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November 2010 Update

Standing information about Inside Out Retreats was first posted to this website in 2007 and has been updated periodically. The information below was last updated in January 2010. The lease on the Inside Out Retreats premises in Brewers Lane in Richmond-Upon-Thames expired at the end of October 2010 and was not renewed. Since then, Inside Out Retreats has been operating from its website rather than from a physical location. Until such time as Inside Out Retreats creates new video clips, I have kept the YouTube links for the old video clips. As these clips contain a lot of references to the Brewers Lane premises, I have not changed the January 2010 update so that visitors can understand the context in which some of the video clips were shot.



Inside Out Retreats, Richmond-Upon-Thames


This is an information page on the healingenergies-at-londonwest website about Inside Out Retreats. If you have landed on this page from internet search, please note that this is not the Inside Out Retreats website.


Our health and wellbeing is influenced by the energy flows that pass through us. Some of those energy flows come from the planet beneath our feet and from the heavens above. Some come from the people that we interact with in our daily lives. Others come from within us. If these energies are not flowing freely, we can feel out of sorts and lacking in personal energy. We can feel frustrated and disconnected from the world around and from the different parts of us within.


The work that I do with healing is focused around helping energies to flow freely through people. There are limitations on the effectiveness of this work. I can clear energy blockages but often clients then go back to the same life situations that caused the energy blockages in the first place. Without some change in the life situation, the clients can end up back where they were before meeting with me. To avoid this, sometimes people need to change their behavioural responses to the world around and the amount of energy that they put in to their own energy fields from these responses. Sometimes they need to find new approaches to dealing with difficult work and family situations in life and to try to find time for their own personal development and expression. Sometimes they need to find avenues through which their creative energies can flow. Because of this, I have been posting to my website information about other people and organisations who might provide sources of support and inspiration for people going through the healing and self development process that I cannot provide. One of those organisations is Inside Out Retreats.

Inside Out Retreats are based in Richmond-Upon-Thames, right in the heart of the town centre.†††


The concept of Inside Out Retreats was developed by the owner, Alison Pothier, in 2005. As the name suggests, Inside Out is about helping people to take the time to go back inside themselves, to find all the hidden parts of their inner selves that have been forgotten and lost for a long time, and to find ways to nourish these and to bring them back into day to day life so people can lead more fulfilling and holistic lives. The help takes the form of personal healings, workshops and courses, concerts and social networking. Alison has a background in investment banking but also trained in the various healing and coaching skills needed to develop such a centre.


One of the particular reasons for posting a page about Inside Out Retreats on this website is that although its various activities are relevant to everybody, it has a particular emphasis on helping people to get their creative selves out into the light of day and to be expressed. People who have a lot of innate creativity which has never been expressed fully might find something at Inside Out that can really help them.††††


To take some of Alisonís own words from her introductory video, Ďthe mission of Inside Out Retreats is to support people in reconnecting with their true and authentic selves, the person that they know themselves to be, unleashing to the world around them the inspired selves they know themselves to be but have not allowed out for a while. This is achieved through treatments, workshops, courses, inspired gifts and events.í The vision is for Inside Out Retreats to be Ďa playground for the soul, a safe haven for people to come and explore who they really are, surrounded by friends and likeminded souls who have a real passion for you being all that you are.톆





Video Clips

The following video clips which are on YouTube give a good presentation of what Inside Out Retreats are about.


From the inside out



An introduction



The songwriter within. This video clip is from a workshop to teach song writing through intuition.






Activities and Events

Inside Out Retreats hold a regular programme of activities and events. Past programmes have included workshops to develop creative writing and artistic skills, meditation evenings, intuitive healing workshops, jewellery making workshops, concerts, and presentations on spiritual and healing related subjects by leading teachers. Everybody is welcome to come to these events. Details can be found on the Inside Out Retreats website or by signing up to receive the regular newsletters by e-mail.Contact details are at the bottom of this page.††††





The Academy of the Inner Self Training Programme

In addition to some of the one off workshop events referred to above, Inside Out Retreats have also developed a standing programme of workshops called The Academy of the Inner Self to help people to reconnect with all their inner aspects and to express them. The programme consists of a number of learning modules of which only just one or two may be taken or all can be taken as part of a certificated course according to individual needs. The Academy of the Inner Self section of the Inside Out Retreats website gives full details.††††






Comments have often been made to me that a session with one healer can often be a very different kind of session to that received from another healer. The reason for this is that we are all different people and have our own personality and creativity to express. This applies as much to a healer giving a treatment and working with a client as it does to any other walk of life. Consequently, the development of the Inside Out Retreats concept is uniquely linked to Alison the person and to her experiences in this lifetime.


Inside Out Retreats is very much an expression of the way that Alison has worked to bring out her own personal creative and intuitive abilities and is a means of trying to share this approach with her clients. Her centre follows a person centred approach rather than a process or outcome focussed approach and everything is very personalised.


Alisonís career background is in the investment banking sector where she has held senior management positions. Her experience has been that the values of the sector and the management and leadership cultures there are not particularly people orientated. This results in weakened engagement in the relationship between employee and employer, weakened interest in developing the potential of employees, a me first business culture where the only real link between employees is how much money is being made, and varying degrees of organisational disfunctionality.


Alison has retained her connections with the City and has developed a Corporate Intuitive Training Programme to take the spiritual and person centred values back into the workplace. The video clips below contain narratives of her experiences in the investment banking sector and about what kind of leadership would be helpful in the workplace. The final clip gives an overview of the Corporate Intuitive Training Programme which she has developed.†††††††


Although there are millions of healers around the world, there are very few who have gone on to develop training programmes around healing and spiritual reconnection and to take them into mainstream life where the teachings can be integrated effectively into day to day life to make a real difference.


All of this means that Alisonís work is very special and is her own unique contribution to the world.



The Corporate Intuitive. This video clip covers leadership styles and staff involvement in corporate entities.†††††††



From aspiration to intuition. The journey from the cultural values of having a good education, a good job, lots of money to regaining the inner and spiritual connections.



Inspired employees. The holistic employee - how to help the employee to have a meaningful relationship with the employing organisation.



Fulfilment. About working towards feeling fulfilled.



Inspiring leadership



The Corporate Intuitive Training Programme






Contact details

If you would like to learn more about Inside Out Retreats, here are the contact details.


Telephone: 020-8332 6566 / +44-20-8332 6566


Website : http://www.insideoutretreats.com


Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inside-Out-Retreats/102652847427


E-mail : info@insideoutretreats.com