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Glastonbury Symposium


This is an information page on the healingenergies-at-londonwest website about the Glastonbury Symposium. If you have landed on this page from internet search, please note that this is not the Glastonbury Symposium website.


This information page about the Glastonbury Symposium does not imply endorsement by the Glastonbury Symposium of other content on this website.


This page is one of a number of pages on this website about the Glastonbury area which are intended to help people know more about the area and its Earth Energies and about events and activities there. If you have the intention of going to Glastonbury, you might like to time your visit to coincide with when the Glastonbury Symposium is being held. Other events being held in Glastonbury during the year may be found in the Calendar of Events in the Events section of the Information Centre. Information about the energies at Glastonbury may be found in the Earth Energies section of the Information Centre.



















Glastonbury Symposium

The Glastonbury Symposium is a three day annual event usually held over a weekend during July to which a wide range of speakers are invited to present on a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical topics. Some of the speakers are well known on the international conference circuit. Topics covered in past years have included Earth energies, dowsing, crop circles, healing, Ancient Egypt, sacred landscapes, UFOs, consciousness research, and so on  


The Symposium is held in Glastonbury Town Hall which is right in the centre of Glastonbury and has a retail area and a food services area. There is also a small online shop where DVD recordings of previous presentations may be purchased.


Some attendees make it a four day event by signing up to a Thursday coach visit to the Wiltshire crop circles.


It has become a tradition that the Symposium closes on the Sunday afternoon by decanting into the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey for a group meditation ceremony. 






The annual programme of presentations is posted to the Symposium website well in advance of the Symposium.


The 2010 programme is reproduced at the bottom of this page to give some idea of what the Symposium is like. 






A range of ticket options is available from tickets covering all the Symposium events to single day attendances. The Symposium website offers a secure online booking and payment service.





Contact details


Website : http://www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk


E-mail : hq@glastonburysymposium.co.uk


Di Brown

Glastonbury Symposium

Ivy Cottage






UK  -  01278 722000 

International  -  +44 1278 722000





2010 Symposium Programme


Speakers :


Friday 23rd July 2010

Jason Porthouse, Jackie Queally, Ian Crane, Scott Simpson, Mary Hykel-Hunt, Tim Hall


Saturday 24th July 2010

Andy Thomas, Barrie Trower, Janet Ossebaard, Christopher Booker, Palden Jenkins, Lucy Pringle, Avalonian Free State Choir, Film : 2012 – We’re Already In It.


Sunday 25th July 2010

John Dalton, Rod Bearcloud, Mary Rodwell, Geoff Stray, Patricia Cori


Sunday Night Special Feature

Andrew Collins




Friday 23rd July 2010


Jason Porterhouse

Emmy award-winning TV Producer / editor (including BBC1 Panorama), and long time Symposium presence and spiritual mentor, Jason applies his vision to a broad overview of earth mysteries and global events to set the weekend running.


Jackie Queally

Sacred sites researcher and author of the book Arks Within Grail Lands, Jackie explores the higher purpose of the Earth energy grid and its relation to crop circles in the south-west of England, taking in the work of William Buehler and the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel along the way.


Ian R Crane

Leading truth campaigner, ex oil-field executive and founder of The Alternative View initiative, Ian shares with us his keen analysis of the manipulations, conspiracies and ambitions of the now not-so-hidden New World Order and what we can all do to create a positive balance, presented in his own powerful style.


Scott Simpson

Researcher of ghosts and creator of the ongoing Spirit Parlour project, Scott shares a ‘haunting history’, giving a broad perspective on the development of paranormal investigation and its findings, relating intriguing and incredible personal experiences along the way.


Mary Hykel Hunt

An academic psychologist with long established alternative credentials, Many has ‘an intense professional interest in the nature of consciousness – specifically intuition’, and reveals her latest research into the untapped potential of the human mind and its exciting applications.


Tim Hall and Sadhu Seva

Described by some as the first chaired Bard of Glastonbury, Tim will be joined by Sadhu to present an acoustic guitar and vocal duo of magical Celtic folk music.


Open Forum

Your chance to participate in an audience discussion with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of truth-seeking and mysteries research, to explore many of the matters arising from the issues of the weekend – and beyond.




Saturday 24th July 2010


Andy Thomas

Unexplained mysteries researcher, truth campaigner and author of the definitive crop circle guide Vital Signs, Andy explores many of the issues discussed in his recent influential book The Truth Agenda – Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and 2012 Prophecies.


Barrie Trower

An independent research scientist with deep concerns about the health effect of pulsed microwave radiation emitted from technologies such as wi-fi, mobile phones and transmission masts. Barrie outlines the issues around these and the potential harm to us, bees and nature.  


Janet Ossebaard

Long time crop circle researcher, with several books to her name, including Crop Circles – The Evidence, Janet shares her latest thoughts and discoveries on the ongoing and fascinating circle mystery.


Christopher Booker

One of the original founders of Private Eye magazine, and an outspoken mainstream journalist with unusually alternative views, most notable on climate change, Christopher outlines the concerns expressed in his controversial book The Real Global Warming Disaster.


Palden Jenkins

Symposium veteran and ‘social philanthropist’, Palden applies his work as a Middle East peacemaker, and a humanitarian and philosopher, to examine the current spiritual and social zeitgeist.


Lucy Pringle

Author of several cerealogical books, including Crop Circles : The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times, and a renowned circle photographer, to examine the current spiritual and social zeitgeist. 


The Avalonian Free State Choir

Glastonbury’s inspirational acapella choir provides uplifting, beautiful entertainment.


2012 : We Already In It

The UK Premier of Patty Greer’s US award-winning documentary on the now widely-discussed 2012 prophecies, including contributions from several leading alternative thinkers. A live debate with Patty and a special 2012 panel will follow the screening. 




Sunday 25th July 2010


John Dalton

Renowned harpist John explores the power of music, its dramatic effect on society and the huge changes wrought by electricity and the ‘descent from the spirit to the body focused sounds of today’.


Rod Bearcloud

Native American visionary, seer, artist and crop circle seeker, Rod recounts his years of fascinating research into the ‘starglyphs’, recurring magical symbols discovered as far afield as England, Australia, Egypt, Peru and Midwestern USA.


Mary Rodwell

Counsellor, hypo-therapist, author, and director of the EBE award-winning series of documentaries Expressions of ET Contact, Mary will present crucial testimony from over 1,600 contactee cases where extra-terrestrial intelligences have influenced the ‘dimensions of soul’.


Geoff Stray

Acclaimed author of Beyond 2012 and webmaster of the massively influential Diagnosis 2012 website, Geoff looks more deeply into the vitally important Mayan monument at Tortuguero and the coming ‘species passage rites of 2012’.


Patricia Cori

World renowned New Paradigm teacher, channeller, radio host and author of The Sirian Revelations book series (amongst other titles), Patricia shares her thoughts and feelings on the enormous shift underway on Planet Earth as we ‘truly prepare to take our role as Galactic Citizens of the multiverse of possible realities’.   




Sunday Night Special Feature


Andrew Collins

Author, explorer and ancient mysteries researcher Andrew reveals the remarkable findings detailed in his new and ground-breaking book Beneath The Pyramids. Could his astonishing rediscovery of a vast cave network under Giza be the lost and fabled ‘Hall of Records’?


Please note : This special Sunday evening presentation must be booked separately. Concessions are available for full weekend attendees.