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Hamish Miller

A Life Divined

By Nigel Twinn






This is a page in the Recommended Listening, Reading and Viewing section of this website. It links to the themes of Earth Energies in some of my training manuals and also to the themes of Earth Energies and of Communities that this website is orientated towards.


The Earth Energies section in the Information Centre of this website has a number of other postings about Hamish Miller and his work including his publications. It also includes postings about other Earth Energies people such as Colin Bloy and John Michell who were early influences on Hamish’s Earth Energies path. 


Hamish Miller was the renowned expert on Earth Energies who with colleagues dowsed the Mary and Michael energy lines across the South of England, who dowsed the Apollo and Athena energy lines across the South of Europe, who undertook research into Earth Energies in New Zealand, and who was a founding member of Parallel Community. If you are not familiar with the work of Hamish, you may read about him on another page on this website by clicking here. You may read about his publications by going to the clicking here. He passed away in January 2010.


In Spring 2009 Hamish was diagnosed with a heart condition. When I phoned him to find out how he was, he explained that he had been seen by a specialist consultant who had advised him to cut right back on his work commitments and to take life easy. Anybody who knew Hamish would have wondered how this might be possible given that in his 80s he was so active and still managed to get through a heavy work schedule that would have left most people in their 20s flat on the floor from exhaustion. However, Hamish realised that his old life style was no longer possible and he started to cut back on work commitments. He also realised that his days in the present lifetime were likely to be numbered and he set about preparing for his eventual death. Part of that preparation was tidying up his domestic and financial affairs so that there would be a clean handover to his family once he had passed on. Part of it was helping Nigel Twinn to write a biography of his life and helping Nigel with first hand recall of key events in his life. Nigel and Hamish worked together very closely in the last few months of Hamish’s life and the biography was published shortly after Hamish’s death as the book ‘Hamish Miller – A Life Divined’.


This book covers Hamish’s childhood and growing up in Scotland. It touches upon the University years, doing National Service with the Engineers in the army, working for GEC, and starting his own furniture business and becoming a successful business man living the material lifestyle of a somewhat flamboyant entrepreneur who had national recognition. It also covers how the brutality of the Margaret Thatcher regime killed his business like many other businesses at the beginning of the 1980s as she tamed inflation by restricting the national money supply and creating an economic recession. The spiritual side of his life moved to a different level when he had an out of body experience on the operating table in April 1982 and met the Higher Beings who he subsequently called ‘The Management’. Although the surgeons had left him for dead, he came back to the physical world through his choice. Shortly afterwards, a chance meeting with a clairvoyant who had come to find his wife left Hamish being told that he was a healer and would help to heal both people and the planet. The rest as they say is history and the book relates how he went on to become one of the world’s most influential dowsers and Earth Energies researchers and how his experiences contributed to the inspiration to start the Parallel Community concept.       


I can recommend this book for anybody who knew Hamish personally or who has been influenced greatly by Hamish’s work. It is not a technical book about dowsing or a detailed analysis of the results of his dowsing work but it does help people to understand the man, his background, the influences on his life and the work that he did. Most importantly of all, it is yet another story of how somebody living a mainstream not very spiritual kind of lifestyle can suddenly have life changing experiences, can find a completely new path to follow in life, and can then become a great teacher and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.   


The ISBN is 978-0-9533316-2-8.


Copies can usually be found on the main internet auction and bookseller sites such as Amazon, eBay, eBid, AbeBooks, Alibris, etc.. 


A directory of information about Hamish’s other publications may be found on this website by clicking here. 






Original date of posting : 29th May 2010

Last updated : 25th August 2012