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 Astrological Software



One of the most common sources of stress in our lives is our relationships with other people – family, friends and work colleagues.



The Foundation work in my training manuals includes therefore a very simple introduction to the art of western astrological interpretation. This can at times be a useful tool in developing an understanding of some of the behavioural characteristics of clients which result in stress in their lives. It can also be a useful tool in developing an understanding of the relationship dynamics in the lives of clients by comparing their horoscopes with those of the people around them.



I can recommend Astrocalc software for those people who would like to take their understanding of astrology beyond my simple introduction and would like to be able to produce accurate horoscopes on a regular basis. Although a number of astrological software applications are available in the market place, I have worked with Astrocalc since 1994. I like Astrocalc because it has sufficient detail and range of options within its functionality to enable both simple overview interpretations as well as more detailed interpretations.



Originally developed by Colin Miles in Hemel Hempsted here in England, the company is now owned by the Swedish astrologer Joakim Schramm and is based in Prague where Joakim lives with his Czech wife. The Astrocalc website is at www.astrocalc.com.



Astrocalc offers astrological functionality for western astrology and incorporates functionality for the calculation of Arabic parts as derived from Persian astrology. Otherwise, it does not offer functionality for other astrological systems such as Mayan, Vedic or Chinese astrology. 



Astrocalc offer a range of software packages with different price levels according to the levels of functionality required.



The functionality included across the package range includes:

-     The planets

-     The asteroids Chiron, Ceres, June, Pallas, Vesta

-     Time zone functionality

-     Creation of the charts including houses and aspects

-     Synastry  -  the art of comparing the horoscopes of people who are  in relationship with each other

-     Different house systems (Placidus, Koch, etc.)

-     Different zodiacs (tropical, sidereal, etc.)

-     Arabic parts

-     Progressions

-     Transits



If anybody connected with myself might be interested in buying one of the Astrocalc packages, please feel free to contact me with any queries that you have about the software.



It is advisable to check with Astrocalc before buying that their software is compatible with your computer’s operating system (such as Windows, Apple, Linux).  It is also advisable to check what functionality is available within the different packages and whether upgrades to higher packages are available without having to pay the full price for a new package. 



Astrocalc software may be bought online. The pricing on the Astrocalc website is in Euros.  









Date of original posting : 27th February 2008  


Updated 28th February 2009