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Helen BelŰtís Sekhem Website


This is an information page about Helen BelŰtís Sekhem website which went live in November 2011. It is intended primarily as an information update for people in my Sekhem lineage.





The inclusion of this information on this website does not imply endorsement by Helen BelŰt of any of the other content of this website.


Although I took classes in Seichim and Sekhem from Helen BelŰt, I left her Sekhem Association, opposed her application to trademark the word SEKHEM in the European Union Trademarking Court, and have not had any direct contact with her since 1999.






For a period of around 10 years from the mid 1990s, Helen BelŰt taught a series of classes in which students were initiated into the Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki energies and in which they received teachings about Seichim and Sekhem.


She subsequently stopped teaching Seichim and taught Sekhem only.


The Seichim energy came to her from an energy transmission lineage that started with Patrick Zeigler. The energy that she called Sekhem was a separate energy that she started to channel herself and has no direct connection with Patrick Zeigler or his current energy practices that he also calls Sekhem.


For a number of years, Helen ran the Sekhem Association which ensured that its members practiced and taught to the Associationís standards.


Helen holds trademarking rights relating to the use of the word SEKHEM in Australia, the USA, the European Union and Hong Kong.


Helen was subject to bullying and character assassination in postings to internet forum sites.


In September 2007, Helen BelŰt announced that she was to withdraw from working with Sekhem in the public arena and was to close the Sekhem Association.


There are other postings in the Sekhem section of the Information Centre of this website about Helen BelŰtís Sekhem.





Helenís new Sekhem website


In November 2011 Helen BelŰt opened a new Sekhem website at www.sekhem.com.au as she returned to the public domain with her Sekhem.††


This is a nicely presented website and is of a better quality than the previous Sekhem Association website that she operated.


Her website contains:

-†††† A brief explanation of the Sekhem energy.

-†††† An online shop selling a range of her CDs, books, essences, elixirs, creams and oil blends.

-†††† Some video clips in which Helen talks about the Sekhem energy and learning Sekhem.

-†††† Details of Sekhem training courses offered in Australia.







My personal view is that the importance of Helenís website is that it means that the person who started to channel the energy she calls Sekhem and who is Head of Lineage of the Sekhem teaching lines around the world is back in the public domain and people can find Helen again.


Helenís website means that there is again a genuine public source of correct information about her Sekhem energy to counteract other information about her Sekhem on the internet, most of which is incorrect and has been posted by people who have never learned her Sekhem, have never practiced it and are not posting from personal experience.


I would make the comment that not everything on her website or that she talks about in the video clips was part of the formal teaching of the Sekhem lineage that I have passed on. Everybody in my teaching lineage should have a copy of the training manuals that I received from Helen. These were complete apart from some poems that Helen included which I did not pass on. The manuals from Helen that I have passed on represent her official lineage teachings as at the end of 1999. Although other people down in my teaching lineage are free to make comment on their own experiences and interpretations of Helenís Sekhem and to pass these on, people can claim only to be in Helenís Sekhem lineage through me if the original teachings have been passed to them and if Helenís initiations are unchanged. If they wish to make references to Helenís new website in their teachings, they should make it clear that the website has arrived post-lineage teachings and should not be presented as part of the official lineage teachings that I have passed on.††††††


In one of the video interviews, Helen makes the comment that Ďthe seeds of all illness, injury, pain are in the emotionsí. This philosophy is also found in her booklet called ĎThe Language of The Bodyí. It is common practice in the healing energies sector that practitioners make unsubstantiated and incorrect claims which in extreme cases can be dangerous for clients who follow therapy recommendations from them without question as a substitute for mainstream healthcare treatments. Helenís comments are incorrect. For example, health conditions may be genetically passed on from one generation to another and are not the result of emotional imbalance. For example, the western diet which as a generalisation causes a slightly acidic internal environment in the physical body results over time in conditions such as weak bones and arthritis as the body regularly leaches alkaline minerals from the bones to counteract the acidity. This happens irrespective of the emotional state. For example, physical injury resulting from another vehicle driving into your car is not the result of some emotional issue in yourself. So I would ask everybody in the Sekhem teaching lines beneath myself not to repeat Helenís views or to pass them on to clients or students as they are flawed.


Otherwise, I would recommend that everybody in the Sekhem teaching lines beneath myself let people know about Helenís website.


The video clips on Helenís website have been reproduced on YouTube and may be found there by searching on Helen BelŰt.






Date of posting : 14th December 2011††††††††††