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Glastonbury  -  Megalithamania Conference


This is an information page on the healingenergies-at-londonwest website about the Glastonbury Megalithamania Conferences. If you have landed on this page from internet search, please note that this is not the Glastonbury Megalithamania Conference website. This information page about the Megalithamania Conference does not imply endorsement by Megalithamania of other content on this website.


The information about Megalithamania has been posted to this website because of the link between the Megalithic monuments and the Earth Energies, the understanding of which can help us to recreate our personal energetic links with the rest of the world around and to live our lives in a more wholesome way. 


This page is one of a number of pages on this website about the Glastonbury area which are intended to help people know more about the area and its Earth Energies and about events and activities there.  If you have the intention of going to Glastonbury, you might like to time your visit to coincide with when the Glastonbury Megalithamania Conference is being held. Other events being held in Glastonbury during the year may be found in the Calendar of Events in the Events section of the Information Centre. Information about the energies at Glastonbury may be found in the Earth Energies section of the Information Centre.





Megalithamania Conference

Western and Northern Europe still has enough of an archaeological legacy from the peoples of the Megalithic era for us to devote serious consideration to how they lived, what technologies they had, and why they created their monuments.  This consideration was taken forward Hugh Newman, John Martineau and Gareth Mills to develop the concept of Megalithomania. The purpose of the Conference is to bring together kindred spirits with an interest in the Megalithic era to network and to hear renowned speakers talk about latest developments and findings in a number of related subjects of relevance such as archaeology, dowsing, energy lines and other Earth Energies, sacred geometry, astronomical alignments, and the physical legacies of the Megalithic peoples around the world. This focus on the Megalithic era makes the Glastonbury Conferences a very unique kind of event.   


The Glastonbury Megalithamania Conference is usually held in May each year in the Assembly Rooms in the centre Glastonbury. The first Megalithamania Conference was held in 2006 and the Conference is now a regular feature in the annual programme of events and activities in Glastonbury. It is sometimes accompanied by a musical concert and there are usually excursions laid on to take newcomers to the area to some of the nearby ancient Megalithic sites such as Avebury, Stonehenge and Stanton Drew.






The annual programme of presentations is posted to the Megalithamania website well in advance of the Conference.


The 2010 Conference programme is reproduced at the bottom of this page to give some idea of what the Conference is like. 





Online Shop

The Conference has a small online shop on its website selling DVD recordings of Conferences from previous years.






A range of ticket options is available from tickets covering all the Conference events to single day attendances. The Conference website offers a secure online booking and payment service.





Contact details


Website  :  http://www.megalithomania.co.uk


E-mail  :  info@megalithomania.co.uk



UK  -  01458-831800

International  -  +44-1458-831800





2010 Conference Programme