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 Celsur Plastics


 When I first started teaching the energies there were not as many computers in homes as there are now. The hard copy versions of my training manuals were quite important for people to work from in those days and were thumbed through on a regular basis. I used to put all the pages into the see through sleeves to stop them getting dog eared and torn where they fitted over the rings of the ring binders.


Although time has moved on and most of us now have computers with CD and DVD recording drives and can handle large volumes of information easily, I still use the see through sleeves to protect the pages in hard copy versions of the manuals.



These sleeves are really expensive if you buy them in a high street store. I obtain my sleeves from Celsur Plastics in Staines. Celsur’s retail prices are much better than in the high street and Celsur will give wholesale rates for large sized purchases.



Could anybody interested in buying similar sleeves to me please note the following:

-   The name for the sleeves is ‘multi-punched pockets’.

-  The pockets are manufactured from two different materials. The pockets made from PVC are not copy safe. This means that over time there will be a chemical reaction between the ink on the printed papers and the PVC of the pockets. This will result in deterioration of the printed papers and means that the PVC pockets are not suitable for the long term protection of hard copy prints. Pockets made from polypropylene are copy safe and are suitable for the long term protection of hard copy prints. Celsur supply polypropylene pockets.



Celsur produce a wide range of stationery and promotional products so you might find other items of interest in their product range.



The Celsur contact details are:

Celsur Plastics Limited
Lovett Road

The Causeway

TW18 3AZ

Tel: : 01784 457175

Fax: : 01784 454605

email : info@celsurplastics.co.uk

Website :  http://www.celsur.co.uk/index.php



The Celsur website has on online shop and it is possible for orders to be delivered throughout the UK.


If you are going to collect your order by car, the easiest way to get to Celsur is to come off the M25 at Junction 13 and to follow the road southwards that runs by the side of the motorway until you come to a major roundabout. If you turn left at the roundabout and drive in towards Staines, Celsur are on an industrial estate to the right shortly after you leave the roundabout. 


If you have to drive through Staines, you need to turn right at the roundabout at the end of the bridge over the Thames and follow the signs for Runnymede and Egham.


The image is copied from the Celsur website.






Date of posting : 29th May 2007