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Blue Star Celestial Energy Lineage Issues



Blue Star Celestial Energy is the name given to an energy that comes to us through the Pleiades star system and which was worked with in Ancient Egypt.


Please click here to go to another page on this website giving information about the background to the Blue Star Celestial Energy and how it may be passed on to other people.


This page is intended to give public information about known issues affecting the Blue Star Celestial Energy lineage beneath me so that people interested in learning Blue Star Celestial Energy can have confidence that their teacher is genuinely within my Blue Star lineage. If you have any queries about a Blue Star lineage that is presented as being connected with me, please feel free to e-mail me at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com or to telephone me at +44-20-8570 2671.





My Blue Star Celestial Energy Lineage inside the European Union Ė Romania


The Blue Star Celestial Energy has been taught in Romania with the teacher saying that he was taught Blue Star by myself. I have no recollection of having passed the Blue Star initiations to this teacher and have no diary records or certification records indicating that the initiations were passed to him. Although this teacher has a CD copy of my Blue Star training manual, I do not recognise him as being in my Blue Star lineage and do not wish to have my name connected with him in any way.


As it is important that misrepresentation is not made when people are giving their money to pay for training, I have requested the following from the teacher:†††













My Blue Star Celestial Energy Lineage outside the European Union


Outside of the European Union, I have passed the Blue Star Celestial Energy initiations to four energy masters who are all female. Three are based in the USA and one is based in Kenya. There are no others.


Other overseas energy masters outside of the European Union have passed themselves off as being in my lineage. I would ask if I could be notified please of any that people come across. Although they might have a copy of my Blue Star Celestial Energy training manual,this does not mean that they are in my lineage and it is inappropriate for them to misrepresent themselves knowingly as being in my lineage.††


I have no direct Blue Star lineage beneath me in Japan.





Blue Star Celestial Energy, Seichim and Patrick Zeigler


Patrick Zeigler is the Head of Lineage for Seichim. He has been made many postings to the internet in recent years, both on his own website and on internet forum chat sites. His approach to energy work seems to be that he does not recognise that the different energies that people like myself work with have their own separate consciousness and determination and prefers to consider them instead as variations in energy frequency of the same thing coming from the same source. Consequently it would appear that he takes the view that the psychic and energy experiences that people further down the Seichim lineage from himself have had are part of his Seichim lineage. Therefore, as Gary Girauch learned Seichim from Marsha Burack in the USA who learned it from Phoenix Summerfield who was in Patrick Zeiglerís Seichim lineage, some people are advising that the Blue Star Celestial Energy is within Patrick Zeiglerís lineage and is Seichim. This is incorrect and the Blue Star Celestial Energy has no connection with Patrick Zeigler or with Seichim. Although I am in Patrick Zeiglerís and Phoenix Summerfieldís Seichim lineage, it is incorrect to link my Blue Star Celestial Energy lineage with my Seichim lineage.†††††††††


To get some understanding of where Patrick Zeigler is coming from, please go to this page on the seavision website http://seavision.yuku.com/forum/viewtopic/id/698 where he advises that ĎSince its introduction over 40% of the Reiki variations have sprung out of Seichim, Tera Mai, Karuna and Sekhem being the most well knowní. There are some issues arising from that comment. For example, although Kathleen Milner learned Seichim from Phoenix Summerfield who was in Patrick Zeiglerís lineage, she has advised that Tera-Mai was given to her by a Buddha. For example, the summary at http://www.lifepositive.com/Body/energy-healing/Reiki/karuna-reiki.asp of an interview that William Rand gave about his Karuna has no reference to anybody in any of Patrick Zeiglerís lineages. This is because there is no link between his Karuna and Patrick Zeigler. There has been legal process over commentary about the origins of Kathleen Milnerís Seichem and William Randís Karuna which resulted in both sides issuing a legal statement to provide clarity on the matter for the healing energies community, a copy of which is reproduced at http://www.healingenergies-at-londonwest.com/kathleen_milner_seichem_william_rand_karuna_reiki.htm. There is reference in the statement to Kathleenís and Williamís teachings as being distinct and not the same. For example, Helen Belotís Sekhem was re-introduced to the world by Sekhmet who has no connection with Patrick Zeigler. Sekhmet is not in any Patrick Zeigler lineage. It is important, therefore, to understand the context in which Patrick Zeigler makes his comments before repeating them to other people. He can be contacted via his website if there is a need to clarify anything with him.††††††††




Date of posting : 15th January 2010