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Hamish Miller –

Parallel Community and Penwith Press












This page replaces previous pages posted to this website about Parallel Community and about Penwith Press, both creations of the late Hamish Miller. At the bottom of this page is information about some of Hamish’s book and DVD products.  


The page that I have posted about Hamish’s life by way of a remembrance for him remains on this web site and may be found by clicking here.


An e-mail that I sent to Parallel Community on 2nd September 2012 in response to a communication about this page may be found at the bottom of this page. 


Although most people know me for my work with channelled energies, I am equally as interested in and involved with Earth Energies and with Star Energies. Hamish’s work with the energy lines and energy centres of the South of England provided the foundation for all my subsequent involvement with Earth Energies. He was one of the two most important teachers for the energy work that I do.


The Foundation Chapters of the first version of my training manuals included reference to Earth Energies, the intention being to expand teaching here when time permitted. As a support resource for people learning the energies with me, I developed a page to post to my website which gave a comprehensive review of the various Earth Energies book and DVD products which Hamish had published about his work through his publishing company called Penwith Press. The page was developed in consultation with Hamish and he was quite happy with what I published. The page also served as a general information resource for anybody browsing on the internet.


Whilst undertaking Earth Energies research in New Zealand, Hamish had an encounter with Beings who were previous inhabitants of New Zealand from a long time ago. They were in spirit form and had discourse with him about how the humans organise their societies in the present time and how disconnected from each other and from the world around they are. After returning to Cornwall, Hamish discussed these matters with people in his immediate community and came up with the idea of Parallel Community.


At a conceptual level, Hamish recognised that the connections that we should all have with each other and with our planet that are so important to live life in a healthy and positive way tend to get broken in our western society. The result is that we get disconnected from each other and from the world around, cannot see the wider picture for the practical issues that we have to sort out in day to day life, do not know where to go for help and support, and do not always take the time out to get some private space so that we work our what our priorities in life should be.


At a practical level, the institutions that form part of the structural infrastructure of our society here in the UK are not always very responsive to the needs of communities at local or national level and do not always provide the support and problem solving that we as individuals ourselves or as members of communities need.


Variations on the theme of the UK experience are to be found in other countries around the world.


Hamish had the vision that if a way could be found to connect people and communities around the world who have similar life situations and issues, they could support each other, share ideas, let others know how they solved their problems, help each other to regain connections with other communities and the planet, and so on. Taking advantage of the internet technology which we are fortunate to have means that people from around the world could connect with each other easily to achieve this Parallel Community vision. The development of the Parallel Community website with its Members Section was intended to be a key tool in achieving the vision. On the ground, the development of a network of volunteer ‘Connectors’ was intended to co-ordinate and organise on a local, regional or national basis as appropriate. The Connectors were intended to let their communities know about Parallel Community and to stimulate interest. Through the Parallel Community website, they could let everybody else know what issues they are trying to deal with and could connect with other Connectors and the communities that they represent who have the same issues.


In consultation with Hamish, I said that I would do what I could to publicise Parallel Community here in London and we agreed a page to post to this website about Parallel Community. I also posted all the regular Parallel Community newsletters to this website.


When I met with Hamish at the Parallel Community Open Day at his home at Trencrom in May 2008 he was happy with everything that I had published about Penwith Press and about Parallel Community.


Hamish suffered a heart attack in 2009. When I spoke to him on the phone several weeks afterwards, he said that the medical advice was to substantively reduce his work load and to adopt a more leisurely life style to reduce the likelihood of further health conditions related to his heart. However, he still wanted his work and vision to continue and to be publicised and the pages that I had put up on this website remained.    


Hamish passed away in January 2010 following Burns Night celebrations.


On 17th June 2011 I received a general e-mail communication from Parallel Community advising that the Parallel Community website had been upgraded and inviting people to sign up to join the new site. The tone of the e-mail was somewhat dictatorial and recipients were advised that to use the new site they had to agree to the site’s Core Beliefs.  ‘To use the Meeting Place you will have to agree to the site’s terms and conditions – i.e. our Core Beliefs. We ask every member to honour the Core Beliefs when he or she interacts with other members on this website.  Any disrespect - either mild or extreme - towards other members will not be tolerated. Any posts which show a lack of respect for the Core Beliefs, or use inappropriate or offensive language, will simply be deleted from the forum without prior notice. In the event that the Core Beliefs are repeatedly disregarded by a member, that member's access to this forum will be removed’. To the best of my knowledge there had never been any issues with people abusing others on the original version of the site and the wording of this communication felt very heavy handed to me. Differences of opinion had been expressed previously but these had not been presented in an abusive way. The Core Beliefs were a new introduction to the Parallel Community and I do not know what input, if any, the wider membership of Parallel Community had to their development. For me it felt as if an inner core of Parallel Community people had decided upon them and were presenting them as a fait accompli to the rest of the Parallel Community membership. Hamish was always a person who followed a philosophy of inclusion of people and this attitude of follow the Core Values without the opportunity to contribute to their development and of do as we tell you or we will throw you off the Parallel Community site was not one which would have been allowed to take hold if he were still with us. Furthermore, in a healthy community, it should be possible to question and debate and to disagree on matters such as Core Values.         


There were some Core Beliefs that I did not feel comfortable with. They gave me the impression that Parallel Community was on the verge of spiritual escapism and disconnection with real life and of denial of the human condition of conflict. They ignore one of the most fundamental issues that underlies all human activity and relationships – deciding where the balance lies between freedom of the individual and the interests of collective community and thus where the freedom of the individual is curbed with all the conflict that results from this. In particular, for me there is no basis or evidence for the Core Belief ‘We believe we’re moving into a new level of civilisation and culture worldwide, where cooperation of all humans with each other, with nature and with the wider cosmos will flourish.’ The decadence resulting from the culture of individualism in western type societies which prevails at the expense of the needs of the wider community shows no sign of change and for me this particular Core Belief has the feel of coming from people who are living in some kind of New Age bubble separated from wider society. For me this particular Core Belief is just fantasy.


Because the Hamish Miller values of inclusion seemed to have been lost and because I did not believe in the new Core Values, I did not rejoin the Parallel Community site and no longer have any connection with Parallel Community.


Prior to all of this, it had been difficult to promote Parallel Community in London because the Parallel Community website was not an open information website and neither the general membership nor the general public had access to those parts of the site where ‘Connectors’ were doing their work and engaging on particular projects and connecting with other parts of the Parallel Community membership. Consequently, the general membership and general public had no idea what projects were being initiated within Parallel Community by the ‘Connectors’ and it was not possible to show potential Parallel Community members in the outside world what was going on within Parallel Community.  


Following Hamish’s death in January 2010, I wrote to his wife Ba advising that I would like to continue to keep the page on my website about Penwith Press and Hamish’s publications and asking her permission for this. I did not hear back from her but did not press her on the matter at the time because she would have been grieving for Hamish. When I attended the scattering of Hamish’s ashes in the grounds of his home at Trencrom in May 2010, I did not raise the matter with her then as it did not seem an appropriate thing to do that day. I never heard back from Ba. As I am always very busy, the matter was not at the forefront of my mind but on my list of jobs outstanding. My page about Hamish’s publications remained on this website. In February 2012 I received two e-mails from somebody called Jill Moss requiring me to take references to Penwith Press and images of Hamish’s publications off my website. Control of Penwith Press had passed from Hamish’s wife Ba to Jill Moss and Jill Moss did not like the page that I had agreed with Hamish. Hamish was an inclusive person and would never have agreed to this action of exclusion from Jill Moss.


Legal advice received was that nothing that I was doing contravened copyright law and that Jill Moss could not force me through legal process to remove my presentation about Hamish’s publications.


I had a very great respect for Hamish – for  both the person and his work. I felt very severe grief when I heard that he died. That grief subdued shortly after his death when there was a lot of interaction on the Parallel Community website and when it seemed that there were enough people around to be able to keep the spirit of Hamish’s work going and that the spirit of his work would not be lost. That grief came straight back when I received the instruction from Jill Moss to amend my webpage about Hamish’s publications. That grief was of the severity that one would feel if a husband or wife or child had suddenly died without the chance to say goodbye to them. The close to debilitating severity of the grief was somewhat surprising– although I knew Hamish and although he had been a great influence upon my life, we did not know each other that closely and the depth of the grief was out of context with how I knew him. However, experience has been that when I feel very deep unexplained emotions, the cause lies in the Higher Beings in non-physical form trying to get important messages through to me.


I had always believed 100% in Hamish’s integrity and vision and there was real grief in me about the energy of exclusion and separation that was starting to creep into his community in Cornwall with the dictates coming from Parallel Community and with the problem with Jill Moss. I felt very let down by the people in Cornwall. We have suffered in the healing energies sector with ego conflicts and the telling of untruths at Head of Lineage level and I had really felt that with Hamish there was one place on this planet where everything would be run in a much more sensible way and without the politics. However, overlaid on this was the emotion that was being pushed through me from above due to the realisation there that Parallel Community was never going to achieve Hamish’s vision of a worldwide force for community development and support. At present there is insufficient critical mass within Parallel Community for it to be a real world changing network. Although a lot of time and effort has been made to develop the Parallel Community website, it is probably on the wrong IT platform to act as a facilitation point to connect huge numbers of people from around the world. And there does not seem to be any strategy to develop substantive growth in the Parallel Community. More likely is that it will continue to be a small network of like minded people which is not really much different to hundreds of other similar small groups around the world. It has to be remembered that there were other Beings in spirit form behind Hamish’s work to develop community and some of the grief that was coming through me was their frustration about Parallel Community.          


I was walking down to the local post office one afternoon when I was given guidance from above on how to resolve my issues with the people in Cornwall by way of a project that would support the continuation of Hamish’s work. I do not have the competencies to create a new Parallel Community type of network, nor do I have the time. I do, however, have the competencies to take forward Hamish’s work with Earth Energies and that is what I will do. I have been taking legal advice about appropriate structure through which this can be carried out and can continue to be a resource after I have died. I have a large backlog of work at the time of posting this page so it is likely that it will not be until 2014 or 2015 before work on my Earth Energies project will commence. Once started, it will be run on Hamish’s personal and community values of inclusion and sharing and support and will eventually grow into a very large resource. It will be dedicated to the work and memory of Hamish. As soon as all of this started to take form within my mind, the experience of severe grief that I experienced since the Jill Moss encounter disappeared and has not come back since.      


I have taken the following actions on this website in August 2012, the time of posting this page:

-    The archive of Parallel Community newsletters and other related postings has been removed from this website to avoid any future potential problems with the people in Cornwall. If any previous visitor to this website has come back to find them, please go direct to the Parallel Community website as there is an archive of old newsletters there. If you cannot find them on the Parallel Community website, please e-mail me as I still have the electronic copies of what I had posted.

-    I will not make further postings about Parallel Community or publicise the activities of Parallel Community on this website again. 

-    For the time being, the original page about Hamish’s book and DVD publications is reproduced below less any references to Penwith Press and less any image reproductions of the books and DVDs. This will avoid any future problems with the people in Cornwall. I would recommend people who wish to purchase any of these products to search for them on the main internet auction and bookseller sites such as Amazon, eBay, eBid, AbeBooks, Alibris, etc..

-    The original page about the biographical book about Hamish’s life remains on this website and will continue to remain on this website. It can be found by clicking here. Legal advice received is that the page does not breach copyright law and even though Jill Moss might not like it she cannot force me through legal process to remove it.        


At some point in the future I will post additional pages to this website giving a more detailed overview of some of Hamish’s publications. 


As advised earlier, the page that I have posted about Hamish’s life by way of a remembrance for him remains on this web site and may be found by clicking here.            



Hamish’s Books


The Sun and The Serpent
An Investigation into Earth Energies by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst

This is the classic story of a journey across England following two major energy lines, the Mary and Michael Lines. Using his dowsing rods Hamish has made a breakthrough in the understanding of the earth's energy fields and their effect on human behaviour.

Through "The Sun and the Serpent" the Mary and Michael lines have become part of English folklore.

"The Sun and the Serpent is one of the strangest most stirring books I have ever read, and it may prove through its implications to be one of the most important. For if the authors are correct in what they affirm, they have uncovered in the English landscape the most remarkable of ancient secrets..."       John Michell



The Dance of the Dragon

An Odyssey into Earth Energies by Paul Broadhurst & Hamish Miller


The Apollo / St Michael axis is a remarkable alignment of sacred sites stretching from Ireland, through Cornwall, France, Italy, Greece and Israel, marked by sanctuaries dedicated to the Archangel Michael and Apollo, the Greek God of Light.


The authors travelled the length of this 2,500 mile axis over ten years, exploring the significance of earth energies in the siting of these sanctuaries. Rediscovered in this book is a profound principle that takes us back to the very roots of religion, encoded in legend and myth. This demonstrates that earth energies were once at the core of a highly developed Natural Science responsible for determining the position and character of ancient sites.


‘’A tremendously exciting book... this must surely be the most remarkable antiquarian or 'questing' journey that has ever been undertaken.’’      John Michell


This book was published by originally by Pendragon Press. ISBN 0 9515183 4 8



The Definitive Wee Book on Dowsing
A Journey Beyond Our Five Senses by Hamish Miller

Packed with information and illustrations of the history, development and practice of Dowsing... appeals equally to beginners and experienced practitioners.

"Does for dowsing what Cranmer did for the Church of England with his book of Common Prayer... but with much more fun."       Western Morning News



It's Not Too Late
Life, Death, the Universe and our place in it by Hamish Miller

This book is an up-beat, optimistic interpretation of our future... a refreshing oasis in a desert of negative, depressing, foreboding prognostications based on the problems of the past.

It sheds some light on a positive way ahead, firing the reader with enthusiasm for a movement towards freedom of choice and the acceptance of the responsibility for our own decisions.

"Hamish Miller is an honest chronicler, practical, straightforward, and a most reliable witness to his experiences of guidance and revelation. This book is a charming, helpful companion on the road to transformation..."      John Michell



In Search of the Southern Serpent

A journey into the power of place by Hamish Miller and Barry Brailsford

Brought together by fortuitous happenstance from opposite sides of the world Hamish and Barry found their respective skills and knowledge coalesced to produce fascinating insights into the earth wisdom of the Maori and their ancestors. 

Maori earth wisdom remained hidden until, in recent times, the Elders of the tribes decided to share their sacred lore. This remarkable ancient knowledge is archetypal born of universal truths that leap ahead of the logical mind to offer answers of an intuitive kind. They knew great rivers of energy flowed around the planet and created power places where these met. Their understanding mirrored that of the Ancients in Europe, Asia, Africa and America who also honoured such places as sacred. 

The dynamic combination of Hamish Miller and Barry Brailsford deepens our understanding of ‘place’. Not just of the places mentioned, but about the ‘power of place’ that still affects our lives today.

“In Search of the Southern Serpent” is a glimpse into the unseen, an exciting journey beyond the five senses that’s open to everyone.



Hamish Miller - A Life Divined by Nigel Twinn

In Spring 2009 Hamish was diagnosed with a heart condition. It became clear that he was likely to be entering the final phase of his life and he set about preparing for his eventual death. Part of that preparation was about helping Nigel Twinn to write a biography of his life and helping Nigel with first hand recall of key events in his life. Nigel and Hamish worked together very closely in the last few months of Hamish’s life and the biography was published shortly after Hamish’s death as the book ‘Hamish Miller – A life Divined’.


It is not a technical book about dowsing or a detailed analysis of the results of his dowsing work but it does help people to understand the man, his background and the influences on his life. Most importantly of all, it is yet another story of how somebody living a mainstream not very spiritual kind of life style can suddenly have a life changing experience, can find a completely new path to follow in life, and can then inspire others to follow in their footsteps and become a great teacher.




Hamish’s DVDs


The Spirit of The Serpent

The Spirit of The Serpent features an exploration into Earth Energy at a circle of standing stones in Cornwall, England, known as The  Merry Maidens. Most, if not all, of these sacred sites were founded at special places where Earth Energy lines meet or cross as they flow above and below the ground.

The Spirit of The Serpent suggests that many of the structures of the Ancient world may be the focus of energy flows featuring mathematical principles found throughout Nature and which have their basis in Quantum physics.

Our team of experts investigates the energy patterns in and around the circle. They recount the folklore associated with the site and conduct simple scientific experiments to try to evaluate what effect the Earth Energy has on human biology, and whether it responds to our presence at the power centres.

In The Spirit of The Serpent we meet our team of experts who talk about some of their values and experiences and we hear remarkable revelations about life, death and the spirit world. 



Diverse Dowsing
Beyond the Boundaries

In this programme Hamish Miller gives an earthy, honest, practical demonstration of basic dowsing tools, instruction on dowsing techniques, a 'potted history' of their various developments, and takes you quickly and expertly beyond the popular perception of dowsing as 'just a way of finding water'.

DVD extras include a Concentration Exercise and an introduction to The British Society of Dowsers.

This DVD is Region 0 PAL Standard and will play on suitable equipment anywhere in the world.

Date of posting : 15th August 2012




The following is a reproduction of an e-mail that I sent to Parallel Community on 2nd September 2012 following a communication from them about this page. 




Thank you for your e-mail below.


I am replying to you in the interest of good communication to explain why I have made my communication to other people.


I received a short briefing from Hamish in the early days of Parallel Community explaining his vision for the project.


In addition to getting the vision direct from Hamish, the original Parallel Community aims as originally given on the Parallel Community website were:


-     To inaugurate a 'parallel community' programme with which people who are concerned about current global thinking on all levels can identify, and through which they can make their own positive contribution towards creating solutions.


-     To establish that we as human beings have the absolute right to live in peace, not only with our neighbours but with everyone on this Earth. We hereby formally claim that right.


-     To re-establish our natural rapport with all other beings on the planet and in the cosmos.


-     To acknowledge our collective responsibility to care for, have compassion for and love our fellow humans, recognising that while we have amongst us a plethora of beliefs and ways, we must respect these differences and move beyond them, to what unifies us. The biggest tribe around here is humanity as a whole.


-     Millions of people in small groups feel exactly as we do, and at the moment there is no effective platform to express our collective distress. So we're using modern technology to bring our aims to the notice of all such people so that we can perhaps combine to make our voices heard and to sing together.


-     To present a non-confrontational alternative to the decision-making systems currently destroying our quality of life and ultimately our precious planet.


-     To establish that political decisions at any level based on war and killing fellow humans as a solution to global and local problems are no longer acceptable in the 21st Century. We cannot change the nature of warmongers and must have compassion for them as degenerates, but we need not and will not blindly accept their destructive decisions as we have done for generations.


-     To start in a small way in our own communities with the simple gestures of a smile and a helping hand for anyone we feel might need a lift.


-     To rebuild honest communications systems independent of 'spin'. Discussion, yes, argument and perpetual disagreement, no.


-     To provide a tangible message of hope for people who have lost their identity, their sense of wonder at the marvels of nature, and their ability to laugh in the pure enjoyment of living.


-     To establish a website and network so that people can join the Parallel Community.


-     To use the massive energy available in human hearts and minds to make a difference to our future.



I did not agree 100% with these aims but there was not enough difference between them and my outlook that I would pass Parallel Community by. Besides which, I would always do anything that I could to support Hamish with his work.


In the April 2011 newsletter, the following Parallel Community core beliefs were included:


-     All human beings have the absolute right to live in peace and fairness, and to claim and negotiate that right for themselves.

-     We acknowledge our collective responsibility to care for, respect and love our fellow humans. While we have a plethora of beliefs and ways, we must respect these differences and move beyond them to what unifies us.

-     We're letting go of rather than standing against things that no longer serve us, and we are creating wholesome new options and possibilities.

-     Solving global issues starts in our local communities and with basic, small actions.

-     We encourage honest communication. Discussion and diversity, yes, argument and discord, no.

-     We seek to bring a message of hope and encourage people to renew their sense of wonder at the marvels of nature and life.

-     We seek to use the massive energy available in human hearts and minds to make a difference to our future.

-     We believe that if we all follow our life-purposes and inspiration and work with them, all of the world's major issues will become resolved.

-     We're moving into a new level of civilisation and culture worldwide, where cooperation of all humans with each other, with nature and with the wider cosmos, will flourish.


There was no explanation of what these core beliefs meant. There had been no prior notification that people were developing these new core beliefs. There was no invitation to Parallel Community members to contribute to the discussion about what the Parallel Community core beliefs should be. These core beliefs suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


Then in July 2011 we received the e-mail advising of the upgraded website and the conditions for signing up as a member to it. Basically these were that people had to accept the new Parallel Community core beliefs and that there could not be any divergence of opinion expressed about them on the new website and that postings about such divergence of opinion would be deleted and that people would be thrown off the new website if they did not adhere to the conditions.


Some of the old aims and the new core beliefs have similarity. However, some of the new core beliefs cannot be cross referenced back to the old aims. I do not know which Parallel Community members had the chance to be involved in deciding them but for me some of the new core beliefs are not credible and I am not able to accept them. I would very much like to have some discussion about them on the new Parallel Community site but would not be allowed to do so.


Community building is only successful where everybody is given the opportunity to feel that they are part of the community and to be a stakeholder in the community. Most people will accept that there will be a divergence of views and opinions in a community and that it will not always go in the direction that they would like but will still contribute to the community if they feel that they have a voice that will be genuinely listened to. Parallel Community did not develop or introduce these core beliefs in an inclusive way with the Parallel Community members which is what could reasonably have been expected from people who present themselves as community builders. Instead, by way of introducing these core beliefs without discussion and by not allowing any discussion about them subsequently, Parallel Community has taken an approach which excludes people.


For me personally these two core beliefs are very problematic:

-     We believe that if we all follow our life-purposes and inspiration and work with them, all of the world's major issues will become resolved.

-     We're moving into a new level of civilisation and culture worldwide, where cooperation of all humans with each other, with nature and with the wider cosmos, will flourish.


I do not believe that the world’s major issues will be resolved by people following their life purposes. Problems arise because people have life purposes that conflict with the interests of others. For me the best that can be expected reasonably is that we recognise that there are different stakeholder groups in society with conflicting interests and that we start to try to get the best fit between all stakeholder group interests. That is not the same as resolving all major issues but is a more pragmatic approach of constraining conflicts and their resulting problems.


I do not believe that the human race is moving into a new level of civilisation and culture worldwide, where cooperation of all humans with each other, with nature and with the wider cosmos, will flourish. There is no evidence to support this belief. This vision can only be achieved if there is enough critical mass of inner change within people across the global population. There is no basis on which to assume that this is happening now or will happen in the future.


As there is now censorship over people expressing opinions about the Parallel Community core beliefs within the Parallel Community, I have not signed up to the new site and have taken off my website everything that I had posted about Hamish’s work that had been agreed with him when he was still with us. That way any potential problems with the people in Cornwall are avoided.


I hope that the people who do agree with Parallel Community’s new core beliefs will be able to deliver the hard work on the ground that will be needed to fulfil Hamish’s vision and that Parallel Community can make a positive contribution to the world.


Many thanks.


Best Wishes,