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Plant for the Planet



February 2007 Newsletter


This is the February newsletter.  I hope that there will be some items of interest here to readers. 


Although the legal issues referred to in this newsletter are intended for healers in England, it is likely that there will be similar legislation affecting healers in other parts of the world and it might be helpful for overseas visitors to check this out.  


Thank you.


Robert    28th February 2007 






Training Manual Updates

I have posted a file about the acid alkaline balance within the physical body.  This file is part of Chapter Three in those training manuals that have the Foundation Studies Chapters and follows the file about DNA.  This is a file that was not in my earliest manuals but was in my later manuals. This file has been rewritten as part of the ongoing updating of my training manuals and should replace the earlier file. Please click here to access it.  






Legal Framework

I am continuing to work through issues arising from the legal framework within which healers in England need to operate and have posted some more guidance pages to this website so that this information does not have to go into my training manuals. My intention is that in due course the law most relevant to our work as healers will be online as a look up resource and will prompt people to seek professional legal guidance when necessary. Working through this material is not the most interesting of tasks but it is helpful to know how the law affects us.  I have not come across evidence of many prosecutions of people within our sector for contraventions of the legislation that I have been researching but it is clear from general browsing on the internet that some healers in the UK are not in compliance with the law and it is probably only a matter of time before somebody catches up with them.



Since the last newsletter I have posted up pages relating to the following commercial matters.



Distance Selling Regulations

Legislation exists to establish a reasonably fair framework within which buyers and sellers can do business by distance. The legislation requires certain information to be given by sellers to buyers and also gives cancellation rights to buyers. Compliance with the legislation is reasonably straightforward for healers in the case of the sale of goods such as crystals and books by distance but the provision of distance healing services and distance training services requires a bit more thought. You can read this page by clicking here.   



Trade Marks 

Business names and logos and designs help to create brand images for businesses. They create a focal point for the recognition of a business and although intangible can be valuable business assets. The legislation which provides the framework within which there can be registration and protection of such assets is the Trade Marks Act 1994. I have posted a page about this which can be found by clicking  here .


If a healer has a distinctive name for a healing and teaching practice or a distinctive logo which help to support a good brand image in the market place, it is worth considering applying to trademark the name or logo to prevent somebody else from copying or adapting it. The process to apply for a trade mark is reasonably straightforward and not very expensive.  


Healers need to be aware that both in the UK and across the EU it is an offence to use a registered trade mark belonging to another business without permission or a licence to do so. Online checks to find out what trade mark approvals are in place may be found for the UK by searching the Patent Office records at http://www.patent.gov.uk/tm/t-find/t-find-text.htm  or in the European Union by searching the records at the EU Office of Trademarks and Designs at http://oami.europa.eu/. 


The Trade Marks Act also makes it an offence to purport that something is trademarked when no trademarking approval has been granted and again healers can make the necessary online checks to find out what has been trademarked.


Any healer who advises other healers that they are using a name or term that has been trademarked would be advised to check first what trade mark approvals are in place. Anybody challenging the use of the word Sekhem would be advised to check what has been trademarked around this name as there are known issues with these challenges. I cannot find any record of there being a trade mark approval within the UK or EU for Kathleen Milner’s Tera Mai. It might be helpful if members of the Tera Mai Association in the UK could check what trade mark approvals are in place when challenging any unauthorised use of the name or when indicating that it is a trademarked name.  William Rand’s Karuna Reiki is a registered UK trade mark but I cannot find a trade mark approval for it at EU level. In the USA there are various trade marks in place in connection with Barbara Weber Ray’s Reiki lineage but in the UK and the EU I can only find record of THE RADIANCE TECHNIQUE and The Radiance Technique, Authentic Reiki having trade mark approvals.



Misleading Advertisements

Where advertisements contain incorrect information or where comparisons with products and services offered by competitors to the advertiser are incorrect, consumer purchasing behaviour can be influenced to the detriment of the consumer and to the detriment of other suppliers in the market place. The Control of Misleading Advertisements Regulations 1988 were introduced to provide a remedy in law to deal with misleading advertisements and the guidance that I have posted can be found by clicking here. These Regulations provide the basis in law for Court injunctions to be issued to prevent misleading advertisements. Misleading advertisements can place the advertiser at risk of prosecution under the related Trade Descriptions legislation. I am still working through the Trade Descriptions legislation and some guidance on this will be posted soon.     


The outcomes from our healing work often varies between clients and cannot always be replicated exactly across different clients.  Our work has not been subject to acceptable standards of research. In the context of misleading advertisements, therefore, it is advisable that healers do not make excessive claims about what the healing energies will do. Also it is advisable that healers do not start saying that their energy x is a better healing energy than somebody else’s energy y if they cannot prove this.   



The list of all the legal guidance notices posted to date can be found in the Legal Framework section of the Information Centre.    







In the days before we were all on the internet a mail order bookshop was established in Wales called Cygnus. The failure rate for new businesses is usually very high but Cygnus was successful from the very beginning back in 1991 because it offered good products, good service and because it had people at the end of the phone who would always try to help customers. Cygnus was set up in the spiritual and personal development niche of the book market and thrived. Although the world has moved on since then and we now have companies like Amazon from whom we can buy books online, Cygnus has survived and is still doing well. I thought I would post a note about Cygnus on the website in case people might be interested in checking this company out. Cygnus retain their original approach of sending out free of charge regular monthly magazines with details of their books stock. They have also adapted to the internet age and there is information about books on their website. Purchases can be made on line or by telephone. They also sell tapes and CDs. Cygnus prices are very competitive and are discounted against standard bookshop rates. The packing and postage rates are very reasonable. Cygnus will post worldwide. The Cygnus website is at http://www.cygnus-books.co.uk.


Here in London, the Cygnus Books Spring Lecture will take place at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington on 20th March.  The subject will be ‘The Presence of Other Worlds and Other Lives in Therapy and Healing’ with presentation by Dr Roger Woolger and sponsorship by Cygnus. Details can be found in the Events section of the Cygnus website. 






SKHM Workshops

I do not teach SKHM workshops but do let people know about SKHM workshops held by Georgy in Cornwall in case they would like to learn the SKHM approach to energy work. Georgy’s next workshop will be held in the Mevagissey area from 30th March to 1st April and will include attunements to the new Seichem energy of silver with gold which has been given to her through channelling. You can find out more by clicking here or by contacting Georgy on 01726 – 844362 and healingsthatwork@tiscali.co.uk.


SKHM workshops are different to workshops for specific energies like Reiki in that a specific energy is not being passed from teacher to student. The focus is much more upon members of a group working together and the structure for these workshops is much looser than for a traditional energy workshop.






Divine Dine and Event Management

Divine Dine is London's first Spiritual Supper club and was created out of a desire to mix good food, the opportunity to dress up, to be with friends and to make new ones, and the desire to learn more about the spiritual side of life. The next Divine Dine evening will be 13th March 2007 with Anne Jirsch as the guest speaker. Please click here to find out more.


The Divine Dine experience is a concept that has been developed by Lulu and is available in similar format for events such as fund raising, book promotions and seminars. Lulu is also available to manage your training course workshop arrangements. She is based in West London and may be contacted on 07748 454142.





Plant for the Planet - Billion Tree Campaign

For those visitors to this website who are not aware of it, the United Nations started a campaign from Nairobi in November 2006 to encourage the planting of one billion trees worldwide during 2007 as a contribution towards reducing the impact of global warming with the new trees acting as carbon sinks. The intention is to sign up non-governmental organisations, charities, local communities, etc., to commit to plant trees during 2007 under the overall umbrella of the Plant for the Planet Campaign. You can read about the campaign at http://www.unep.org/Documents.Multilingual/Default.asp?DocumentID=485&ArticleID=5417&l=en and at http://www.unep.org/billiontreecampaign/index.asp.


Here in the UK, Trees for Life has signed up to the campaign with the intention of planting 100,000 new trees in Scotland during 2007. They are an official UN partner (http://www.unep.org/Billiontreecampaign/CampaignNews/20nov06.asp). Anybody interested in making a financial contribution to support the Plant for the Planet Campaign can make a contribution to Trees for Life at http://www.treesforlife.org.uk.  Trees for Life is a charity that has been around since 1989 and has been involved with projects to restore some of what used to be the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands. Europe went through its own deforestation a long time ago but in recent years organisations such as Trees for Life have been successful in increasing the amount of land under tree cover in Northern Europe. 






March Newsletter

The March Newsletter will be posted towards the end of March.