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This page: Please scroll down the page to read about Barbara and Gerry’s Nine Dimensions of Consciousness Workshops




This page was posted to this website in May 2009 to let people know that Barbara Hand Clow and her husband Gerry Clow would be returning to Sweden in September 2009 to hold more Journeys Through Nine Dimensions of Consciousness workshops. These dimensions of consciousness were shown to by Barbara by the Pleiadian Higher Beings who have channelled so much information to her and which has been passed on to the world through Barbara’s writings.


The page will remain posted to this website so that visitors can read about the workshops and can then visit Barbara and Gerry on their website to find out more.     




Regnbågsförlaget har glädjen att presentera:

Barbara Hand Clow med make Gerry till Sverige (18-27 september 2009)


Pleiadian Agenda Activations / Journeys through Nine Dimensions Workshops in Sweden, September 2009, with Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow


This page gives details of the evening lectures and workshops to be held in Sweden by Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow. These are the only Nine Dimensions workshops scheduled for Europe in 2009.








Writer and spiritual teacher Barbara is well known for all the various channelled information that she has received over the years from the Pleiadian Higher Beings and for the books that she has written by herself or with her husband Gerry such as The Pleiadian Agenda, Heart of the Christos, Eye of the Centaur, Signet of Atlantis, Liquid Light of Sex and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar.  


Barbara and Gerry co-founded the well known spiritually orientated publishing house Bear & Company Publishers in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Barbara is also an astrologer and Gerry is a leading healer.





The Schedule


Barbara and Gerry’s schedule in Sweden is planned as follows:


18th September from 19.00 to 22.00 hours – lecture in Stockholm

19th and 20th September from 10.00 to 17.00 hours  – weekend workshop in Stockholm


25th September from 19.00 to 22.00 hours – lecture in Gothenburg / Göteborg

26th and 27th September from 10.00 to 17.00 hours  – weekend workshop in Gothenburg / Göteborg







The lectures and workshops will be held in English





The Lectures


In these ninety-minute presentations, Barbara will describe how she channelled her best selling book, The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light (1995), and what led her to write its sequel, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar (2004). She will also describe how the findings in these books were verified by her past-life journeys recorded in her Mind Chronicles Trilogy.

The Pleiadian Agenda explores nine dimensions of human consciousness and the completion of the Mayan Calendar. After Barbara channelled these cosmic records from the Pleiades and wrote about them in 1995, she couldn’t understand many of the advanced scientific ideas in the book. In spite of this, she was sure the messages were very important, so she has been teaching “Pleiadian Agenda Activations” around the world to help students access the nine dimensions. At the same time, she began studying the science of the nine dimensions when she noticed that many of the theories in The Pleiadian Agenda were being verified by modern-day scientists. In 2004 her scientific analysis of dimensionality was published as Alchemy of Nine Dimensions. Writing this sequel helped her develop high levels of trust for what we all actually know inside; we do know things within just because we resonate with them.

Also, from 1984 through 1992, Barbara was researching her own past lives by means of past-life regression under hypnosis, and her results were published as The Mind Chronicles Trilogy. By researching the contents of her own sessions, she found they contained astounding levels of archeological and historical accuracy; this was more proof of what we all know inside by resonation. These opportunities to explore inner realities have made her a sensitive and profound teacher about inner truth and enlightenment, the goal of evolutionary time acceleration—the critical leap—to come during the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2011.

As a final part of her presentation, Barbara will describe how she realized a few years ago that Swedish biologist Carl Johan Calleman had cracked the codes of time acceleration in his book, The Mayan Calendar. Calleman’s teachings resonate deeply with students, and his theory of time acceleration finally completed her understanding of the ninth dimension in The Pleiadian Agenda.        



The Workshops


Barbara and Gerry have developed a workshop format in which participants are introduced to and can experience the nine dimensions of consciousness that were taught to Barbara by the Pleiadian Higher Beings from whom she was channelling information in 1995.  These are the dimensions of consciousness that are described in her book The Pleiadian Agenda.


We all have the ability to activate the nine dimensions of consciousness within ourselves. These dimensions of unconditional love, geometrical and sonic expansion, higher spiritual intelligence, and elemental power help to enlarge greatly our enjoyment of life. As chaos seems to be the primary force in the outer theater of life, the true source of safety and nurturance is our inner richness, and this event offers clear and safe access to this personal alchemy. These two-day workshops offer participants a deep understanding of the nine dimensions of consciousness we all need to access by the completion of the Mayan Calendar (2011/2012). 


On the first morning of the workshop, Barbara introduces the workshop and the material she will be covering, and Gerry introduces the healing process he and a team of energy balancers use to settle participants as they experience the dimensions during Barbara’s teaching.  In the afternoon, Barbara takes us through the nine dimensions, teaching in a holographic style that weaves the dimensions with the present time and space.  Gerry leads his team of energy balancers at the back of the room during this portion of the workshop, making sure each participant is comfortable and grounded.
The activation - the ceremonial experiencing of the nine dimensions - takes place on the morning of the second day. Barbara sets an altar, calls in the seven directions, and takes the participants on a guided meditation to the first dimension, the iron-core crystal at the Earth's centre.  Then the music of the nine dimensions, composed by Michael Stearns, begins, and we each take our own personal journey through the dimensions.  Following this powerful mind/body experience, participants are invited to write down the highlights of their journeys.  In the afternoon, everybody comes together as a group and shares experiences with one another which deepens and clarifies their journeys through the nine dimensions.


Please click here to go to Barbara’s and Gerry’s website at http://www.handclow2012.com/journeyninedimensions.htm to get an idea of how the workshops are structured and who might benefit from attending.


If you have not read Barbara’s book yet, please go to http://www.handclow2012.com/pleiadianagenda.htm where there is a taster of what it is about.





The Dimensions of Consciousness


The dimensions of consciousness that Barbara and Gerry will introduce participants to are:


Dimension 1 is the consciousness within the iron crystalline structure at the centre of Mother Earth.

Dimension 2 is the collective consciousness of the realm of the Telluric World (the Elementals of Microbes, Bacteria and Minerals found physically between the iron crystalline structure and the surface of our planet).

Dimension 3 is the consciousness of Linear Time and Polarities which is the day to day human experience.

Dimension 4 is the consciousness of the archetypal experiences and imaging projections of the human race.

Dimension 5 is the consciousness of Love and Creativity, the Keepers of which are the Pleiadians.

Dimension 6 is the consciousness of Morphic Fields and Sacred Geometry, the Keepers of which are the Siriuns.

Dimension 7 is the consciousness of the realm of Cosmic Sound that generates the sixth dimensional geometric forms, the Keepers of which are the Andromedans.

Dimension 8 is the consciousness of the Divine Mind from which these other dimensions have all come, the Keepers of the 8th Dimension being associated with the Orion star system.

Dimension 9 is the consciousness at the Galactic Centre, experienced as Samadhi.             





How to get there


If you live in the Greater London area, low cost flights to Sweden are available from RyanAir (http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/) who fly from London Stansted to Gothenburg and to Stockholm . There are also some low cost flights available from Air Berlin (http://www.airberlin.com/) who fly from London Stansted to Gothenburg and to Stockholm.





How to make a booking for a lecture or a workshop


The lectures and workshops are being organised in Sweden by Erik Åhrberg at http://www.regnbagsforlaget.com/kurser.cfm and at kontakt@regnbagsforlaget.com. Erik arranged Barbara’s and Gerry’s successful visit to Sweden teaching the same workshops in 2007. Please contact Erik for booking arrangements and for some suggestions to help you with hotel accommodation.







Posted : 10th May 2009