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Everwell Chinese Medicine Clinics


For those people learning the energies with me face to face, I have a number of acupuncture dolls to demonstrate the meridians and acupuncture points in the physical human body. These dolls support an easier understanding of how the meridian lines run around the body and of the acupuncture points within them than two dimensional diagrams.


I also have large diagrams of the meridians and acupuncture points measuring approximately 110cm by 75cm. I purchased these as roll up posters, took them to the local photocopy shop to be laminated, and then glued them to hard boards from the local hardware shop. These are used for demonstration purposes, as proxy images for distance healing and distance psychic surgery, and for crystal grids.  The lamination and the boards help to protect the posters and to give them long life.


For anybody who might be interested in purchasing the same for teaching or healing purposes, my supplier was the Everwell Chinese Medicine Clinic in Shaftesbury Avenue. These dolls and posters are used in Chinese classrooms to teach Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The address of the Shaftesbury Avenue clinic is:


Everwell Chinese Medicine Clinic

66 Shaftesbury Avenue,


W1D 6LX.


Tel / Fax : 020-7287 3336   


This clinic is part of a large chain of Chinese Medicine Clinics called Everwell. If you do not live near London, you can find details of your nearest clinic by going to the Everwell website at http://www.everwell.co.uk.


























































Date of posting : 29th September 2007