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 Blue Star Celestial Energy



Blue Star Celestial Energy is the name given to an energy that comes to us through the Pleiades star system and which was worked with in Ancient Egypt.


This page gives information about the background to the Blue Star Celestial Energy and how it may be passed on to other people.









The Blue Star Celestial Energy was channelled to Reiki Master John Williams of South Africa by his guide Makuan during January 1995. Although Blue Star goes back to Egypt, it goes back even further to the Pleiades star system and carries a Pleiadian energy vibration.


John Williams initiated Reiki Master Teacher Gary Jirauch from America to the Master Level of the Blue Star Celestial Energy System on 14th April 1995. During the following months, John shared the syllabus information with Gary, and Gary spent many months meditating on the specific usage of the symbolism to be developed for the initiations and syllabus.


Gary went on to teach the Blue Star Celestial Energy, renaming it Blue Star Reiki. There are today a small number of Blue Star Celestial Energy Masters who are working to spread the Blue Star energy around the world.


One of the main differences between the Blue Star Celestial Energy system and other energy systems is that the Blue Star helps the psychically advanced to access different dimensions of consciousness.


The Blue Star Celestial Energy contains the energy essence of the four elements of air, earth, fire and water which gives it good balance.







Reiki enjoyed a high reputation in the early years following its mass introduction into Western society. In recent years a number of factors have tarnished its reputation. Firstly, a number of people who have had spiritual experiences as a result of the doors that Reiki has opened for them have tried to link those experiences to Reiki and have created a multitude of variations on the traditional Reiki teaching system. Most of those experiences have nothing to do with Reiki itself but their promotion as a variation on the Reiki theme has caused confusion and has shifted the focus of what Reiki is really about. Secondly, whilst it is possible to initiate people to Reiki by distance, the widespread practice of paying somebody 20 dollars on eBay to receive some distance initiations, an e-mailed set of Reiki notes and a set of Reiki certificates without any real teaching interaction having taken place between teacher and student, with the teacher having no idea whether the student is competent to pass the initiations to other people, and with the student then going on to teach other people in the same way without having had much experience of practicing Reiki, has meant that possession of a Reiki teacher certificate cannot be relied upon as a good guide to a teacher’s experience or ability. There are a lot of Reiki teacher certificates around today that are barely worth the paper that they are printed on.


Whilst it is known in energy healing circles, the Blue Star has not attracted the mass following that Reiki has and has not suffered from the introduction of many variations on the theme. It has, however, suffered from the eBay style approach of sending attunements by distance with virtually no teaching contact between initiator and initiate. If you are looking for a Blue Star teacher, it is advisable to check whether a prospective teacher learned face to face with his / her teacher or whether it was a learning by distance situation. If you find that a prospective teacher learned Blue Star by distance, it can be useful to check how many other energies the teacher learned by distance. This is because there are now a lot of internet based energy teachers around who have had little or no face to face teaching with any teacher and who have obtained most of their certificates by distance. There could be issues of quality of understanding with some of these teachers.                





How Blue Star Celestial Energy may be worked with


-   Blue Star Celestial Energy is good to use in hands on healing situations for clients and for practitioners in the same way that people work with Reiki. It has a different energy vibration and different qualities to Reiki, contains both electrical and magnetic energies, and contains the elemental energies of air, earth, fire and water. Anecdotal reports are that the use of Blue Star Celestial Energy helps to clear the mind and to sharpen mental awareness.

-  Because of t-he way that it helps reconnect to the Universal Dimensions of Consciousness, Blue Star Celestial Energy helps to bring these down into the healing situation and helps to facilitate healing on issues arising from the fragmentation and separation from the Universal Dimensions of Consciousness. This applies to self healing and to treating clients.

-   The ability to reconnect easily with the Universal Dimensions of Consciousness provides the Blue Star practitioner who is psychically advanced with the opportunity to gain access to information held at this level and to interact with beings or entities which are not in physical incarnation. These are likely to vary from practitioner to practitioner, but this energy will give Blue Star practitioners the opportunity to walk with the Higher Beings and the Angels as they progress through life.

-  It is the easy reconnection to the Universal Dimensions of Consciousness that Blue Star Celestial Energy facilitates together with the ease with which this energy can be grounded into the physical dimensions that are the main characteristics that differentiate it from other energies that I work with.







The Blue Star Lineage above me is as follows:

-   John Williams (South Africa)

-   Gary Jirauch (United States of America)

-   Margaret Gamez (United States of America)

-   Kalyan Naglakshme (India)

-   Rajeev Wagle (India) (deceased May 2003)


My teacher Rajeev lived in Mumbai (Bombay), India. He came to England regularly to visit his sister who lives in the Romford area of London. On one visit, Rajeev was taught a number of energies by an English energy teacher living near Leighton Buzzard in Buckinghamshire and became friends with her. She made the arrangements for Rajeev to teach on his visit to England in September 2001, at which she and I learned the Blue Star Celestial Energy from him. Rajeev worked with a wide range of energies and also in September 2001 was responsible for bringing the Lama-Fera energy system to the United Kingdom for the first time, this being a system that was practiced in Tibet by the Buddhist monks there before their exile to India. Rajeev died in 2003 but you can click here to go to a page about him on my website to read about him.  


Rajeev learned the Blue Star from Kalyan Naglakshme in India. She works with a number of energies and learned the Blue Star Celestial energy from Margaret Gamez of New York City. Mrs. Naglakshme is a great advocate of the Magnified Healing System ™ which was channelled down to the physical planes by Kwan Yin.


Like Rajeev and Mrs.Naglakshme, Margaret works with a wide range of energies. Her website is at www.angelfire.com/mb/manifestnow/ .


Gary Jirauch was initiated as a Reiki Master by Marsha Burack of the Reiki Healing Institute of California.


John Williams was initiated as a Reiki Master by Iris Ishikuro. Iris Ishikuro is deceased. It is believed that John Williams is also deceased.





Lineage Issues


There are some known lineage issues with teachers misrepresenting themselves as being in my teaching lineages. There is also an issue with the Blue Star Celestial Energy being misrepresented as Seichim. Please click here to go to a separate page on this website to read about these matters.       





Teaching levels


The Blue Star Celestial Energy is taught in two levels in a similar format to Reiki. At each level an initiation into the energy is given. The intention is that each initiation gives the initiate an exposure to a wider frequency of the Blue Star energy bandwidth. The initiation process involves the teacher building up a charge of the Blue Star energy strong enough to ‘imprint’ the Blue Star energy into the initiate’s energy field in such a way that the initiate can tune in and out of the Blue Star energy at will. Initiation into Blue Star can prompt deep healing within some people who are carrying emotional and mental stress so by increasing the initiate’s exposure to the energy in two stages any healing process that takes place is helped to be manageable rather than being an experience that is overwhelming. Teachings about the practice of Blue Star including the symbols associated with the energy come with each level. 





Cost of learning with me in person in London


The way that I work in London is that I do not have a predetermined forward schedule of training course dates. Instead, I usually wait for people to contact me about learning and arrange training dates around when we can get together. If I have nobody else wishing to learn a particular energy at the time of enquiry, I usually ask if the enquirer would be happy to wait for a couple of weeks in case anybody else turns up who would also like to learn that energy. If nobody else expresses interest in learning, I am happy to teach on a one to one basis.


The pricing policy for my Blue Star Celestial Energy courses reflects a balance between the need for me to earn my living and my wish to make learning affordable. The prices below are the cost per person to learn with me and are variable according to the size of the learning group. The prices are based upon a day rate charge for my time, the cost of materials such as manuals and CDs, venue hire and a contribution to my overheads. The larger the size of the group, the more people I can spread the cost of my time over so that the cost per person is reduced.


-   Teaching one person only – 320 Pounds

-   Teaching two people in a group – 320 Pounds

-   Teaching three people in a group – 330 Pounds

-   Teaching four people in a group – 245 Pounds

-   Teaching five people in a group – 220 Pounds

-   Teaching six people in a group – 200 Pounds


Payment for the cost of the course is spread over the duration of the course with a payment due each time that we meet for class. 


The price includes :

-   The cost of the training days

-   Full electronic version of my training manuals on CD.

-   Hard copy print of everything in my training manuals except for the sections about the physical human body.

-   I will be available to respond to queries after the course has finished and as you start to have your own experiences with the Blue Star.





Length of course


-   My Blue Star course usually requires meeting together for two full days, one day for each level. 

-  There is no set rule determining the time to elapse between Blue Star initiations as this can vary between people. The key issue is how they are able to integrate the Blue Star energy into their own energy fields, what personal healing needs they might have with the Blue Star and how quickly they work through any healing that might be taking place within themselves.  Consequently the period of time over which you would learn Blue Star with me is not fixed but would be flexed around your personal progress. I would expect most people to complete both levels within not more than six months. People who already work with energy on a regular basis could complete the learning much quicker than this.





Location for London area workshops


Workshop location will be subject to the availability of venues but will generally be in the Chiswick / Brentford / Hounslow / Heathrow / Slough / Maidenhead A4 / M4 corridor.  Where possible, workshops will be held close to public transport links for those who do not have a car.





Cost of learning with me in person away from London


-   In the UK I am available to teach Blue Star away from London. The charge for this will have to factor in the cost of travel, the cost of my time lost travelling if this is significant, and the cost of any accommodation expenses. I do not usually arrange courses myself away from London but If you are able to get a small group of students together and would be interested in learning from me, please contact me so that we can discuss.  If necessary, class sizes can be increased a bit if that helps with the overall price chargeable for student. 

-   I can also travel anywhere within the European Union to teach Blue Star where it is legal to do so. As the cost of air travel could be significant and would have to be reflected in the fees charged to students it might more appropriate for me to come to teach several energies over the course of a week or two rather than just the one. That way the cost of the air travel can be spread over more students and the average cost per student can be reduced.  Please contact me to discuss. 





Distance Learning


It is usually best if energies can be learned face to face with a teacher. However, sometimes, this is not possible. If you would like to learn Blue Star and do not have any Blue Star teachers anywhere near you, it is possible to learn by distance. My training manuals are very detailed and were written with distance learning in mind. Please enquire for details.  





Additional costs that you might incur include:


-  The cost of purchasing crystals for use in healing grids which could cost between 30 and 50 UK Pounds depending upon size and quality.

-   The cost of acquiring antahkarana symbol cards. If you wish to buy some of the large cards in violet that I use, you may find details of how to do so in the Suppliers Section of my training manual. I purchase mine from William Rand’s Reiki Center in the USA and they are expensive to import. If I have spare sets here, you may buy a set from me at a cost of 24 UK Pounds which includes a plastic folder to protect the surfaces. Otherwise, you will receive some black and white copies of the symbols which I will have charged with the antahkarana energy and which you may use.  

-   If you wish for me to print out hard copy of the sections about the physical human body in my training manuals, there will be an additional charge of 20 UK Pounds for this.

-   The cost of a massage couch if you wish to practice Blue Star on a regular basis. A good quality new massage couch can cost anywhere between 150 to 300 Pounds.

-   If you intend to practice Blue Star publicly, you are likely to incur other expenses such as annual registration with the data protection authorities and healing related insurance. Depending upon what is needed, the annual costs with this could be around 100 Pounds or more.    

-   Some students might benefit from taking an additional course in psychic skills development so that they can use the Blue Star as a vehicle to access other dimensions of consciousness. I do not teach psychic skills development classes myself but can help you with a list of requirements that you can use to find the right psychic skills development teacher for you. 





Discounts available:


-   A 25 Pound discount against any of my energy courses will be given for every person that you have introduced to me and who completes both levels of my Blue Star course.

-   A discount will be available if you have a suitably sized room in your home or other venue which can accommodate a workshop and which avoids the need to pay hire venue fees.   





After the initiations


Students receive a big charge of the Blue Star energy at each initiation. As with Reiki initiations, this will flow through the body for several days or weeks after the initiation. Any emotional, mental or physical stress that a student has been carrying is likely to start to work its way out after initiations. This can result in physical symptoms such as runny noses, headaches, aching in the limbs, and so on.  Additionally, the clearing of students’ minds of day to day matters can result in the mind feeling as if it is elsewhere for a few days after initiations and it might be difficult to concentrate on day to day matters. These symptoms and sensations will reduce after a while.  





Who is suitable to learn Blue Star


Those who have a genuine interest in trying to help other people through healing work and those who wish to start a new spiritual direction in life will be suitable to learn Blue Star.  It is advisable that people learning Blue Star will already be Reiki Masters. This is because it is much better to pace yourself and to work with a lower frequency energy such as Reiki first and get used to that rather than to try to learn a much higher frequency energy that you may have difficulty sensing physically and therefore have difficulty developing a relationship with or integrating.      





Who is not suitable to learn Blue Star


Blue Star practice requires practitioners to develop an appropriate relationship with the Blue Star energy and with their clients. People who have a very strong sense of self or are not able to work in relationship with others or as team players or who have a need always to be in control are not likely to develop the best way of working with Blue Star as their behaviours might inhibit the flow of the Blue Star.  All Blue Star teachers have a responsibility to ensure that they teach only to people who will respect the Blue Star energy which means that being a Blue Star teacher is not primarily a business opportunity. Those whose main motivation to learn Blue Star is to earn money are not the right people to learn Blue Star. 





Airline crew and people based at Heathrow


Further to the comments above about the initiations, I would not recommend that airline crew or people at Heathrow with potentially hazardous jobs or who are responsible for the safety of others go back to work the day after receiving an initiation. This is because your concentration might be affected as the energy from the initiations works through you. Where possible, workshop dates can be flexed around work routines and rosters to avoid this.  It might be better to consider learning with me on a one to one basis if your working situation means that forward work rosters are changed regularly at short notice and that there is a risk that you will not be able to attend scheduled workshops.   







Here in the UK the Government is developing a system of Regulation for the Complementary and Alternative Medicine sector. Some therapies are the subject of Statutory Regulation whereas for others such as Reiki a system of voluntary self-regulation is being adopted. Please click here to go to the Regulation section of the Information Centre to read how it might affect you as an energy healer.





Lavender Flame energy


I learned an energy called the Lavender Flame energy from Suraya who channelled it in from Kwan Yin. In the Far East, Kwan Yin is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The Lavender Flame energy is a good energy to work with, particularly for emotional and mental clearing. Suraya made a promise to Kwan Yin that she would not charge money to pass this energy on to other people. I try to follow Suraya’s promise by passing on a training manual and the initiation for the Lavender Flame free of charge to anybody who has completed any of my other training courses including Blue Star. As I have to earn my living like anybody else and usually have to charge for my time, I pass the initiation but do not teach. However, the training manual is self explanatory and anybody who has learned Blue Star should be able to work through the manual without any difficulty.







You may phone me on 020-7570 2671 / +44-20-8570 2671 or e-mail me at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com if you wish to speak to me about the Blue Star Celestial Energy.