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East Wind Holistic Healing - Stephen Comee


This page has been posted to advise that I do not recognise Stephen Comee who works under the name of East Wind Holistic Healing as being in any of my teaching lineages.


It is important that everybody in a teaching lineage adheres to correct core teachings so that the outside world can have confidence that everybody in the lineage is working to the same core teachings and standards. Stephen Comee has changed materially some of the core teachings within my teaching lineage, has changed materially some of the presentation of what energies are within my teaching lineage, and has changed some of the initiation symbols and procedures within my teaching lineage. It is not appropriate for such material changes to be presented as being within the original teaching lineages.     


In December 2008 I requested of Stephen Comee the following:




These requests apply to any energy that Stephen Comee teaches and have particular reference to the following:


Could people affected by my request please note that Helen Belôt was passing on her original Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki teachings before Diane Shewmaker developed her system of teaching energies which she also called Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki. Helen Belôt’s SSR is not the same as Diane Shewmaker’s SSR. The energy that Helen Belôt calls Sekhem has no connection with anything that Patrick Zeigler experienced in the Great Pyramid nor is it the same as a number of other energies which people are also calling Sekhem. The energy that Helen Belôt calls Sekhem was never called Sekhem back in the days of Ancient Egypt and therefore cannot be the same as other energies which people are claiming are the Sekhem from Ancient Egypt.  



Thank you.





  Date of posting : 27th February 2009