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July 2006 Newsletter


The June 2006 Newsletter was the first to be posted to the website. There was a good level of visitor traffic to that Newsletter so I will post all future Newsletters to the website as well so that a wider audience is able to read them.


This is the July 2006 Newsletter. Please either scroll down this page to read or click on the headers above to go straight to a particular topic. I hope you will find some topics of interest.


If you are aware of any events or if there is anything that you think people might be interested to hear about, I would be happy to post up on a future newsletter so that everything can be shared around.


Thank you.     Robert


18th July 2006





Training Manual Updates

As I advised a few months ago, I have started updating my training manuals. The updates will reflect further experiences with the energies by myself and others so that knowledge and experiences can be passed on.


The Foundation Chapters (Chapters 1 to 8) that appear in all the manuals are part way through being updated. I will advise on the changes when their updates are completed.


There are two particular matters that I wish to advise on in this newsletter – the Violet Fire and Microsoft Photo Editor.


Violet Fire

The manual that I have been teaching from has essentially been the Violet Fire part of the TeraMae™ Seichem manual reworked  into my training structure and augmented with the Foundation Chapters and some simple techniques for bringing crystals into Violet Fire work. 


  • Good healing work has always been done with the Violet Fire.  Having undertaken a lot of Hosanna Ceremony work, my Violet Fire manual and training is being updated to extend the scope of the technique for this Ceremony.
  • Archangel Michael has always come in to help with the Ceremony. In future Violet Fire courses I shall pass on the attunements to Archangel Michael so that AAM’s energy can flow more strongly into the Ceremony and into the healing situation through the healer.
  • In Kathleen Milner’s original Violet Fire guidance she advises healers to fill the energy field of the client with high vibrational healing energy after the Ceremony. I often ask the Higher Beings what energies to work with in different healing situations. I have regularly received the guidance to use the Living Light energy for the Hosanna Ceremony. In future Violet Fire courses I shall also pass on the attunements to the Living Light energy.
  • More does not always mean more effective but adding the AAM and Living Light attunements to the Violet Fire work does power up the impact of the healing. If anybody who has already learned the Violet Fire with me would like to receive the AAM and Living Light attunements, I will pass them free of charge. Please contact me to arrange. This can be done face to face or by distance. The additional attunements do not affect the Violet Fire attunements which will continue to be passed  in the Tera-Mae™ way. 
  • Kathleen teaches the Hosanna Ceremony in the context of cleaning up the energy between two people where the inter-personal relationship has broken down and where there is a desire from both parties to move on in separate directions.  The scope of the Hosanna Ceremony can be extended to any other kind of relationship issue or situation where there is a need to transmute energy links that are holding people and situations together in an unwanted way. The updates to the manual and the course give some suggestions for variations to the Ceremony to suit different situations. These include helping entities that have become attached to the energy fields of people to move on and also to help people who have passed on from physical life but are still stuck here for various reasons to move on. 
  • I have somebody waiting to take the Violet Fire course during the first week of August. If anybody else might be interested in joining the course, please contact me. A date has not yet been fixed and it is likely that there can be some flexibility with this.  The Foundation Chapters update will not be completed by then but the updates to the rest of the Violet Fire manual and course will have been completed and will be available then.


Microsoft Photo Editor

My earlier manuals were written in Word 2000 and some later manuals in Word 2002. Traditionally, the advantage of using Microsoft software has been that when Microsoft updated or upgraded either operating or applications software, it was always possible to open and to use old data files created with earlier software.  There has been one exception to this situation which now affects the manuals that I have written and which is likely to be noticed by more people as time goes by.  


For people who had Microsoft Photo Editor installed on their computers, it was easy for them to click on photos in the files that make up my manuals and to edit the photos whilst still within my Word files.  For example, they could crop, adjust brightness, adjust colour tints if a particular photo was not coming out so well on their printers, etc., and save straight back into my original Word files or elsewhere.  Unfortunately, it looks as if Microsoft Photo Editor might be on its way out and might no longer be a standard Microsoft product in the future. This means that when people change their computers and software they might have to find another photo editor that will open within Word or to edit pictures outside of my Word files and then to paste into the Word files.  I think that the ability to right click over a photo in one of my files and to save somewhere else is going to be lost. At the moment this seems to be affecting primarily people who have Microsoft Office 2003 and people who have Microsoft Office 2003 components somewhere within the software installation bundles that come with some of the high street personal computer packages.


If you do have Microsoft Office 2003, some guidance on how Microsoft Photo Editor can be reinstalled can be found on the Microsoft site at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/817095/.  This is a straightforward job if you have the Office 2003 CDs. People whose computers came with software bundles on the installation discs created by the manufacturer of their computers and who are not particularly IT orientated might have difficulty locating the Photo Editor software.


Given that we are now losing standardisation of application of this particular software on the computers of people who will be using my manuals, my feeling is that the best thing for me to do will be to save all photos within my manuals as individual photo files within appendices at the back of the manuals. People with electronic copies of the manuals will then be able to work on these photos and to copy and paste in to their manuals as they wish.  I am not an IT expert, however, so if anybody has some constructive suggestions about this I would be please to receive them.





The Middle East – William Rand, Reiki and Jerusalem

My Reiki teacher Sandra was taught direct by Willam Rand. I have never met William but do receive his regular newsletters. Over the weekend he sent out the following message by e-mail.  


Dear Students of Reiki,

Your Reiki energy is needed to help bring peace to the war situation
between Israel, Lebanon and the Hezbollah.

The world peace grid, located in Jerusalem provides an effective method of focusing your Reiki energy for peace in the Middle East.

Please send Reiki.

Thanks for your help,
William Lee Rand


It is difficult to see how and when peace will come to the Middle East.  For those of us who are In William’s Reiki lineage, let us help William and send energy to the area and in particular to William’s grid. There must be hundreds of thousands of people in William’s lineage around the world and if only a small proportion of those helped to send energy, it must be possible to have some impact upon the current situation. The pictures on the page on William’s website appear very small but if you click on them you will get a larger size which you can print and use in your own healing grid. The picture above is from William’s site and shows how you can scale up the size.


You might also be interested to go to another page on William’s website at  http://www.reiki.org/Download/WorldPeace.pdf which explains more fully what he is trying to achieve with the Peace Grids.





Anniversary  -  Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The beginning of August brings us back to the anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the land of Mikao Usui. The website http://www.pcf.city.hiroshima.jp/hpcf/english/index.html of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation gives some idea of the ongoing work from Hiroshima to try to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and to raise awareness of the potential impact from nuclear conflict. In that spirit, the following is an extract from my Reiki manual.  If you feel minded to send some energy to link in with the peace ceremonies at the Peace Parks, the best times to start would be 08.00 Japanese time on 6th August for Hiroshima and 10.45 on 9th August for Nagasaki. 


On 6th August each year, there is a ceremony at the Hiroshima Peace Park in memory of all those people who died in the atomic bombing and to raise awareness of the efforts of the City of Hiroshima towards peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons. Everybody is welcome to attend, so you may join in if you wish to participate. The picture below is from the website http://www.city.hiroshima.jp/shimin/shimin/shikiten/shikiten-e.html from which you should be able to obtain details of the ceremony. Alternatively, if you e-mail shimin@city.hiroshima.jp to make enquiries, you should receive details of the ceremony. There are many purposes to include details of the Hiroshima Peace Park in my Reiki course. We can send our Reiki healing energy to those people who suffered as a consequence of the bombing of Hiroshima. Many of the people who survived the bombing and developed radiation related sickness had no national health system to support them and were often shunned by their families. Unable to work, they suffered bad health in poverty after the bombing. Not many people wanted to live with them, and not many people wanted to marry them. Even though they are no longer living, we can always send Reiki to them wherever they are now and to try to heal the memories of their suffering. Also, on 6th August each year, we can send Reiki energy to join in with the good energy coming from the annual Peace Ceremony to help make the world a better place. We can send energy to the officials of Hiroshima City as they continue working on their campaign of Peace for the World. If we visit the Peace Park in person, we can send the Reiki energy into the Peace Park as we walk around it. Similar actions can be undertaken in respect of Nagasaki and the Nagasaki Peace Park.






Festival of Sekhmet

Another annual remembrance that comes around at this time of year is the Festival of Sekhmet from the days of Ancient Egypt. In Egypt it took place at the time of the Heliacal Rising of Sirius.  The Western New Year is timed for the alignment of our planet exactly between the Sun and the Sirius stars.  As our planet orbits around the Sun, six months later in the summertime Sirius is hidden from direct sight from our planet. The Heliacal Rising of Sirius is when our planet has moved around the Sun a bit further such that Sirius can be seen again without the Sun being in the way.  The energy from Sirius is needed to keep the electromagnetic balance of our planet so the Ancient Egyptian priesthood would work with the energy of Sirius to restore the balance at the time of the Heliacal Rising.  In Egypt this happened in July and coincided with the flooding from the Nile that supported the local agriculture. There used to be celebrations at the time and the followers of Sekhmet would hold the Festival of Sekhmet during which she would be honoured and spiritual work take place. For people living in England, our Heliacal Rising of Sirius is later in the second week of August due to our different latitude on the planet. The following is an extract from my Sekhem manual. If anybody connected with Sekhmet and Siriun energy has the time to spend improvising on this kind of ceremony for sometime next month and has never done it before, they could have quite an experience as well as do some good. In a number of temples in Ancient Egypt, avenues of statues of Sekhmet were created. The remains of one of the most well known avenues are at the ruins of the Temple of Mut at Karnak. The avenues would have 730 statues. There would be two rows of 365 statues each. Often, one row would be of standing statues and the other row would be of seated statues. At the Heliacal Rising of Sirius, the Ceremony of the Purification of the World would be conducted at the avenues of statues. Each set of standing and seated statues represented a day of the year just ended. Each standing statue represented male energy and each seated statue represented female energy. The person conducting the ceremony would have been become infused with the Sirius and other energies including Sekhem, and would invoke the nine bodies of Sekhmet into each statue so that Her essence would be live in each statue. Offerings would be made to each set of statues to ask for Sekhmet’s healing help as healing energy was then sent back in time to the day of the year just ended which was represented by the particular set of statues. This process would be repeated for every set of 365 statues. Linked to the healing was the balancing of male and female energy for the year just ended.




August SKHM Workshop with Georgy in Cornwall

Further to the June Newsletter, the SKHM workshop that Georgy held earlier this month in Cornwall was a great success. Another will be held in August, again in Cornwall. In this workshop, participants will not only experience the wonders of the SKHM energy but Georgy will also bring in "the new Seichem energy" of silver with gold. She has been working with this new energy since receiving it in a series of special channellings that took place earlier this year after she was involved with arranging the first meeting between Patrick Zeigler and Kathleen Milner. Each person at the workshop will be attuned to this and will receive the new silver with gold DNA strands as well.  Participants will also learn how to bring in much stronger Earth energies as shown to Georgy during the special channellings. The workshop will take place in a comfortable venue on powerful leylines two minutes from the Lost Gardens of Heligan near Mevagissey. An ideal opportunity to enjoy a holiday break on the beach & /or the Gardens/Eden Project with a powerful and life changing workshop! Please phone or e-mail Georgy for further information and dates at  01726 – 844362 and skhm@mevweb.com




Research Projects

Below are details of a presentation by Dr Melinda Connor from the University of Arizona to be given this coming Friday evening in London on the latest research work into the human energy field. Contact details are below if you would be interested in attending.



“The Latest Advances in Biofield (& Aura) Science”


Friday 21st July 2006 – 7 for 7.30pm – 9.30pm Swedenborg Hall 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2TH UK Admission £15 – all proceeds towards UK healing research 

Dr. Melinda Connor will be giving a lecture on the “Latest Advances in Biofield Science”.  The Biofield is sometimes described as the human energy field that surrounds and penetrates through every cell in the body. Dr. Connor will discuss the latest research results from the University of Arizona in this field.  This includes results of biophoton imaging, electron microscopy, triaxial extra low frequency magnetic field meter testing and more.  

·        This lecture is a must for every person involved in energy healing, reiki, laying-on of hands healing, and spiritual healing – you will understand much more about how your energies work and perhaps achieve results. 

·        The lecture will also help doctors, scientists, medical professionals, and researchers interested in understanding how to know who is a good healer to work with in a medical or scientific setting. 

·        If you want to understand University-validated science that supports healing work, this is THE lecture to attend in 2006.

For bookings, please contact Research Assistants Fiona Simmons or Becky Hudson 01843 230377 Mon-Fri 10am-2pm.