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June 2006 Newsletter


Welcome to the June 2006 newsletter. These newsletters are usually sent out by e-mail. This one has been posted to the website as there are some articles which it would be good to have in the public domain. 


Thank you.







Summer Solstice

Next week will be the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.


For anybody interested in celebrating down at Stonehenge, English Heritage will be allowing open access to the Standing Stones from the evening of Tuesday 20th June overnight to the morning of Wednesday 21th June.  Further details can be found at these websites:



For those who do not have cars, please go to http://www.wdbus.co.uk/htm/ta/solstice.asp for details of buses to Stonehenge. Buses will run into the early hours of the morning. 


If you wish to go to Avebury for the Solstice, the National Trust have warned of limited parking space this year and the police have advised that cars parked on the verges around the Standing Stones will be removed.


The Glastonbury Festival is taking a year off in 2006, but details of the alternative festival can be found at http://sunrisecelebration.com. Day tickets are available.  There will be a lot of spiritual events and work taking place so a great time should be had for the Solstice. 





Crystals Fairs

Crystals fairs will be held at these locations during the remainder of 2006. They are targeted at a variety of audiences including collectors, healers and jewellers.  Further details can be found at http://www.rockngem.co.uk/index.asp.


5th and 6th August - Kempton Park Racecourse, Sunbury-on-Thames, West London

12th and 13th August  -   Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells

2nd and 3rd September - Newton Abbott Racecourse, Newton Abbott, Devon

9th and 10th September -  Newark Showground, Winthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire

16th and 17th September - Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

21st and 22nd October - Kempton Park, Sunbury-on-Thames

28th and 29th October 2006 - Margam Country Park, Neath, Porth Talbot, South Wales

25th and 26th November  -   Brighton Racecourse.


The biggest fairs are held at Kempton Park Racecourse to the south west of London. At a good fair at Kempton there can be around 150 different stalls. Details on how to get to Kempton by road or train can be found at www.kempton.co.uk. Trains to Kempton Park from Central London run from Waterloo up to twice an hour.  If you use crystals in healing work and have never visited the fairs at Kempton before, a visit is a must.





Kathleen Milner and Patrick Zeigler

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an evening workshop in London with Kathleen Milner and Patrick Zeigler on 25th April.  Kathleen is my Head of Lineage for the Tera-Mae ™ energies at http://www.kathleenmilner.com/  and Patrick is my Head of Lineage for Seichim at http://www.all-love.com. Both Kathleen and Patrick gave a talk on how they had come to be involved with the energies. Although their histories can be read in books and on the internet, it was unforgettable to hear them recount their experiences in person.  Kathleen and Patrick then worked together to combine their usual ways of working and spent time with us calling in the energies and Higher Beings. A lot of energy was raised and felt around the workshop and a lot of healing took place. This was the first time that Kathleen and Patrick had worked together in a public forum and it was a great success. Hopefully, they might be able to get together again here in England one day.





SKHM Workshops

Following the evening with Patrick and Kathleen, I attended an SKHM workshop held by Patrick on 4th and 5th May. This was a great experience which I now share with everybody in case others might like to attend one of these workshops some time in the future. Patrick does not work with specific energies these days but works in a more general way with all the energies around us.


We had a small group of six people and Patrick. We called in all our personal energies and the energies of the planet and the universe and built up a lot of energy within the group. Patrick took us through his Shenu meditation which involves bringing all the energies into our heart centres and opening our hearts. I had read about the Shenu meditation before but it was much better to be guided through it by Patrick himself. The purpose of the meditation was to reconnect our hearts with the world all around and to enter into the ‘state of the heart’ –  a state of consciousness where a person is actively feeling the sensation of strong love for everything all around and of being reconnected to everything all around.


Once the energies were flowing, it was time for the work to start. These workshops can be used for a number of purposes. They are good if somebody needs to be healed of something. They are good for doing inner meditation and developing awareness. They are good for receiving initiations from Source and for receiving information psychically. They are good for entering different states of consciousness. What happens in these workshops can depend upon what energies the participants bring to the workshop and what the participants need and can be flexed accordingly.


In my group, some deep healing took place. The participants were able to release some long standing emotional issues. One of the participants received a big initiation.  


I had been so busy for months that my energy field was a bit clogged up from day to day work, and all of that got cleared out. I did not really get into the ‘state of the heart’ during the workshop although I was flipping in out and out for that for several days afterwards. I was mostly in a state of ‘just being’ for many days afterwards where the mind and emotions were completely still. After the workshop it felt as if the healing energies were flowing through me more strongly. I had been in an ongoing 'state of the heart' back in 2004 for many weeks but not so much since. One of my intentions for Patrick's workshop was to get back to where I was at that point in time. The energies and Higher Beings all have their own way of working with us and we do not always get the results we expect or in the way that we intend.  However, I have now gone back to that point in time energywise albeit through a route subsequent to the workshop that I would not have expected.


These workshops are different to workshops for specific energies like Reiki in that a specific energy is not being passed from teacher to student. The focus is much more upon members of a group working together and the structure for these workshops is much looser than for a traditional energy workshop.


Patrick lives in New Zealand these days so is not here often to teach these kinds of workshops. If anybody might like to attend an  SKHM workshop, however, one is being held in Cornwall in July by Georgy. The dates are 8th to 10th July and the location will be St.Ewe near Mevagissey.  Georgy trained with Patrick Zeigler and is a registered SKHM teacher. You can read more about  Georgy in an article from the current edition of Vision magazine which has been posted to webpage  http://www.abouthealing.net/Georgys%20Article/index.htm. Day 1 of Georgy’s workshop will be an intensive day bringing in and receiving the energies.   Day 2 will be a PROCESSING day away from the workshop, on the beach or at the "Lost Gardens of Heligan", or wherever one feels they would like to be, so that participants can have their own space to work with the energies from the previous day and can start to integrate them, with information given at the end of day 1. Day 3 will be a day of working together back in the group. Any healing that is needed can take place during the workshop. And further profound work will take place. Georgy’s particular focus for the workshop will be the receiving of initiations and of receiving whatever each individual needs at this time for their highest good. These are just examples of the many things that occur at a SKHM workshop, there is much more besides. Georgy can be contacted on 01726-844362 or healingsthatwork@tiscali.co.uk for enquiries.  





Trademarking of Sekhem

In 2001, application was made to trademark the word SEKHEM throughout the European Union. As the word Sekhem is in widespread use throughout the EU, I did not feel that it was appropriate for it to be trademarked and made application to the EU to oppose the trademarking.


My application to oppose was unsuccessful for a number of reasons including not being able to establish a prior right for myself to use the word.  The EU has now granted trademark status to the word SEKHEM (trademark E2006393) in the following product areas:

Class 03:
Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; soaps; perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; dentifrices.

Class 33:
Alcoholic beverages (except beers).

Class 42:
Health care services inclusive of medical clinics, naturopaths; massage; medical assistance; pharmacy advice; physiotherapy; rest homes; sanitoria.


Application was made to trademark the word written in upper case (capital) letters as SEKHEM. My interpretation is that the application did not include the word written in other combinations of upper and lower case letters such as Sekhem or sekhem.  


If anybody who is affected by the trademarking wishes to know more, please feel free to contact me at

info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com. I have all the paperwork relating to the trademarking.