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The Stone People of New Zealand by Hamish Miller


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This is a page in the Recommended Reading and Viewing section of this website and links to the themes of Earth Energies and also of Communities that this website is orientated towards.


Hamish Miller was the renowned expert on Earth Energies who with colleagues dowsed the Mary and Michael energy lines across the South of England and who dowsed the Apollo and Athena energy lines across the South of Europe. If you are not familiar with the work of Hamish, you may read about him on another page on this website by clicking here. You may read about his publications by clicking here. He passed away in January 2010.


In May 2008 Hamish gave a presentation at the Megalomania Conference in Glastonbury about his experiences in New Zealand. Hamish travelled to New Zealand with his wife Ba and some other colleagues to research the Earth Energies there. Having had the Mary / Michael energy axis experience followed by the Apollo / Athena axis experience, Hamish had been hoping to find similar in New Zealand.


His presentation is very profound in content. Having fallen ill en route to New Zealand, he had a visionary encounter with some Beings in non-physical form whilst ill. When he eventually got to New Zealand, Hamish and the team set to work dowsing in some of the sacred sites there to find out what was happening with energies. Although they did not find major energy lines such as the Mary and Michael lines in England, they had a very productive time with their research. Whilst in meditative state there, Hamish sensed that there were Beings in non-physical form watching him.  When he tried to communicate with them, he realised that these were the same Beings that he had seen in his visions when he was ill on the way to New Zealand. It transpired that these Beings were previous inhabitants of New Zealand from the time before the Maoris settled in New Zealand and were what modern day man would consider to be Stone Age people. They gave Hamish very profound insights into how their society worked and how they linked in with the natural world including the energies all around. They gave Hamish valuable teachings on how they developed leaders for their society and expressed concern at the way in which modern day man manages society and its connections with the natural world around. The communications that Hamish had with these Beings eventually proved to be the trigger behind he establishment of Parallel Community, the networking structure created to connect like minded people around the world experiencing similar problems so that they can do their problem solving together. 


The presentation may be viewed online at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6919414250828220847# and lasts for approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. Because of the length of the presentation, it is not suitable for people with very slow internet connections.


The presentation is also available on DVD and can be purchased by mail order from Megalithomania at their website http://www.megalithomania.co.uk/. Megalithomania hold an annual Conference in Glastonbury around each May time when various speakers from around the world present on energy and spiritually related topics connected with the Megalithic era.  


I can recommend Hamish’s presentation for anybody interested in his work specifically, for anybody interested in Earth Energies in general, and also for those of us who are frustrated that our modern democratic systems seem continually to put into Government people who are not competent to run a country and where each new Government has to sort out the mess that the previous Government has left.


On this website, pages about Parallel Community may be found by clicking here and a page about Megalithomania may be found by clicking here. Other pages about Earth Energies may be found in the Earth Energies section of the Information Centre. Events linked to Earth Energies may be found in the Events section of the Information Centre.   




Date of posting : 28th May 2010