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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Robert. This site gives details of the healing energies practice and training service that I provide from London in the United Kingdom.  I hope that all visitors will find this website interesting and that some will wish to contact me for healing or training.   





I am based in Hounslow in West London close to the Piccadilly Line. I am about 50 minutes by Piccadilly Line away from Central London and about 10 minutes from Heathrow Airport. I live close to the M4 with easy access to the M25, M3 and M40 motorways. I am available to give energy treatments in West London and at the Heathrow hotels. I am also available to teach the healing energies anywhere within the European Union where it is legal to do so.




The website

This website is under continual development and new pages are added regularly. It is intended to reach a wide range of people from the average person in the street to those who have high levels of extra sensory perception, psychic ability and self mastery. Please spend some time browsing this site even if some of what is written seems beyond your current understanding. If we are to grow in life, it is helpful for us to have some vision of what is achievable and where we can go. Our personal development can often be limited by the constraints which we or our society place upon us and we can become very disempowered as individuals. The energies that I work with offer an opportunity to bring back some self-empowerment into our lives. We all have the ability to receive or to channel healing energies and to benefit from the changes which they can help us make in our lives.  Please click here to go to the Site Map page which gives information about how the site is structured. The pages on the site are being reformatted at present with around half the pages offline waiting to be reposted.   


This website is designed to be viewed on computer screens with 1024 x 768 pixel settings.  If you have different pixel settings on your computer screen, some of the formatting of the pages will change.  Please click here to go to a page which will explain how to view this website better if the formatting does not look good on your screen. 





If you find this website of interest, please bookmark it so that you may return from time to time and read the new pages. Alternatively, if you send your e-mail address to me at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com I can send you my monthly newsletter e-mails which notify of updates to the site and of healing related news in general.




Equal Opportunities

In line with many mainstream organisations, I follow a policy of Equal Opportunities in my healing and training work. This means that my services are made available to all people equally irrespective of factors such as their gender, race, skin colour, religion, sexuality, age, etc.. I will endeavour to work with disabled people around any difficulties caused by their disablements so that they can receive healing treatments or training. For those people whose families are not supportive of them receiving healing treatments or training, I will try to be as flexible as possible regarding when they can meet with me.






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