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Healing Sessions



The Advertising Standards Authority and the Committee of Advertising Practice

Here in England the content of this website falls under the regulatory jurisdiction of the Advertising Standards Authority and is required to comply with the Committee of Advertising Practice’s Code of Advertising Practice. Please click here to go to a page giving information about this and about the compliance of this website with the Code. With reference to the content of this web page below and to the Code of Advertising Practice, could visitors to this page please note the following in particular:

·        None of the energies that I work with have been subject to scientific research or measurement in a way that substantiates my commentary about them. The human energy field has not been confirmed through such research and measurement.

·        My commentary is based upon personal observations and experiences and has not been confirmed by scientific research.

·        If visitors to this page feel that they would like the experience of receiving some of these energies, could they please note that these energies are not presented as an alternative to seeking treatment from a medically qualified person and should be considered as complementary to treatment from a medically qualified person. Visitors should seek consultations with and treatments from medically qualified persons as appropriate.

·        There is general consideration within the healing energies sector that energies such as those that I work with help to relieve the symptoms of emotional and mental stress and I would concur with that. Dealing with the causes of emotional and mental stress, however, can often need the client to take some action to address the sources of stress in their lives and to learn how to deal with stressful situations in a different way.

·        It is unlawful in England for anybody to claim to be able to heal physical conditions if they do not hold the appropriate medical qualifications. I do not hold such medical qualifications. It is my personal belief that the energies that I work with can influence physical health in some but not all circumstances. I never present the energies as being able to effect physical healing. However, I am always happy to give energy session to people suffering from physical conditions on the basis of let us see what happens and that no outcome is guaranteed or that there might not be a lot of benefit resulting.              





Channelling is the practice of drawing specific energies into the personal energy field with intention. Such energies may be drawn in through any chakra.

      With the exception of the energies of crystals, all the other healing (and personal development) energies which I describe in this website are energies which I channel. I have been attuned to all these energies by the various teachers who I have trained with. An attunement into a person’s energy field can be described as something similar to a software programme being downloaded onto a silicon chip in a computer – it enables a person to ‘tune in’ to a specific energy, like tuning into a radio station on the radio. 

      One of the effects of these energies is to open the third eye chakra, the psychic and intuitive centre. It is then possible for me to connect with the energies of some of the Higher Beings and the Healing Angels, and to draw their energy down into my personal energy field as well. Once that link is made, they will sometimes give me guidance with healing sessions as appropriate.  Sometimes the guidance takes the form of picture images appearing in my third eye centre, which I then have to interpret. Sometimes the guidance takes the form of just knowing something or feeling something. Sometimes I am told what crystals to use in a healing session.

      In civilisations long since ended, the priesthoods would create big pools of thought energies (or archetypal energies) which would always be there for future generations to tune into and to work with. This is the case with some of the Ancient Egyptian energies that I channel.

      In healing situations, whatever energies I draw into my energy field I can then send out again into the physical and energy bodies of a person to facilitate healing. Although these energies can be sent back out through any chakra, I usually send them back out through the chakras in my hands and through my heart chakra. I usually channel a number of healing energies simultaneously, quite often as many as three or four together.




How the Healing Energies work

The healing energies and the crystals that I work with help to loosen up unprocessed energy and to unblock the energy blockages in a person’s energy and physical bodies. The healing energies and crystals will also clean out negative energy in the energy links between people, and will start to clear out negative energy in the chakras that is holding back the full development of those chakras. The overall effect of the healing energies and crystals is to make it easier for the free flow of incoming and outgoing life force energy through the person to take place, and for the person’s own kundalini energy to move more freely. They also ‘top up’ the person’s energy and physical bodies with good clean pure healing energy which support a person’s ability to recover from illness. In the case of very severe blockages within a person, repeated energy and crystal healing treatments are likely to have a positive impact upon the emotional, mental and physical health of the person. In the case of very severe blockages, the healing energies and crystals can also sometimes have a positive effect upon a person’s behavioural patterns.

     The healing energies and crystals can be used to support healing in a wide range of situations. They can help with deep feelings of sadness, anger, depression, hatred, violence, etc., if these are linked to blockages in the energy and physical bodies. They can contribute to a person working towards changing behavioural patterns such as addictions, lack of assertiveness, lack of confidence, etc., if these are linked to blockages in the energy and physical bodies. They can help to support a person who is working actively on recovery from emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse as a child. They can help a person to stand on his/her own feet and to be less affected by difficult situations with other people such as a bullying boss or a judgemental family, and can be used for emotional, mental and physical stress release. They can help to heal issues arising from duality imbalance and imbalance in elemental energies in a person. 

       The healing energies and crystals support healing in the physical body.   They connect direct with the healing and repair programming that is built into the DNA in the cells of our bodies, thereby supporting our own self-healing capabilities. Their electromagnetic energy nature supports the chemical/electromagnetic activity that takes place at cell level and that is responsible for the electron bonding of atoms in the food and liquid that we digest into the molecules that form the basis of our physical bodies and that enable us to release energy from the food that we eat.

       The healing energies can also help to heal damage to our energy bodies.




The Healing Session 


Getting to know a client

Before a healing session can be started for a person who I have just met for the first time, it is necessary for there to be a discussion about the symptoms which he/she wishes to be treated.



Giving a treatment

If I am with the person physically, the usual method is for the person to lie down on a massage table fully clothed. I will lay my hands on various parts of the body to enable the healing energies that I am channelling to flow into their energy system. I usually work my way from head to toe whilst the person is lying on the back, and then repeat the process with the person lying on the front of the body. If healing needs to be focussed in a particular part of the body, I will spend longer there. I do not usually lay my hands on the sexual parts of the body and do not massage the body physically (except occasionally the feet or the hands). As this technique requires physical contact, any woman who is anxious about having an unknown man place his hands on her body may bring a third person along to sit in during the healing session. Time permitting, I might also place my hands in the energy field away from the physical body and work there as well.

      I usually work with crystals in healing sessions together with the healing energies that I channel. Often I will place the crystals on the massage table around the physical body to create a crystal energy grid. Additionally, I also place crystals on various parts of the body, especially in the chakras and on the meridians. The way that I work with crystals enables their healing energies to be released.

      Such a healing session generally lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. A person’s first healing session with me is likely to be a general healing so that I can get to know the whole energy field of the person.

      In the case of a person who finds it difficult to lie on a massage table, a healing session can be undertaken whilst sitting in a chair.     

      If I cannot be with a person physically, it is possible for healing energies to be sent over distance and for a distance healing session to take place. A photograph will be necessary for this.



Receiving a treatment

Different people experience different sensations when receiving a healing treatment, this depending upon their own personal situation and upon the particular energies that I am working with. Usually energy can be felt flowing through the body, like an electric current or stream of water. Coldness can be felt where emotional energy is being released, and heat can be felt where blocked energy is being ‘burnt’ away by the fire element based energies. Sometimes people experience the sensation of ‘pins and needles’ or of burning going into their body. Where personal energy is being held trapped in the muscle and ligament structures, people may experience muscle spasms as this energy is released. Sometimes people start crying as emotional stress is being released. Others feel so relaxed that they start feeling sleepy. Occasionally, physical pain may be experienced for a short while. Quite often, my hands feel very hot.



After a healing treatment

Immediately after a healing treatment, a person might have the physical sensation of feeling less heavy than usual. This is because the healing treatment will have raised the frequency of the personal energy within the person’s energy field. This sensation will slowly go as the personal energy frequency returns to normal.

    Additionally, much of the day to day ‘chatter’ that goes on within the person’s mind is likely to have been calmed down. As this ‘chatter’ helps to keep the mind ‘grounded’ and to focus concentration in day to day life, the calming of the ‘chatter’ is likely to lead to the feeling that the person’s mind is ‘somewhere else’ immediately after a healing treatment. Care must be taken, therefore, when crossing roads and driving cars immediately after a healing treatment.

     In usual circumstances, it can take three or four days for the healing energies to work their way through all the energy bodies and the physical body. During that time, different people will have different experiences depending upon their personal situations and upon the energies and crystals which I have used with them. If I have worked with energies that start working outwards from the physical body, the impact of the healing treatment is usually felt soon. In the case of the healing energies that start working from the soul level into the physical body, it might be two or three days before the impact of the healing treatment is felt with the day to day senses.

       A person who receives a healing treatment to release day to day stress is likely to feel fresher and more energetic after a healing session.

      A person who receives a treatment to release deeply held emotional or mental  stress might also feel fresher or more energetic. However, it is also possible instead that the person can feel quite sad or angry or irritable for a few days as he/she feels the energy of the old feelings and thoughts working its way out. Or the person can just feel out of sorts. This can feel very stressful, but does not usually last for more than a week. Whilst not pleasant to experience, it is a sign that healing is taking place. Sometimes, long forgotten memories linked to the stress might surface.

      Quite often, a person receiving a treatment for stress will feel like they just want to sleep a lot for the next few days. Alternatively, the person can experience what feels like waves of tiredness coming across them and will just wish to rest. Again, this is a sign that the healing is settling in and occurs because stress has been released and the person is feeling more relaxed.

       A big stress related healing can occasionally trigger the release of toxins held in the body’s organs, and the urine might be discoloured or the person might suffer some diarrhoea. Sometimes, some of the joints in the body might feel very sore or stiff. Again, all this is a sign that the healing is taking place and should not last more than a week after the healing treatment.

       Where the healing treatment has been undertaken for the purpose of physical healing, the immediate effect of healing treatments varies. There can often be some incremental reduction in the levels of physical pain felt and the person might feel stronger in themselves. At other times, the effect of the healing might be to speed up the passage of the illness through the physical body and to help shorten the period of illness but there might not be any immediate feeling of big improvements.





Healing Philosophy

I follow a non-judgemental approach to any healing sessions which I give. I am a very practical person, and am interested only in trying to help people. Consequently it is not important what a person might have done in their life or might have experienced in their relationships with other people. It is helpful for me to know what has happened to a person in his/her life, but only in the context of understanding how the person’s energy field has arrived at its present state.  


Please note that I am not qualified as a medical practitioner or as a counsellor. The treatments that I give are intended to be complementary to other healing methods and are not intended as a substitute. My training is in healing energetics with the energies referred to in this website and with crystals. Consequently, anybody who is already visiting a medical practitioner or counsellor should continue to do so whilst visiting me.


Please note also that unless there are exceptional circumstances such as the risk of suicide or of something like child abuse, or if a client is suffering from a notifiable infectious disease, everything that takes place within a healing session that I give remains completely private and confidential.  Distance healing is available for a person suffering from an infectious illness.




Arranging a Treatment

To arrange a healing session, please e-mail me at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com or telephone me on 020-8570 2671.

      If you wish to visit me in my home, the charge is 25.00 pounds. The charge is fixed irrespective of the length of the healing session. If you wish me to visit you, the charge will be higher. I charge lower prices than most energy healers so that people on low incomes can have access to this kind of healing treatment.

      The healing energies can be sent over distance and distance healing is also available for people who did not live near London.