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Galactic Visionaries of Light

Sacred Light Tours of South Sinai, Egypt





There are many gifted spiritual teachers in the world who are trying to help other people. I am posting details of what they do to my Information Centre so that people visiting this website can read about them.  


A page about the English Light Worker Dee and her work in the area of Luxor, The Valley of the Queens and The Valley of the Kings in Egypt was originally posted to this website in December 2007. Dee is now based in the South Sinai area of Egypt near Sharm-El-Sheikh but is still continuing with the same kind of work.  Her website is at www.sacredlighttoursofsouthsinai.com.




About Dee

Dee is a channel who works at the level of multi-dimensional galactic consciousness and is a channel for the galactic energies. She works to anchor these energies on this planet and to teach them to other people. She works with the Star Archangels and Elders and has many galactic teachings from them to pass on to us so that we may expand our cosmic awareness.


She enjoys working with animals and with crystals and giving them all healing.  She gives angel readings and has a very strong connection with Sekhmet.


With people, she works as a healer using channelled healing energies such as Reiki, the Violet Fire, Sekhem and Blue Star Celestial Energy. She also works with a number of coloured healing energy rays. The higher aspects of herself choose which rays and colours are most suitable for her clients to receive and they then flow through her. In due course, she would like to develop teaching programmes around these energies and to be able to pass them on to other people. As a clairvoyant, one of her special skills is to connect with clients’ spirit guides and to channel messages and information from them to her clients. 


Dee has gone through many difficult life lessons in her current incarnation as she has been clearing past karma. This experience helps her to understand the situations of people that she is trying to help and gives a practical edge to her work with people. 


Dee moved to Egypt in January 2008 and was then based in the area of Luxor, The Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings. There she worked with the galactic energies, anchoring them into the physical planes. Many of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were initiated into the galactic dimensions of consciousness and were able to act as bridges between these and the consciousness of Mother Earth. Dee’s multi-dimensional work mirrors the work of those Pharaohs and she holds the balance between the different dimensions of consciousness here in the physical planes just as the Pharaohs and their priests did all those years ago. She has a particular connection with the Pharaohs Hatchepsut and Tutankhamun and works with their energies.


Dee is now based in the South Sinai and is available for healing, teaching, helping people with their spiritual development, guiding visitors around the temples in the area and holding sacred ceremony there, and also for more practical matters such as organising accommodation and travel arrangements. 



Angelic Reiki Healing
Working with the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters

Preparing us for the Ascension and becoming the Ascended Master we truly are!



Angel Workshops
Archangel and Ascended Master Workshops
Working with symbols from Atlantis
Angelic Reiki healing including distance healing
Crystal healing and working with crystal grids
StarSeed workshops working with the Star Ambassadors of Light
Egyptian workshops and tours.

E-mail : lightbeam7@hotmail.com

Website : www.sacredlighttoursofsouthsinai.com


The promotional flier for one of Dee’s workshops is shown below so that readers can have some idea of the work that she does.




ACE (Animal Care in Egypt) Centre in Luxor

ACE (Animal Care in Egypt) is a registered charity in the UK and operates an animal care centre in Luxor. Animal care is provided on a free basis at the centre. Although the Centre will provide care for all animals, the working animals that support the tourist industry in the Luxor area and the working animals that cart heavy loads around all day are especially welcome. Dee visits the Centre regularly on a voluntary basis to give healing to the animals. If anybody visiting the Luxor area would like to do the same to give something back to Egypt, Dee will be able to provide details and introductions. You can read about ACE by clicking here.





Love Light and Laughter with the Hathors

Sound Healing




Intergalactic programme

with the Hathors 22nd December 2012



3 day workshop in the desert  -  Healing tour to Serabit el-Khadim  -  Healing with the Hathors and receiving their highest light for transformation  -  As masters of sound, masters of love, and joy.



Day 1: Pick up from hotel by land cruiser to Serabit el-Khadim for 3 days of Galactic Healing with the Hathors filled with love laugher joy and releasing. A healing journey of a lifetime. Hathor intensive 3 day tour. Meditation music by Tom Kenyon. Dee and Rami will be holding the space so you can experience the higher healing energies from the Hathors. An amazing healing journey filled with love light and healing and more importantly joy.


Day 2: Wake up in Serabit el-Khadim, have breakfast, then morning meditation with CDs by Tom Kenyon. Hathor intensive - this is an intensive workshop for the next couple of days going through the 5 CDs, anchoring the Hathor information in such beautiful surroundings. Welcome! Welcome! Everything included so sit back, relax and let the workshop begin.


Day 3: Morning : Wake up, have breakfast, then meditation and sharing our experiences, feeling the energy of the turquoise mines before climbing up the mountain to visit the Hathor temple where we will complete our final meditation and healing and stay overnight before completing our journey back down  the mountain for our farewell celebration!!!!!!!



E-mail Dee Lightbeam7@hotmail.com





Original date of posting : 31st October 2009

Date of last update : 10th November 2012