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Recommended Listening, Reading and Viewing



The Cosmic Warrior

(Consternation and Chaos in the Heavens)


By Helen BelŰt





This page is part of the Recommended Listening, Reading and Viewing Section of this website which is intended to give a directory of interesting publications relevant to energy work. Please go to the Information Centre to find the full directory.


This page gives information about the book ĎThe Cosmic Warriorí which was written by Helen BelŰt. My copy is a paperback version with around 65 pages and measuring approximately 21cm x 15cm. The book does not give details of the publisher but the ISBN is 978-0-9803365-0-4 and my copy was published in 2007. Internet search will show websites selling this book.


The theme of the book is that conflict here on our planet is nothing compared to the scale of conflict up in the heavens. A brief synopsis of the book is that it gives an overview of historic conflicts and power struggles throughout our Universe between what the humans would call extra-terrestrials. It recalls the progress of three experiments linked to addressing some of the behaviours linked to the various conflicts, one of which Helen BelŰt advises is specifically about development here on our planet and which is scheduled to end in Year 2012. The book covers the interactions between some of the Beings involved in the conflicts and the development of the human race here on Planet Earth. It touches upon some of the archetypal imaging that has been created by the human mind about Gods, some following visits to our planet by the Annanaki, and how this has resulted in religions.


Helen advises that she has been travelling in and out of our Universe for a long time, gathering information about what has been going on in the conflicts, almost like a record keeper. She does not include any information about her personal history. I have known aspects of Helen elsewhere and know that she has events to recall in connection with some of these matters which would have been of interest for people to read about.††


As an example that Helen gives of the conflicts, a section in the book describes the relationship between Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron who were both working on the development of harmony on Planet Earth. Archangel Michael is painted as a Being who was intensely jealous of Archangel Metatron and arranged for Metatronís energetic imprisonment. Helen advises that Archangel Uzziel then usurped Metatronís place and passed himself off as Metatron. Helen depicts Archangel Michael as the bad guy in all of this, actively working against the harmony and growth of the Universe, seeing himself as superior to Metatron and pushing Metatron to the side.


Another example from the book is the relationship between John The Baptist and Jesus. Helenís interpretation of the relationship is that Jesus was extremely jealous of Johnís standing in the community and his talents, and this led Jesus to betray John to King Herodís security people. As we all know, John The Baptist came to an untimely end at the hands of King Herod.


The primary negative of this book is that it is printed in a small blue typeface which is not easy to read for people whose eyesight is not so good. Some people might need a reading magnifying glass to be able to read this publication.


The inclusion of this book in the recommended reading, viewing and listening section of this website does not imply endorsement by myself of the accuracy of its contents. In my current lifetime, a lot of information held by other parts of me has been blocked from access by the part of me down here on Planet Earth. Without this information, it is difficult for me to make objective comment on much of what Helen has written. However, as the Head of Lineage for the energy that she called Sekhem, Helen is one of my energy teachers and is Head of Lineage for people further down my Sekhem teaching line. It will be useful, therefore, for some people to have their own copy of this publication as an historical record of what their Head of Lineage has issued in the public domain.††


Details about some of Helenís other publications can be found in the Information Centre.


As a footnote to this posting, many people will have been with me whilst I have asked Archangel Michael for help. I was initiated into his energy, and often work with him when there is a need for psychic surgery to be undertaken between people or events. I also call upon him to assist with protection when doing group energy work which is when people can be most at risk of psychic infection because they have their shields down. He has always been there to help without fail and good work has always been done with him. I have never encountered any problems with him and do not recognise Helenís character analysis of him at all. I would never ask him about the truth of what Helen has written about him as I feel it would be disrespectful to him and would show a lack of trust from me to him.






Date of Posting : 13th February 2012†††††††††††††