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Crystal and Sound Conferences in Glastonbury


The Crystal Sound Academy used to hold an annual Crystal and Sound Conference in Glastonbury, usually in the August / September period. A number of internationally renowned speakers attended to give presentations.


As the name suggests, the Conferences were based around Crystal and Sound Healing techniques for spiritual development and healing. 


The programme for the 2007 Conference is reproduced below to give some idea of what these Conferences were like.


I do not think that these Conferences have been held since 2010 but I keep the original page about them on my website so that there is still some link to their energy and to keep some awareness of their previous existence going with the hope that one day they might be held again.


Lui Krieg who operates the Stone Age crystals shop and the Archangel Michael Healing Centre in Glastonbury was involved with the development of these Conferences. His website is at http://luikrieg.com.   




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Provisional Event Layout

Friday 17th August:


4.00pm:                 Opening Welcome and Intention setting Meditation – Sheridan King, Tim Wheater, Natalie Shaw, Lui Krieg and Frank Perry


4:30 pm:               Edwin Courtenay:  will initiate the afternoon with an introduction into the myth’s & legends surrounding the crystal skulls and their connection to sound vibration. He will also give a demonstration on how to activate the ‘Singing skulls’


6:00 pm:               Break


7.00pm:                 ‘Atlantis Revisited’ A mystical meditation of purest sound featuring Tim Wheater and a variety of other performers including AwaHoshi Kavan and Frank Perry


Saturday 18th August:


Start 10.00am:     Daily opening ceremony – Tim Wheater Sonic Meditation and Intention setting for the day


10.15am:               Hazel Raven will be starting the day’s lectures with a talk on crystals & angels including a practical demonstration on how to call in the angelic realm using crystals.


11.30am:               Break


12.00pm:               Judy Hall The multi published author of the ’Crystal Bible’


1.00 pm:                Lunch Break


2.00 pm:                Melody Queen of the crystals & world renowned teacher and healer, author of the ‘Love is in the Earth’ series.


3.30pm:                 Break


4.00pm:                 AwaHoshi Kavan, One of the worlds leading experts of Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy. Giving a live demonstration on their practical use


5.15pm:                 Plenary Panel – A selection of speakers available for Q&A


6.15pm:                 Break for Meal


8.00pm to 10.00pm:      A sound, crystals  and colour journey through the chakras and beyond


Sunday 19th August


9.30 am:                Daily Opening Ceremony: Tim Wheater and Lui Krieg


10.00 am:              Don Campbell – World Respected Author of ‘The Mozart Effect’


11.15 am:              Break


11.45 am:              Azita Kashani from Norway, Speaking on the application of crystals to accelerate human development.


1.00 pm:                Lunch Break


2.00 pm:                Robert Simmons the Founder of ‘Heaven & Earth’ Co author of ‘The Book of Stones’ and more.
                                Talking on the connection between crystals and the Holy Grail


3.15 pm:                Sheila Chandra a Miraculous voice and successful recording artist as featured in the ‘Lord of The                                 Rings’.


4:00 pm:               Break


4.30pm:                 ‘Plenary’ Panel – Summing up, Q&A


5.30 pm:                Closing Ceremony and Meditation




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