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January 2007 Newsletter


This is the January 2007 Newsletter. As usual, you can click on the headers above to go straight to an item or scroll down the page. If you click on the black headers above, you will go to the main sections of this website. The reorganisation of this website has started and all the headers in black above have hyperlinks that will now take you somewhere. The information content in the different sections in this website will be developed during 2007.


Thank you.


Robert    30th January 2007 






Medicine Dharma Reiki

I am updating currently various training manuals including the Reiki manual that I wrote several years ago. This manual contained file reiki.1.chapter09.01.reikihistory which contained reference to Lama Yeshe / Dr. Richard Blackwell, the discovery of some of Mikao Usui’s papers, and the development of the Medicine Dharma Reiki healing system. Subsequent to the writing of my manual, there was some controversy over the accuracy of the story about Mikao Usui’s papers and whether some of the teachings from Mikao Usui that were incorporated into Medicine Dharma Reiki came from the papers or were channelled. At the time, there was indication from Lama Yeshe that Mikao Usui’s papers would be released into the public domain after they had been translated into English and that all questions regarding where information came from would be answered. Some years later this appears not to have happened and it is difficult to find any up to date information about Medicine Dharma Reiki. I have deleted reference to it in my Reiki manual, therefore, as it is not good practice to include information that cannot be verified when verification should be possible. The revised file from my manual can be found by clicking here. It is fairly standard in its content and no different to that which can be found in anybody else’s Reiki manual. I would be pleased, however, if anybody who has learned Reiki from me could note what I have said and pass it down the teaching line.    






Astrological Perspectives for 2007

For those healers who work with the astrological energies and their interaction with people or who are interested in them, some observations on the key astrological influences for our new year of 2007 can be found by clicking here.  The key influence is the conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Centre. The impact of this conjunction is likely to be felt most strongly by the generation of people born in the second half of the 1960s. For anybody who is not familiar with western astrology, it might be helpful first to read the astrology chapter from my training manuals which I have posted to what will be developed as an Information Centre on this website. You can find it by clicking here.








Legal Framework

My training manuals, most of which are now several years old, contain reference to the legal framework within which healers need to operate in England. This reference was based largely upon guidance to members given by some of the leading alternative therapy associations. Since this guidance was developed, new legislation had been introduced in areas of consumer protection and the distance selling of goods and services over the internet. The guidance needs to be updated, therefore. Rather than make my manuals any larger as I go through the current manual updating process, during 2007 I am going to post the legislation relevant to healers to this website by way of information notices together with some simple guidance. It is likely that in England a number of healers who are working with the best of intentions probably break the law from time to time without realising it. Although the current legal framework did not take our kind of work into account when it was developed, we cannot work outside of it. If the law causes problems for us, it is more appropriate to work through our professional associations and through our Members of Parliament to have our laws updated rather than ignore them.    


At the time of posting this newsletter, I have posted information about the law in areas of cancer healing, suicide and sexually transmitted diseases. I do not think that there have been many prosecutions under these laws over the years but even so it is helpful to be aware of the legislation here.  The Directory for Legal Notices can be found by clicking here to go to the Information Centre.


Regarding cancer healing in particular, the law is that nobody should give indication that any service or product can support the healing of cancer unless the indication is being given to members of the medical profession. This is an absolute prohibition. The following websites refer to different situations in which prosecutions under the Cancer Act 1939 have been attempted and show how easy it is for somebody to be in breach of the law here whilst having the best of intentions.    














Drunvalo Melchizedek       

In the current round of updating my training manuals, the links to the original sources of my learning keep coming up. I will continue to post details of these to the website through the monthly newsletters as other people might be interested in them as well. One of my sources is Drunvalo Melchizedek. Although I have never met him or studied with him directly, one of my teachers studied with him directly and I have his books. His work has helped me in the past and some of it is in the in-tray now to help me with some of the manuals not yet written.  Drunvalo has been a spiritual development teacher for many years now and has travelled extensively around the world teaching. His first two books, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (Volumes 1 and 2), helped him to gain international recognition. The part of his work that I have drawn upon has been sacred geometry and the Egyptian related writings. He is the editor of the Spirit of Ma’at website (Ma’at being the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Understanding and Wisdom) at http://www.spiritofmaat.com. The online magazines and news archives and letters from Drunvalo on this website contain a lot of interesting material and are well worth reading. Drunvalo’s personal website is at http://www.drunvalo.net. He will be teaching in Spain at the end of April and in Germany in June if anybody is interested to attend his workshops. 






Mantra Yoga Workshops

When I learned Seichim and Sekhem with Helen Belot, most of the focus of her teaching was on Sekhem with Seichim being left in the background and Reiki not really included at all. I kept being guided, however, that Seichim was too important an energy to be left almost as an also ran so asked Helen on my last weekend of training with her to update us on anything else she knew about Seichim which she had not talked about so far. Helen obliged and showed me the Seichim manual she had received from Phoenix Summerfield. The manual was literally not more than a few sheets of paper, mostly showing the healing symbols. Helen also mentioned in passing that Seichim had been practiced as part of the Agni Hotra ceremonies in India down through the ages by those priests who could channel Seichim. However, she did not teach this on her course or show me Agni Hotra. The Indian Agni Hotra practices which she referred to are undertaken by people who are not part of the western Seichim lineage of Patrick Zeigler. Agni Hotra is the Indian energy practice of working with the Element of Fire and the biorythms of sunrise and sunset each day.


I was guided to research this and to incorporate what I could find into my Seichim training manual. The research took some time and was completed with the help of many people around the world courtesy of the internet. Two of the people whose work helped me the most are based here in England but I did not find them until the end of my research. One of those people was Muz Murray. His website is at http://www.mantra-yoga.com/about_muz.htm.  Standing aside from his practice of Agni Hotra, Muz is very experienced in the practice of mantra yoga. Mantra yoga is a form of meditation using the power in the sound of mantras to close down the day to day chatter in the mind and to reconnect with one’s own higher consciousness and the cosmic consciousness. For anybody on the spiritual and personal development path, it can be a great experience to learn mantra yoga and this can always be brought into the healing situation in combination with energies such as Reiki. If anybody might be interested in joining a workshop held by Muz, his 2007 programme of workshops is as follows with contact through his website. His workshops are very good. If anybody is interested in attending, most of his workshops in England are in the summer holiday period so best to get the time off work booked early before other colleagues beat you to it.  Standing information about Muz may be found in the Sound Healing and Yoga sections of the Information Centre on this website.


Arco di Trento, Italy      7th to 9th March

Manchester   -   23rd and 24th June

Nottinghamshire   -   30th June and 1st July

Northampton   -   7th and 8th July

Swindon   -   14th and 15th July

Glastonbury   -   21st and 22nd July

Isle of Wight   -   25th to 29th July






Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year of the Boar starts on 18th February. Details of the celebrations in London are on the ChinaTown website at http://www.chinatownchinese.co.uk/EventInfo2007.htm and on Ken Livingstone’s website at http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor/chinese_ny/index.jsp.







February Newsletter

The February Newsletter will be posted towards the end of February and will include more postings regarding the legal framework in England.