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June 2007 Newsletter


Welcome to the June 2007 newsletter. 


If you get lost when looking at some of the other pages on this website, the headers at the top of the page are the navigation links to the main sections of the site.


Thank you.



30th June 2007 






Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara ) Empowerment

Anybody who is trying to follow the Buddhist Path of Compassion and to work towards the state of Bodhicitta might be interested in receiving the Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara) empowerment. In the Tibetan Buddhist lineages, the term empowerment refers to an initiation into the energy of a Higher Being. This follows the basic energy principle that the initiator achieves an imprint of the Higher Being’s energy in the energy field of the initiated. The Tibetan empowerments are not usually given in one to one Reiki   style but usually involve the initiator building up the energy of the Higher Being in his energy field to such a level that it may be beamed outwards to and be received by everybody in his presence. Chenrezig is the Buddha of Compassion. Anybody who receives the Chenrezig empowerment and who can develop some psychic ability should be able to channel the energy of Chenrezig and to learn to work with the consciousness of Chenrezig as they progress along their Path.


His Holiness Sakya Trizin, Head of the Tibetan Sakya Lineage of Buddhism, will be bestowing the empowerment of Chenrezig from 14.30 on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th July in Reading. Anybody is welcome to participate and to receive the empowerment. They do not need to have taken formal vows to follow the Buddhist Path. 


The cost of tickets to attend are £12 each.

The empowerments will be bestowed at Victoria Hall (Town Hall) in Reading. The Hall is about two minutes walk from Reading Railway Station so is easy to get to from London by train. Mainline stations in London with connections to Reading are Paddington, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing and Southall. If you wish to drive to Reading and are not familiar with the Town Centre area, could you please note that there is a kind of inner Ring Road around the Town Centre. Sometimes during the daytime, the traffic flows freely. Sometimes, it moves at a crawl and is at a near standstill. Although parking is available in the Town Centre, it might take you a while to find it. For these reasons, anybody coming by car should allow enough time in their route planning to cope with traffic and parking problems.    


For further information, please contact Sakya Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre, 97a Swansea Road, Reading, RG1 8HA.
Tel. 0118 967 2744

Email: sakyaling@hotmail.com





Samye Ling 40th Anniversary

The Kagyu Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery and Tibetan Centre at Eskdalemuir in Dumfriesshire in the South of Scotland will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of its founding this summertime.  This was one of the earliest large scale Tibetan monasteries to be established in Western Europe. Samye Ling has been very successful over the years and has gone from strength to strength. There will be a day of activities in celebration of the anniversary on 8th July and further celebration activities on the afternoon of Sunday 5th August. If anybody might be driving through the area now that the holiday season is here and would like to drop in, Samye Ling is not too far off the A74(M). It is necessary to contact the Monastery in advance to reserve places.    


Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre,
DG13 0QL,


Tel : 013873 73232

e-mail :  reception@samyeling.org





Sekhem Manual Update

I have updated the commentary about Sekhmet in my Sekhem manual. The new file can be read by clicking here. It replaces the earlier files seisek.12.chapter11.09 to 11.12.  





External Training

The time immediately after we have received initiations when we are integrating the energies within ourselves is a good time to allow the energies to act as mirrors and to reflect back to us unresolved issues from our past and issues in our current lives. Although the energies can give us emotional and mental healing support, sometimes it is helpful for initiates to have access to some personal skills development training as well so that they have enough basic tools to get through day to day life.


This is relevant as well to people who have sought healing because they have difficult situations in their lives. Although healing sessions can help, sometimes the learning of additional personal development skills means that we can deal more effectively with what life throws at us and not be on the back foot all the time.


As I develop this website, I feel it would be helpful therefore to have a section in the Information Centre which gives details of personal skills workshops run by other training organisations. This month I have posted a page given details of workshops run by The Mary Ward Centre in Central London. These are intended to be simple practical workshops to help people handle certain life situations better and are of short duration – maybe one day or maybe a few hours in the evening every week for a few weeks. The Mary Ward Centre is a charity so the prices of workshops are very reasonable and not expensive.  Please click here to read about these workshops.


In future months, I will post further details of organisations offering this kind of personal skills development support.


For some energy healers are connected with me it might be appropriate to undertake external training in associated mainstream subjects.  I have in mind working within a regulatory framework in the near future and also working in public sector organisations such as the National Health Service. In March, I posted details of counselling skills courses that some people might find useful. This month I have posted details of anatomy and physiology courses. Please click here to read about these. I have also posted details of nutrition related courses which can be found by clicking here.    





Healing in the National Health Service

In due course, I will post a page on this website regarding Complementary and Alternative Therapists working in the National Health Service. For the time being, however, here is a quick update for readers of the Newsletter. 


For some time, meaningful numbers of employees within the mainstream National Health Service have been learning about complementary and alternative therapies. Externally, people with health conditions have been asking for complementary and alternative therapies within the NHS. The House of Lords Report has helped to open possibilities for complementary and alternative therapies to be brought more into mainstream healthcare if proven to have beneficial results. The result of this increasing awareness of therapies has resulted in varying degrees of local introduction into mainstream healthcare around the country. Sometimes the basis for this has been voluntary work by healers within healthcare centres, sometimes patient referrals to therapists by NHS staff, and sometimes therapists paid by the NHS to visit NHS healthcare centres.  However, this all seems to be somewhat patchy and largely dependent upon the willingness of local general practitioners or healthcare centre staff to embrace complementary and alternative therapies and upon the availability of budgets to pay for the services of therapists.


The NHS has an information website called the National Health Service Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners at http://www.nhsdirectory.org. If anybody is interested in registering with the NHS to work as a CAM therapist, please have a look at the website and send off your contact details to receive an information pack with application forms.





Regulation for Energy Healers

Further to an update in the March Newsletter about the development of a Regulatory framework for energy healers here in England, the UK Reiki Regulatory Working Group has now posted to its website an update on discussions at the last meeting of the Federal Working Group. It looks as if a lot of the discussion was about higher level regulatory structures and objectives rather than a lot of detail about the impact of Regulation on the day to day work of healers around the country. I mention this anyway in case anybody is interested to read the update. It can be found by going to the  UK Reiki Regulatory Working Group website at http://www.reikiregulation.org.uk/ , then clicking through on ‘progress’ at the bottom of their home page, and then click on ‘Update and comment on the ongoing work of the Federal Working Group from the Lay Chair (April 2007)’. 





Legal Framework

I am continuing to work through some of the more important aspects of the legal framework within which energy healers have to operate within England. This month’s posting relate to the Data Protection Act 1998 which sets out the rules about how we can keep records relating to people. It can be found by clicking here. 






This month I have posted some more details of suppliers which I have used which people connected to me might like to try. Please click on the supplier name to go to the page for that supplier.

·        Snow Lion Publications are a good source of items related to Tibetan Buddhism. I buy various Seed Syllable and Mantra cards from them as well as CDs.

·        The official Magnified Healing website in the USA and Aristia in the UK are where I buy my Magnified Healing supplies from. 






July Newsletter
The July Newsletter will come out at the end of July.