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John Harvey Gray


John Harvey Gray was one of the original Reiki Masters taught by Hawayo Takata.Although now in his 90s, he still works actively practicing and teaching Reiki in the USA.


You can read about him and his work at his website http://www.learnreiki.org.




Hawayo Takata Speaks

John has a number of products available to purchase from his website, one of which is the recording on cassette tape of Hawayo Takata in class talking to her students. This is the tape which I have at home.††


The tape represents a way of connecting to Hawayo Takata energetically and is also of historical importance. Obviously it is very interesting to hear what she is saying and how she gives guidance.


I have not come across any other Reiki teacher with recordings of Hawayo Takata.


Copies of the tape are available by mail order from Johnís website.





Hand to Hand : The Longest Practicing Reiki Master Tells His Story

Additionally John and his wife Lourdes, together with Steven McFadden and Elisabeth Clark, have written a book about their experiences and practice of Reiki. The book is called ĎHand to Hand, The Longest Practicing Reiki Master Tells His Storyí.


This book has been printed in both hardback and softback versions with ISBN-10: 1401049605 and ISBN-13: 978-1401049607.


The book incorporates Johnís long history of treating people with Reiki and techniques that he works with. It also builds upon his experience of teaching and has pictures and diagrams.


This is a good book for any Reiki practitioner to have. As well as being an historical record, there are tips there for everybody which can be incorporated into our Reiki work††


Copies of the book are available by mail order from Johnís website.





Emotionality in the Chakras & Balancing Meditation CD

This CD explores the connection between our emotional states and the chakras together with suggestions for meditation work to clear and to balance the chakras.


It is based upon years of experience of treating clients with Reiki and of helping them with their emotional conditions and is intended to help to provide a route map for personal development through self awareness and positive action.††


Copies of the CD are available by mail order from Johnís website.





Reiki Training Video Clips

Johnís website has some video clips from his training classes covering client energy field scanning and Reiki self treatment.







Original date of posting : 22nd May 2007


Updated : 18th November 2009