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Avebury - Summer Solstice Celebrations 


This is an information page about the annual Summer Solstice celebrations at Avebury in Wiltshire. It is one of several pages on this website about the Avebury area which are intended to help people know more about its Earth Energies and crop circles, and about events and activities there. If you are thinking about going to Avebury in the summertime, you might like to time your visit to coincide with the Summer Solstice celebrations or when other events are held in the area. Details may be found in the Calendar of Events in the Events section of the Information Centre. Information about the energies at Avebury and the crop circles is in the Avebury section of the Information Centre.





The Mary and Michael Lines

Avebury has been a spiritual centre for many thousands of years. Its spiritual pre-eminence is due to the passing through and crossing over of the Mary and Michael Earth Dragon energy lines in the area. You can read about these energy lines by clicking here and about Hamish Miller who dowsed the energy lines in Avebury by clicking here. The lines cross over at The Sanctuary and in the Henge. These are particularly special places where people can connect with the two energy lines and where our personal energy vibration can be raised more easily to facilitate spiritual and psychic experiences. 




The Avebury Site

Information about the energies and features of the Avebury Temple site may be found by clicking here.




Summer Solstice Celebrations at Avebury

The Summer Solstice Celebrations at the Avebury Henge usually start the evening before the Solstice and carry on in to the night, although this is dependent upon the exact timing of the Solstice. The evening celebrations are usually focussed around the King’s Drums whose Solstice shows include fire dancing, exquisitely choreographed dance routines based around chosen spiritual concepts, drumming and the dancing of the Earth Dragon to celebrate the energies in the area.


During the daytime on the Solstice day, the Henge is usually visited by a lot of people who spend part or all the day there. There are some organised ceremonies during the day but otherwise other activities tend to ad hoc with no particular overall organisation for the day.


The activities at the site and entrance to the site are usually free of charge but donations are accepted by the King’s Drums towards their costs.




Summer Solstice Celebrations at Stonehenge

The King’s Drums spend the first half of the night before the Solstice Day at Avebury and then drive on to nearby Stonehenge to continue their show and celebrations as dawn is awaited.  A number of visitors at Avebury usually join the convoy to drive with the Drummers to Stonehenge and to celebrate there as well.




The King’s Drums and Avebury Summer Camp

The King’s Drums are in fact the Barking Bateria Samba Band from East London who regularly perform at a number of spiritually related and charity events across the South of England during the year. They are commissioned for the Summer Solstice celebrations at Avebury and at Stonehenge by Arthur Pendragon who has proclaimed himself as a reincarnation of King Arthur, come back to serve his people. They call themselves the King’s Drums when on one of Arthur Pendragon’s commissions.


You can read about Arthur Pendragon on this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Uther_Pendragon  and about the Barking Bateria Samba Band on this link http://www.barkingbateria.co.uk. The band has its roots in the Anthropology Department of the University of East London. Each year at the time of the Summer Solstice they organise a summer camp in the Avebury area which, subject to enough space being available, is open to anybody.  


The following extract from the band’s website explains:

Every year, the Radical Anthropology Group (RAG) arranges a week of camping near Marlborough, Wiltshire. Just down the road from Marlborough is one of the most magical and beautiful of Neolithic monuments - Avebury Stone Circle. Approximately 80 - 100 adults and children come to the camp to share in a spirit of summer relaxation and celebration in a very open, chilled and outstandingly beautiful environment, to share experiences, wisdom, songs and friendship around the open fires. The trip always coincides with the summer solstice, when Barking Bateria have a Royal appointment from King Arthur himself to welcome the new sun at Avebury and Stonehenge, under the name The King's Drums. Each carefully choreographed performance has a theme, such as Green Man or Death and Rebirth, and includes, in addition to the drummers, dancers, fires staff and poi performers and a huge effigy to head the procession.


If you have the free time in early summer, a great way to reconnect with the energy of Mother Earth and the land and with other people is to join in the camp, help the Band get ready for the Solstice, and to follow the Band to Avebury and to Stonehenge for the Solstice celebrations. 


If you might be thinking of visiting Avebury or Stonehenge specifically to see the King’s Drum performances, please check the Barking Bateria Samba Band website to check what they will be doing and when.




Car Parking and Public Transport

Some years ago the National Trust who own Avebury were served with an Enforcement Notice by Kennett District Council requiring them not to allow the car park at Avebury to be used overnight as a place for people to sleep in camper vans, motorhomes or caravans for the observance of pagan festivals. To comply with the Enforcement Notice, a height barrier has been erected at the car park entrance to prevent the access of such vehicles. Given the usual numbers of people who try to be at Avebury for the Solstice and the difficulties there always are with parking when it is busy there, the National Trust advises visitors to come by public transport if at all possible. Stagecoach operate the regular buses to Avebury (http://www.stagecoachbus.com) from Swindon, Devizes and Marlborough.




YouTube Video Clips

The following YouTube Video Clips give some idea of what the Avebury Summer Solstice celebrations are like.  There are several videos of the night celebrations and just a few of the celebrations during the day. 



Kings Drummers Solstice 2007

Evening celebrations  -  The Earth dragon and fire dancers




Kings Drummers Summer Solstice 2007

Evening celebrations  -  Dancing for the Earth Dragon




Kings Drummers Summer Solstice 2008

Evening celebrations  -  Dancing for the Earth Dragon




Summer Solstice 2008 _ Avebury Stone Circle

Evening celebrations  -  Dancing and fire dancers




Avebury Summer Solstice 2009 pt 1

People at the site on the Solstice day




Avebury Summer Solstice 2009 pt 4

More fire dancing in the evening




Avebury Stone Circle Solstice 09 - Kings Drummers and Sax

A long clip of the fire dancing in the evening




Solstice drummers @ Avebury Temple 2009

People at the site on the Solstice day




Avebury Stone Circle Solstice 09 - Awen Chant

Chanting on the Solstice Day




Avebury Stone Circle Solstice 09 - The Druid & The Mystic

Terry Dobney, the Keeper of the Stones of Avebury, talks about the Cove Stones, the Sun and the Summer Solstice, followed by an Indian mystic.




Avebury Summer solstice 2009 pictures

A video slide show presentation of Solstice celebration pictures



KingsDrums 2008 - YouTube edit

Some behind the scenes footage of the King’s Drums followed by some of their 2008 performance.