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Recommended Listening, Reading and Viewing


The Sekhem Story

By Helen BelŰt







This is a page in the Recommended Reading and Viewing section of this website and relates to one of the energies that I work with.


Helen BelŰt is the Australian Energy Master who was responsible for channelling an energy into the present time that was worked with in Ancient Egypt and which comes to us from the Sirius star system. She called this energy Sekhem, not to be confused with other energies or ways of working with energy in the present time that other people are also calling Sekhem. It is an energy with which Goddess Sekhmet has a connection.


I learned this Sekhem direct from Helen BelŰt.


The book is essentially her autobiography of working with energy and how she came to be working with Sekhem and her observations of working with it. It also contains Helenís personal views about where Sekhem fits in to the wider scheme of energy and how people become ill.


I do not resonate with a number of the concepts she refers to and do not agree at all with some.††††††


The book is not a technical manual about how to use Sekhem and does not really serve as an accompaniment to a Sekhem training manual. It is, however, a useful book for people who are interested in the history of how different energies came to be channelled again on this planet. It is also useful for people to read about Helen and her Sekhem in her own words. Helen published very little herself about her Sekhem on the internet and most of what can be found there today is from people who have listened to the incorrect concocted versions put about by third parties. The discerning reader can also pick up from the book that Helen uses the word Sekhem in more than one discrete context, and the lack of specific definition of the related but not quite the same contexts in which she uses the word is a contributory factor to some of the confusion that has grown around the use of the word Sekhem.


The book is approximately 21.0cm x 13.5cm and has 205 pages.


It was published by Joshua Books of Queensland, Australia in 2005 with ISBN 0-975687816.


I believe that this book is now out of print. It is possible that internet search will throw up a small number of Helenís old Sekhem students around the world who have small stocks of the book to sell on. If you cannot find a copy that way, then the best thing is to keep looking on sites like eBay and Amazon and the online second hand booksellers as copies do surface from time to time.