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Hand Mudras



I have always wanted to learn about hand mudras but have never had the time to get around to finding out more about them.


Somebody sent me a slide show of hand mudras which I have posted to this website. You can view by clicking here.


I can feel the energy flows when I practice the different positions so they are worth experiencing.


You will need Microsoft Powerpoint to view the slide show. The slides do not progress automatically and you will need to progress from slide to slide manually. When you have finished one slide, please pass your cursor over the bottom left corner where there are arrows which you can click on.  The slides are best viewed in ‘full screen’ mode.


I do not know how the specific claims for resulting health benefits are substantiated so could these benefits please be ignored and be assumed to be unsubstantiated.  In particular, please do not present these claims as being true to any clients who suffer from the health conditions referred to.


It is interesting to note that the energy flows resulting from these mudras do not map over to the meridian system that we work with in my training manuals.