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December 2007 Newsletter


Here is the December 2007 Newsletter.


A Happy New Year 2008 to everyone.


Thank you.†††† Robert


31st December 2007







If anybody is likely to wish to get together with me over the coming weeks, could my movements in January be noted please. I will be away from London on 11th January and then on holiday from 12th January to 4th February inclusive.††††






An early Christmas present was received with some good news for the World Heritage Site at Stonehenge which is a convergence point for the strong Earth energies in the area. The Governmentís plans to redevelop the A303 in the Stonehenge area into a four lane road to facilitate faster journey times between London and the West Country have been scrapped. The intention was to build a mile and a half long tunnel to carry vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the standing stones and with access to the tunnel via deep cuttings in the ground further away from the stones to carry the other six miles of the scheme. The financial cost of this proposal was considered to be too high and the environmental and heritage issues associated with other options mean that there are at present no other viable alternative proposals on the table. Whilst the Government will have to revisit the issue of traffic flows in the general area in the years ahead and alternative schemes will no doubt be proposed, the Department of Transportís announcement on 6th December represents in part a victory for all the ordinary people who made their voices heard as they tried to prevent damage to the wider ancient temple site beyond the standing stones. The standing stones themselves represent just a very small part of the physical temple site and the importance of this seems to have been recognised by the Government. You can read the Department of Transportís summary press release by clicking here and you can read the related information released by the Department of Transport on 6th December by clicking here.





Current Research in Egyptology Conference

The Current Research in Egyptology Conference is held annually at a British University and is usually open to people from all over the world. The Conference is intended to act as a forum at which presentations of current research into different aspects of Ancient Egypt are made and information shared. Amongst the areas covered are archaeology, religion, science, medicine and society. The next Conference (CRE IX) is scheduled to be held at the University of Manchester from the 9th to 11th January. As a lot of us are working with energies and techniques used back in Ancient Egypt, it is helpful to attend events such as these as they can give us clues about what to ask about when seeking information from up above. If anybody might be interested in attending, you can read about the programmes for previous conferences by clicking here and you can go to details for the January 2008 Conference by clicking here. The Conference will be held at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology at the University of Manchester and you can visit the Centreís website by clicking here. The Centre will be hosting a second Conference later this year in early September about Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt.†††





The Valley of the Queens& The Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Dee, who is an English Light Worker, will be leaving England in January to move to Egypt. She will be based in the Luxor area and will be working especially in the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings. Dee will be available there for healing, teaching, helping people with their spiritual development, and guiding visitors around the temples and holding sacred ceremony there. She works with the healing energies, is clairvoyant, and is experienced in guiding people around the temples in Egypt. She is connected to a project to build a Peace Centre in the Valley of the Queens which is scheduled to open in October 2008.


I have put up a page on my website for people who might be interested in getting together with Dee on their visits to Egypt, either on an individual basis or because they are organising tours there. Dee will be available to help with practical matters such as organizing accommodation and travel arrangements as well as the more spiritual side of visits to Egypt.Please click here to read more about her.


I know Dee as she is in my teaching line and am sure that everybody will find her to be a friendly and welcoming face.††




Gary Mannion

The forward programme of talks and workshops organised by Alternatives here in London has a presentation by Gary Mannion scheduled for 4th February.I have never met Gary but feel guided that he is a person it would be helpful for some of us to get to know. He is 19 years old and is one of the gifted Indigo Children who are now of the physical age where they are able to step forward and to take their rightful places as spiritual and healing teachers and leaders.Having suffered from hyperactivity during his teens, Gary has been able in recent years to develop his psychic abilities and has been performing successful psychic surgeries with the aid of his Spirit Guide Abraham. The presentation at Alternatives is about how Gary undertakes psychic surgery and might be of interest to energy healers who would like to see how other healers perform psychic surgery.Gary will be demonstrating his technique on members of the audience. Please click here to go to the Alternatives website to read about Garyís presentation, please click here to go to Garyís website for details of all scheduled workshops in the Greater London / Home Counties and Bristol areas during 2008.






Further to last monthís update about Helen BelŰt leaving the Sekhem Association and withdrawing the right to use the name Sekhem in those territories around the world where she holds the trademark rights to the name, the front page of the Sekhem Association website now has a statement about the situation. Although brief and not very informative, effectively it confirms the closing down of the Sekhem Association and makes comment about the trademark situation. Please click here to go to it.†††





Training Manual update

Another of the files in Chapter 3 of my manuals has been updated.This is the file about hormones and the endocrine system, ending with a small write up about the skin. It is over 4MB in size so not suitable for anybody with slow speed dial up internet connections to open. The changes are replacements of the graphics with copyright free graphics from Wikipedia, a representation of some of the more material and some expansion of the narrative. Please click here to go to it.






Most of us usually start each New Year with fine aspirations of what new things we are going to do and how we are going to change our lives in the year ahead. However, these do not always happen once the daily business of earning our living takes over our personal time resource again after the holidays. There are two organisations which I have been meaning to post up details about for some months now but had never got around to it. Now the New Year seems like an appropriate time to get around to this.


The Linksclan International Healers Association was established to provide a vehicle through which healers could come together to find and to share information, to read about the healing experiences of other people, to make new contacts, to have discussions with others, to be found when healing is needed and so on.You can read about the Linksclan by clicking here.


SouLinks is an internet based site through which people can make social contact with others, many of whom are on the personal development and spiritual path and some of whom are healers.You can read about SouLinks by clicking here.††


I know the people who set up the Linksclan and SouLinks and can recommend both. If you would like to get some new connections in 2008, whether professional or social, you might like to consider signing up with them.





January Newsletter

There will probably not be a January Newsletter as I will be on holiday for most of January. The February Newsletter will be posted up towards the end of February.