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Sekhem Ė Compatibility with Seichim and Reiki


This posting is for the attention of anybody who has been trained in Helen BelŰtís Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki courses within the lineage downwards from myself. The date of posting is March 2007.


The closure of the Sekhem Association towards the end of 2007 means that some of the content of this page is no longer relevant but I leave the original posting up as an historical record.





A number of pages have been posted to this website in connection with Helenís teachings. It might be helpful to read some of the earlier postings about her teachings which can be found in the Information Centre Directory under the Sekhem heading. In particular, it might be helpful to read the section called ĎUsage of the names Seichim, Sekhem, SKHMí in the first page posted which can be found by clicking here.These names are used by different people in contexts which are not exactly the same. I use them in the same way that Helen BelŰt used them when I trained with her.





Compatibility of Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem in Helen Belotís system


I learned Sekhem as part of a series of classes about Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki taught by Helen BelŰt.Helen was my teacher.At the time of my training, she advised that she had developed the teaching methodology.


It has been pointed out to me that Helen currently advises on her website that Sekhem is not compatible with either Reiki or Seichim. This is quite a profound comment given that Helen used to teach that all three energies could be channelled and applied in the healing situation together. At Levels 1 and 2 for these energies, Helen attuned students to these three energies at the same time in the attunement process.


As I have passed on Helenís teachings to other people including active teachers, I feel it is appropriate to make some comment about this.I do not know who is in the teaching lineage beneath me so the only way I have to try to communicate with anybody affected is by making a further posting to this website. I am not trying to be officious by repeatedly posting up pages about Helenís system but it is a good way of communicating. It takes a great deal of my time to put up these postings so I would not do this if I did not feel that it was important to do so.


To find Helenís comment, please go to http://www.sekhem.org/sekhem.htm and then click through on Contacts, Training, and finally Endorsement.You need to find the comment ĎSekhem is not compatible with either Reiki or Seichim


There is no explanation given as to the context in which this comment is made.††


Whilst I have been aware that Helen had dropped the Reiki and Seichim attunements and teachings from her courses, I was not aware that she had made this comment.It would appear that it has been on her website for sometime but I was not aware of it.


When I attended Helen BelŰtís Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki classes, there was no mention of the fact that the different energies were not compatible with each other. To post a comment some years subsequently to the effect that there is incompatibility within what she taught before is an unprecedented action, particularly as no explanation is given.


Although the training manuals that I received from Helen were not detailed manuals and went hand in hand with teaching of the oral kind, they have been passed down from me to everybody I have taught Sekhem to so that they can see the original teachings that came from Helen. There is nothing in those manuals to indicate issues of compatibility. On some of the pages, there is reference to all three energies being worked with at the same time.†††


I am not aware of any reason why it can be considered that Reiki and Seichim are not compatible with Sekhem. Reiki is a relatively low frequency energy, Sekhem is a very high frequency energy, and Seichim between the two in frequency. As such, channelling all three energies together exposes the client to a broader frequency range of energies than by just channelling one of the energies by itself. If a client would benefit from receiving all three energies together across this broader frequency range, then the healer should do what is best for the client.


I have often channelled all three energies together when working with a client and have never noticed any problem with these energies together.Although people in Helenís membership association are now working with a wider exposure to Sekhem than when she first started and taught me, this will not change the underlying characteristics of the Sekhem energy so for me it is difficult to find any meaningful understanding for her comment.


Although I presume that the Helen BelŰt Sekhem Association would now not endorse anybody working with Reiki and Seichim as well as Sekhem, the Sekhem Association did give me a membership certificate upon completion of my training in Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki with Helen as it did to other people learning with Helen at that time.My Sekhem Association membership certificate was signed by Helen BelŰt.

Ultimately, it is the energies that are our real teachers. The best advice that I can give to people on this matter is what I always say. Learn to be able to connect with the consciousness of the energies and let them guide you. This advice is perfectly suitable in the context of Helenís comment.

If anybody is concerned about this, please feel free to contact me.††††


Thank you.





Date of posting:30th March 2007