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 Avebury Crop Circle Videos


This page gives a list of some of the best videos about the Avebury area crop circles on YouTube.


It is one of a series of pages about the Avebury temple site area that have been posted to the Avebury and Wiltshire Crop Circles section of the Information Centre of this website. You can go to some of the other pages by clicking on the following:

The Avebury Temple Site

This page gives a commentary about the sacred temple site at Avebury in Wiltshire and the energies at the site.

The Crop Circles in the Avebury Area

This page gives a commentary about the crop circles that appear in the Avebury area.

The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

This page gives details about the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group.

My First Crop Circle Experience

This page gives a narrative of my first crop circle experience in the Avebury Area and what happened afterwards.

The Silent Circle Information and Research Facility

This page gives information about the Silent Circle Information and Research Facility which is based near Avebury.






The YouTube Videos

Please note that some of the presentations of photographic stills include crop circles not in the immediate Avebury area.


New swirled order (crop circle documentary 2009)


This is the YouTube version of a professionally made DVD about the crop circle phemenon and lasts for around 50 minutes so is a big download. It includes Charles Mallett of the Silent Circle Information and Research Facility.  



Crop Circle video from Wiltshire


Live aerial recording on 30th July 2007.



Crop Circles from above 2008 (Wiltshire, 3 August, 2008)


Live aerial recording on 3rd August 2008.



Crop circles in England (1/2)


Live aerial recording from July 2005.



Crop circles in England (2/2)


Live aerial recording from July 2005.



EQ I'm so high; Crop Circles 1998


Still photography shots from 1998



Crop-circles 2009


Still photography shots from 2009



Crop circles - inside. a close view


Still photography shots from inside crop circles.



Charles Mallet talks about Crop Circles in Wiltshire, UK


Charles Mallett of the Silent Circle Information and Research Facility speaking about crop circles.   



Rory Spowers discusses crop circles on his way to Avebury


A commentary from Rory Spowers about the crop circles phenomenon.



Crop Circles and Sound (Part 1)


A conference presentation of the connection between sound energy and geometric forms.


Crop Circles and Sound (Part 2)



Crop Circles and Sound (Part 3)