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Glastonbury - The Chalice Well


This is an information page on the healingenergies-at-londonwest website about the The Chalice Well in Glastonbury, its grounds and the events held there. If you have landed on this page from internet search, please note that this is not the The Chalice Well website.


This information page about The Chalice Well does not imply endorsement by The Chalice Well of other content on this website.


This page is one of a number of pages on this website about the Glastonbury area which are intended to help people know more about the area and its Earth Energies and about events and activities there. If you have the intention of going to Glastonbury, you might like to time your visit to coincide with when events are held at The Chalice Well. Other events held in Glastonbury during the year may be found in the Calendar of Events in the Events section of the Information Centre. Information about the energies at Glastonbury may be found in the Earth Energies section of the Information Centre.





The Mary and Michael Lines

Glastonbury has been a spiritual centre for many thousands of years. Its spiritual pre-eminence is due to the passing through and crossing over of the Mary and Michael Earth Dragon energy lines in the area. You can read about these energy lines by clicking here. The lines cross over in three places at Glastonbury – on Glastonbury Tor, at Glastonbury Abbey, and at The Chalice Well.  These are particularly special places where people can connect with the two energy lines and where our personal energy vibration can be raised more easily to facilitate spiritual and psychic experiences. 





The Chalice Well

The Chalice Well is located in grounds on the bottom south western slope of Glastonbury Tor and across the road from the White Spring Temple. It is the name given to a well which is located at the exact point where the Mary and Michael energy lines cross. People who are sensitive enough will be able to feel these two energy lines crossing at the Well. The energy there is amazing.


The Well is located in extensive grounds which are kept beautifully as gardens. The two energy lines can be felt flowing through the grounds. 


The Well accesses underground water which flows out into the open air within the grounds and down the hillside. This water is iron rich and therefore has a reddish colour. For this reason, the source of this water is often referred to as the Red Spring. People may fill cups or bottles with this water from the Lion’s Head Fountain.   


There is a good retail shop within the grounds selling spiritually related items. 


The metal cover for the Well shown in the photo was forged by Hamish Miller, the dowser who tracked the course of the Michael energy line all the way across Southern England and who also discovered the Mary energy line.  You can read about Hamish’s work by clicking here.


Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea brought to Glastonbury the Chalice Cup which caught the last drops of Jesus at his crucifixion and that Joseph buried it in the vicinity of the Chalice Well, hence the name.





The Chalice Well Trust

The Chalice Well and grounds are owned and operated by a charity called The Chalice Well Trust. The charity was established by Wellesley Tudor Pole in 1959 following his acquisition of the site. Wellesley Tudor Pole was a very spiritual person and had been to the Chalice Well many times in his lifetime and took the opportunity to purchase the site when it was put up for sale. The purpose of the charity is to maintain the site so that people of all spiritual paths may come and enjoy the site for the purposes of developing their own spiritual awareness. The Chalice Well Trust is registered as charity #204206 with the English Charities Commission. Although it charges for access to the grounds and operates a commercial retail venture, it is a non profit making organisation and all income earned is spent on maintaining the site. The Trust accepts charitable donations.


The Trust has done a good job of maintaining the site and a visit is highly recommended. If you can schedule at least an hour or two for a visit, it is very refreshing to sit amongst all the energies and the plants and to reconnect with everything in meditative contemplation.    






In the ancient times, the annual procession of the seasons was noted and celebrated by way of ceremonies during the course of the year. Ceremonies are now also held in the Chalice Well grounds to celebrate The Wheel of the Year. These are open to members of the public and cover not just the Solstices and the Equinoxes but the other four celebration days between the Solstices and Equinoxes -  Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas.


In addition, a range of other spiritual and musical events and workshops usually take place during the year.


A forward programme of events may be found on the Chalice Well website.


If you might like to put on an event or workshop at the Chalice Well, please contact the Trust.  





Online Shop

The Chalice Well website has an online Shop offering a range of souvenir type items and spiritually related products. 






The photographs on this page have been reproduced from the Wikipedia site and are copyright free for non commercial purposes.  





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