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July 2007 Newsletter


Welcome to the July 2007 newsletter. 


I have a lot of material waiting to be posted to the website but am too busy to get this posted in time for this newsletter. This month, therefore, I just give details of events being held by third parties.


There some good events coming up which hopefully some readers might be inspired to attend. 


Thank you.




31st July 2007 






Crystals Fair

This year’s summer Crystals Fair at Kempton Park will be held over the weekend of 4th and 5th August. Further details can be found at http://www.rockngem.co.uk/index.asp.


Details on how to get to Kempton by road or train can be found at www.kempton.co.uk. Trains to Kempton Park from Central London run from Waterloo up to twice an hour. 


If you work with crystals and have never visited the fairs at Kempton before, a visit is well worth while.




Crop Circle Conference

The Wiltshire Crop Circles Study Group (WCCSG) is devoted to exploring the scientific and spiritual aspects of crop circles and to being a centre of record keeping for the crop circles in the South of England. The Group will be holding their 11th Annual Conference over the weekend of Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th and Monday 13th August.  The events of 11th and 12th August will be at Marlborough College.  The Monday will be spent out in the fields with a visit to a crop circle. As an additional option, it will be possible to book a helicopter flight to look down on the Wiltshire landscape and the crop circles on the Monday.  Please click here for further details.






International Crystal and Sound Conference 2007

The Crystal and Sound Academy is organising the International Crystal and Sound Conference 2007 on 17th, 18th and 19th August in Glastonbury Town Hall. The Conference will be based around the Academy’s founding principles, the advancement and elevation of human consciousness through the applications of the transformational energies of crystals and sound. A number of well known speakers will be presenting including Melody who is well known internationally and whose books are essential sources of reference for crystal healers.  Please click here for further details. 






Teaching Yoga to Children

Jo Manuel of The Special Yoga Centre in NW10 is a yoga teacher who specialises in yoga for children.  She holds yoga classes for children including those with special needs resulting from physical or mental conditions, and is working on trying to get yoga into school classrooms. The reason for making mention of her in this newsletter is that she will be holding a very special kind of training over three weekends in September and November.  The Yoga for Children course is for existing yoga teachers who would like to learn to teacher yoga to children. Additionally, there will be a training course called Yoga Therapy for Children with Developmental Challenges in September.  If any yoga teachers might be interested in taking these courses, full details can be found on Jo’s website at http://www.specialyoga.org.uk/.







September Newsletter
There will not be an August Newsletter due to it being the holiday season.  The next newsletter will be posted in early September.  For anybody able to take a holiday in the coming weeks, I hope you have enjoyable break from the day to day routines.