is that the astrological energies will be stimulating healing at a spiritual level for people with several natal positions in Aquarius or in other air signs. This may prompt the Aquarians to seek healing support. It is also possible that the astrological line-up will be giving Aquarians a push towards self development and spiritual growth activities so is something for the teachers to be aware of.   





The 1960s Generation



Above are outer planet extracts from the natal horoscopes for people born in the 1960s. Having gone through the Pluto in Sagittarius transits in recent years, a lot of people born in the 1960s are going to experience in 2008 the transit of Saturn through Virgo and its stimulation of key areas of their birth charts. The Saturn transits will mostly be of the same sign, opposite sign or sextile sign variety so will be a lot more supportive than the Pluto transit which was of the square variety. For those people affected who are on the personal or spiritual development path, the Saturn transit could be quite helpful. Saturn helps us to focus our personal energies through the use of structure and the transit could help people to create new focus for the next few years out of any disruption and break down of old life patterns caused by the Pluto transit. These people might need the help of healers to clear away some of the debris of the past that is sat in their energy fields and might need some directional support from the teachers. Because Saturn will be in a mutable sign, its impact and resolution is likely to have a degree of flexibility that one would not expect from a Saturn transit in a fixed or cardinal sign. Those people not on the personal or spiritual development past, however, could be feeling all over the place from the Pluto transit and any changes it has brought to their lives. They will probably not understand the need to restructure and any stimulus to do so from the Saturn transit might just cause them stress. The transit will represent something else which they are being prompted to do but to which they will not be able to respond as they will have no idea what is going on. These are the people who are likely to come to healers feeling very out of sorts so it might be helpful for energy healers to keep in mind the Saturn in Virgo transit for clients of this generation.


Uranus will continue its journey through Pisces during 2008 and will make its impact felt as well on the 1960s people, particularly those born around the mid to late 1960s. The following comment in blue from the notes which I put up as a perspective on the 2007 astrological transits is still relevant for 2008 due to the relative slowness of the Uranus progression through Pisces. It would be a big help if healers could understand the separate impacts of the Saturn and Uranus transits on the 1960s people. Although both might have similar effects on health conditions, the life situation response to both transits will be best if the separate effects of each transit are recognized. 


At the present time, these people have Uranus approaching the birth chart Uranus in opposite aspect.  The Uranus opposition is the astrological factor behind what is commonly referred to as the mid-life crisis because it usually happens around the ages of 38 to 43 years. The opposition stimulates the rise of the kundalini energy up the spine and the central energy channels. If people experiencing this have a lot of stuck or blocked energy, the kundalini cannot flow freely and either builds up a head of pressure or finds other ways of dissipating around the person. The resulting energy stress can cause unexplained physical ailments such as back pains and can cause unusual behaviour problems and depression.


One of the biggest risks for people in the 1960s will be the breakdown of longstanding relationships in their lives. In popular perception the mid life crisis which is the manifestation of the Uranus transit in opposition is dismissed as a stereotype image of middle aged men chasing after younger women. It is in fact more serious phenomenon than that and affects both men and women. It is a time in their lives when more people experience depression than at any other time. When people are in a state of depression, the negative aspects of their lives seem to take a greater importance than the more positive aspects. In this state, people seem often to focus on the negative aspects of their relationships with their partners and make decisions on the basis of these. They often tend to forget that there are also the positive aspects that helped to keep them together during the years gone by. If appropriate, healers who understand this could maybe suggest to their clients in these situations that working through differences and both partners getting on to a shared personal growth path can in some situations be an alternative to the ending of relationships.   


Some of the people of the 1960s generation were born with Saturn in Aquarius. They will already have had a lifetime of difficulty working with structure to focus their energies due to the semi-sextile (next astrological sign) relationship with Chiron, the quincunx relationship with Uranus and Pluto, and the square relationship with Neptune. Quincunx and semi sextile aspects mean that there are no common polarity (masculine / feminine), elemental (earth, air, fire or water) or directional (mutable, fixed, cardinal) energies in the relationships. The effects of these kinds of aspect in the natal charts are almost like having different aspects of a personality which have nothing in common with each other. They do not work together and too many of them can leave a person feeling frustrated because it is difficult to make things happen. It is almost as if parts of the personality are suspended in mid-air unable to move forward in life together. Now, these people will experience in 2008 a Saturn transit in Virgo in quincunx aspect to the natal Saturn and the Uranus transit in Pisces in semi-sextile aspect to the natal Saturn. There is the potential for these people to get really stressed out during 2008, especially if they are stuck in life styles which are not very fulfilling, and it would be a big help for healers to understand what might be going on astrologically with them.    







Date of posting : 28th February 2008