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Gary Mannion


There are many special people working in the field of healing, each doing something unique. One of those people is Gary Mannion who performs psychic surgery.   This page is posted to my Information Centre so that people visiting this website can read about him and his work. Contact details for Gary are at the bottom of the page.


Please note that this is the healingenergies-at-londonwest website and is not Gary’s website.








The training courses that I attended for some of the energies that I work with included training in some simple forms of psychic surgery. Essentially, these are techniques which with assistance from helpers in the non physical dimensions help to remove the energy of past traumas or of behavioural patterns from a person’s energy field or which cut the energy links between a person’s energy field and the energy of a situation or third party. These techniques tend to be good for emotional healing and can have beneficial effects on physical health conditions if they are linked to the energy being removed.


Gary Mannion is a person who performs psychic surgery in a way that is quite different to that taught in these Reiki style training courses and which can work much more directly on physical health conditions if needed. I am posting this page about Gary as it might be of interest for Reiki healers to know what other energy people are doing and some might be interested to train with Gary.






Gary is English, in his early 30s, and based in the London area. He is one of the gifted Indigo children who are now of the physical age where they are able to step forward and to take their rightful places as spiritual and healing teachers and leaders.


Gary’s healing story started when he attended a spiritualist Church where he made contact with his Spirit Guide Abraham for the first time. As Gary’s psychic abilities subsequently opened up, his relationship with Abraham developed and Gary made a commitment to Abraham that he would spend his life engaged in spiritual and healing work. In return, Abraham committed to work with Gary to give healing to people.  


The healing is facilitated by the channelling of energy through Gary and by Gary allowing Abraham to work through him. The predominant form of healing undertaken by the partnership is psychic surgery. This is a form of non-invasive pain free surgery in which Abraham directs Gary's hands to areas where healing is needed. Although there is no cutting of the skin, many clients experience the extension of Gary’s energy field into their physical body by way of ‘energy’ hands with Abraham manipulating body material under the skin through these hands. The main approach of this form of psychic surgery is to help the body to heal itself on all levels by bypassing the negative programming which tells it that it should be ill and instead to tell the body what it needs to do in order to get better. As well as for physical problems this form of healing can be used for anything the client may need whether it be emotional, mental, allergies, karmic or even just for some relaxation. 


Gary also works to help people in other ways. As a clairvoyant, he can provide support through psychic readings. Where appropriate, he will work with hypnotherapy techniques to facilitate change in behavioural patterns. As an indigo child himself, he has experience of the difficulties indigo children face down here and uses this to help indigo children through counselling. 






On 4th February 2008 I attended a presentation by Gary at St.James’ Church in Piccadilly as part of the series of Alternatives evening presentations. There were several hundred people in attendance with Gary holding centre stage at the front. He was in communication with Abraham who was giving guidance on finding volunteers from the audience for treatment for particular health conditions. The volunteers came to lay down on a massage table with Abraham directing Gary on where to place his physical hands. Although Gary was in communication primarily with Abraham, Abraham had a team of around three dozen helpers (in spirit form, not physically incarnate) with him. His helpers were knowledgeable about anatomy and medical conditions and guidance from them about each volunteer was channelled through Abraham to Gary who then passed on the messages to the volunteers. Abraham’s team were also doing work on the volunteers’ energy fields. Some of the volunteers were able to feel the movement of the ‘energy’ hands inside their physical bodies. Gary was able to talk to the audience all the way through the treatment sessions and Abraham was able to work through Gary all the time. For me, it felt as if Gary was acting as a pure channel for the work of the team from up above. It was a little bit like the way that the psychic surgeons come in with the Sekhem psychic surgery but with the major difference that Gary’s team were with him all the time for nearly an hour and a half whereas the Sekhem psychic surgeons can only come down to us for a few minutes at the most because they cannot hold the downstep in energy frequency in our physical world for any longer. It all seemed very impressive to me which is why I wanted to put up this page about Gary on this website. 






To help show people what is possible with energy healing, Gary gives presentations on a regular basis. These are mostly in the South of England but he does travel overseas as well. Anybody with a genuine interest in Gary’s work is welcome to attend these presentations. One of Gary’s previous schedules of presentations is given below to give you some idea of how he travels around. An update to date schedule of his movements may be found on his website.      


Gary also gives presentations on other areas such as psychic development and support needs for Indigo Children.


16th and 17th January 2010  -  Psychic Development Course, Langdon Hills, Essex.


26th January 2010  -  Psychic Surgery Demonstration, Corringham, Essex. 


7th February 2010  -   Psychic Development Course, Langdon Hills, Essex.


18th February 2010  -  Psychic Surgery Demonstration, Haddenham, Cambridge. 


19th to 21st February  -  Psychic Development Course   France  


4th March 2010  -  Psychic Surgery Demonstration, Haddenham, Cambridge


4th April 2010  -  Charity Event – Psychic Surgery Demonstration – Grays, Essex


7th April 2010  -  Monthly Circle, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex 


8th to 11th April 2010  -  Work in Germany


19th April 2010  -  Psychic Surgery Demonstration - Uxbridge, Middlesex 


25th April 2010  -  Psychic Development Course, South Woodham Ferrers


30th April 2010  -  Psychic Surgery Demonstration - Stevenage, Hertfordshire


8th to 9th May 2010  -  Psychic Development Course, France


15th to 16th May 2010  -  All Angels Day, Bury St Edmonds


21st to 23rd May 2010  -  Festival of Natural Living show


12 June 2010  -  Mind Body Soul Fair, Wales


26th to 27th June 2010  -  Gary Mannion’s Enlightenment show, Chepstow, Wales


3rd to 6th July 2010  -  Weekend get away, France


31st July 2010  -  Soul Quest, Ashford, Kent


13th to 16th August 2010  -  Weekend get away,  France






Gary and Abraham have developed a training structure for their healing techniques. Their system goes by the name Abraham Body Energy Healing or ABE Healing. Gary holds training courses in this system. If anybody is interested to learn more about training in ABE Healing with Gary, his contact details are at the end of this page.


Gary also holds training courses on psychic development (please click here to see the promotional pdf file for a previous psychic development course) and on working with Indigo Children, a number of whom suffer with forms of Attention Deficit.





Legal Disclaimer

Meaningful changes in health conditions have been experienced amongst clients whom Gary has treated. However, in compliance with the relevant English legislation on medical practice, Gary does not claim to be able to cure health conditions and the commentary on this website should not be taken as claims that Gary will cure health conditions. Anybody interested in seeking a consultation with Gary about a health condition should also seek the appropriate mainstream healthcare support. 





Internet postings

A number of postings have been made to the internet about Gary’s work by people who do not understand how psychic surgery works and who have branded him a fake. In the healing energies sector there are no professional membership organisations that operate to the standards found in mainstream medical care such as those that doctors, dentists and opticians have and by which members of the general public can be assured of professional competence when they come for consultations and treatments. Consequently, it is important to maintain our individual reputations through the way that we conduct ourselves in public. Whatever I post to this website is in the public domain and therefore affects my reputation and also those of those people who have learned with me. Because of this I have strict criteria about posting information to this website and would not post anything that I would judge to be a risk to my reputation or to people connected with me. I do not have any problem with posting details about Gary to this website as he is not a fake and he does his best to help people with their health conditions. 





Contact Details

Gary’s philosophy is that through his work he would like to show the world what we as humans are capable of. He is happy for anyone with a genuine interest to attend his presentations and is happy to give treatments to anybody with an open mind.


Anybody who is interested in Gary’s work can find out more as follows:

-    To visit Gary’s personal website, please visit http://www.garymannion.com.  

-    To contact Gary, please e-mail him at garymannion@123mail.org or by phone at 0770-3740429.


Gary has a busy schedule and receives a lot of e-mails so might not be able to reply to e-mails immediately.