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Egyptian Cartouche-Kathleen Milner and the Energy of Set



This page has been posted for the attention of anybody who is in the teaching line beneath me for the Egyptian Cartouche energies or for anybody for whom I have worked with the energy of Set in a healing situation. It has been posted in response to an article that Kathleen Milner has written about the energy of Set in her Spring 2007 newsletter.


The narrative below is what was originally posted to my website in May 2007.Apart from some very minor rephrasing in places which was carried out when this website was reformatted in 2009 it is the original version.


Subsequent to the initial posting of this page, I have had more experience of working with chaotic energies and take the view currently that they are extremely useful energies to work with in healing and personal development situations.††







The Egyptian Cartouche energies are energies whose representation can be found inscribed in the stones of many Egyptian temples. They were brought into the public domain in recent memory by Murry Hope who has written several books connected with the Siriun and Leonine energies. She also developed the pack of Cartouche divination cards which cover twenty five separate Cartouche energies.


Murry Hopeís Cartouche energies are within the range of energies that the American Energy Master Kathleen Milner works with and teaches. It is largely due to the teaching efforts of Kathleen that the Cartouche energies are now being taught and passed on.†††





Kathleenís comments


In her Spring 2007 Newsletter (please go to Newsletter section at http://www.kathleenmilner.com/), Kathleen makes comment about people bringing the energy of Set into the Cartouche initiations. She is very forthright in her views and advises that Set personifies pure evil.


Kathleen has important status as Head of Lineage for a number of energies so her opinions are widely read and heard.


I feel that it is appropriate for me to make some kind of statement to those people who have experienced me working with Set when they have received healing sessions from me and to those people who might be in the attunement lineage downward from myself who have received the attunement to Set.





The Archetypal Dimension


The archetypal dimension of consciousness is the dimension of the collective human mind or consciousness. It holds the collective memories and feelings of the human experience. The memories held in the archetypal dimension can be real or archetypal. Real memories are those which are as close as possible in a factual way to real events and happenings. Archetypal memories are those which are of interpretation about real events and happenings and which may have developed into conceptualised models or images of understanding. These are inevitably subjective in nature and can involve subjective distortion of reality. If enough people contribute energy to archetypal interpretations and images, they can develop into very strong energy forms and can be confused for real memories.


Sometimes, real and archetypal memories can be very close to each other. Sometimes, there is a wide difference between them.


The archetypal dimension acts as gateway between the energies from higher dimensions and our third dimension. Because most human beings have no concept of the higher dimensions and do not understand the archetypal dimension, they do not realize that we have a constant interactive relationship with the archetypal which affects us in our day to day lives. Also, they do not realize that energies from higher dimensions are also in interactive relationship with the archetypal dimension and in general have to flow through the archetypal dimension before they get to us in the third.


Our relationship with the archetypal dimension can be positive or negative according to the circumstance. For people with good psychic ability and the ability to discern between real (factual) type information and archetypal information, the archetypal dimension can be a rich harvest ground of good information. For people who do not have the ability to discern between real (factual) type information and archetypal information, the archetypal dimension can be a quagmire of half truths and confusion. Our interpretation of information coming in from the higher dimensions through the archetypal dimension can be coloured and distorted according to whether we are interpreting through the filters of archetypal energy forms or whether we try to steer clear of these.††


The Ancient Egyptian priesthood understood the energetics of creating archetypal energy forms in the archetypal dimension. Initially, they worked to develop archetypal energy forms as a way of presenting their contact with the Higher Beings and the Higher Dimensions in ways that could be understood easily by people in the third dimension. Later, when the manipulation came in, some of them distorted with intent the archetypal energy forms to control and to feed their need for power. Some of the black magic work of the priests involved the creation of energy forms in the archetypal dimension.††††


Additionally, there are energy entities hooked in to the archetypal dimension which are not working for the Light and which contribute to the manipulation of information and energies there and which feed off the negative energies such as fear that they help to generate subsequently in the third dimension.





Where my Set attunement came from††††


I learned the Egyptian Cartouche from two teachers. The first teacher taught the system as Kathleen teaches which excludes the energy of Set. The explanation given for the omission was that Kathleen felt that Set represented the energy of evil and was therefore not appropriate to be worked with.


My second teacher was somebody who had learned a number of the energies that have come from Kathleen but was also an energy teacher in his own right. A lot of energy people get to the level of development where they do not need to receive initiations into energies from human teachers and can get them direct from the Higher Beings or for some energies can initiate themselves. My second teacher was one of those people and together with his wife brought the initiation of the energy of Set into the Cartouche initiations. I received the initiation into the energy of Set from this teacher and was quite happy to receive it.


My second teacher was a responsible person who was interested in working with the energies to help people and the planet. He brought the energy of Set into the Cartouche initiations because Set has a role to play in both healing and personal development situations. ††



My experience with Set


My feeling is that the Egyptian Cartouche attunements that come through Kathleenís lineage are based largely in archetypal energy forms in the archetypal dimension and that there is no discrimination in her system between real energies and archetypal energies. I know for certain that many of the energies in the Cartouche are real energies but that they also have their archetypal counterparts in the archetypal dimension. The comments that Kathleen makes about Set are about the archetype, not the reality. This is perhaps not surprising as the focus of Murry Hopeís work included the understanding of the practice of magic in Ancient Egypt and as her Cartouche system was developed to be a divination system. Although I have never been trained as a tarot reader or similar, I do know that different readers work with cards in different ways and that distinction between archetypal and real energies represented by the Cartouche cards might not be too important to some card readers. If we wish to use archetypal images as meditation or mirroring aids to help us reflect upon aspects of our own personality, then Kathleen Milnerís system is fine to work with. If, however, we wish to develop our own understanding of the various dimensions of consciousness and to be able to access and to be in these with awareness at the same time as still being grounded here in the third dimension, the archetypal images represented by the Cartouche cards are not what we need to work with and are a diversion from the path that we need to follow. We have to move beyond the archetypes of the archetypal dimension and go to the real energies direct in whichever of the higher dimensions they have their Source. That includes the energy of Set.†††


Kathleenís Egyptian Cartouche system as I received it from my first teacher who learned with Kathleen involves calling upon the collective archetypal dimension energies of the priests of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Atlantis to pass on the attunements. I do not like this as the collective consciousness of these priesthoods includes that from the priests who were not working for the Light and who put their interests before others and damaged the integrity of the priesthood.††


The time at and just after which we receive attunements into new energies and before we have integrated them into ourselves is a good time to get understanding of what we are being attuned to. Kathleen had created quite a very strong negative thought form around the energy of Set and it was an act of faith for me to receive the attunement to Set. However, once I had gone through that barrier, the immediate teachings that came through were that Set is connected with the energy of Chaos and Randomness. The Ancient Egyptian understanding of Chaos is that Chaos was the state of the cosmos before the development of the multi-dimensional structure from which the physical world was created. In our three dimensional world, therefore, Chaos and Structure are opposite sides of the same coin with Chaos being the equivalent of non-Structure. As an astrologer, I got the teaching here instantly. Western astrology is the interpretation and use of the manifestation of higher dimensional geometric structure in 3D. Working with the Saturn energy in particular teaches us how to use structure in our day to day lives so that we can focus our personal energies to achieve objectives.Of course, structure needs constantly to be flexed or changed according to changing circumstances and objectives. When we either do not wish to or are unable to flex structure, the energy of structure that is no longer needed becomes the energy of blockage or slow moving energy in our energy fields.†††


When I do healing work, it is usually in the context that somebody has decided that they want something to change or to be healed in some part of themselves. There will be some part of them that wants to make something happen. If we are talking about substantive emotional or mental issues, my first line of approach is often the Violet Fire energy as this has good and fast transformational properties. I might instead, however, use the Lavender Flame energy if a harder cutting edge is needed to heal back to the root cause of issues. Energies such as these might only go as far in the healing process as the strongest part of resistance to change that remains within the person. Occasionally, I come across people who have some part of themselves that wants to change but have another part of themselves that has to stay in control and will not yield to change. Sometimes, this is a symptom found with people who have a lot of fixed signs in their horoscopes and where some of the fixed signs are in square aspect to each other. In those situations, the decision has to be made about whether the person is prepared to come along and to pay for repeated healing sessions where progress might be steady but very slow as the energies eventually make their impact or whether a different approach should be taken. The different approach might not be to try to transform but to shatter or to break the energy blockage. This approach can only be taken if the judgement is that the person will be able to deal with the resulting fallout. One of the techniques that I use to break blockages is to work with Set.By invoking the energy of Chaos with Set,it is possible to break energy blockages that are reinforced by the structure of beliefs, denial, comfort positions and all the other crutches that we have sometimes to help us get through life, and can help to get us to the position where a new start may be achieved. I have used this approach on a number of occasions and have never had the experience of evil coming in to the healing situation. My experience in these situations has been that Set is a friend to have in the healing field and for me represents a valued source of healing support.


I have had the experience of working with Set and Chaos in a similar way for situations in my life and have found them very helpful.


My experience with Set has been almost the complete opposite, therefore, to the comments made by Kathleen.





If I have worked with the Set with you personally


I think it unlikely that Kathleen will have met anybody with whom I have worked with Set so her comments are not likely to be directly related to work that I have done. Similarly, I have not been connected to any of the experiences or situations on the basis of which Kathleen has made her comments. It may well be that Kathleen has had experiences which are different to mine which form the basis of her comments. I have posted this page to my website, however, as there is a such a divergence between our respective perceptions of Set that I feel that something needs to be said. I am not trying to undermine Kathleen by making my comments.


For those people who have received healing sessions from myself which have involved Set or for those people down the initiation line from myself, I would like to say that I would not work with or pass anything on to another person unless I had confidence that it would be appropriate to do so. I most certainly would not pass on anything that I thought carried a negative vibration, or was evil or harmful. I work with a lot of energies and in particular a lot of Higher Beings. If I were doing something wrong or working with an inappropriate energy, the Higher Beings would tap me on the shoulder and point out what was wrong. Also, when I pass attunements into the Cartouche energies, I have changed who I call upon for help from the non physical dimensions to pass the initiations and do not have the same help as Kathleen calls upon. Most of the help I receive when passing attunements comes from clean Atlantean sources.††


I have not received reports back of any particular issues relating to Set from people who have received healing sessions or attunements from myself.





The Future


I do not teach the Cartouche yet. The reason for that is that I prefer not to teach energies until I have had a reasonable amount of working experience with them and have let them guide me as to what they can achieve. I have not yet had as much time to work with all twenty five energies in the Cartouche as I would need before teaching, particularly as work needs to be done on the divide between real and archetypal energies that I have referred to above. Also, I do not resonate with some of the teachings that have come down the teaching line for some of the Cartouche energies. I would want to be very certain of bringing my own experiential teachings into the teaching situation if they differ from what has come down the teaching line. Finally, when I wrote my first Blue Star Celestial Energy manual, I was shown that a number of the Cartouche energies carry the energy vibration of different dimensions of consciousness. I need to have the time to channel in information about all this to the Cartouche and to work with the information before passing on teachings but have not had time to do so. I have on a few occasions, however, passed just the initiations into the Cartouche energies to a few people who were sufficiently experienced in energy work to be able to develop their understanding of the energies themselves.In due course, I will teach the Cartouche and would like to advise that this will include Set.I have no reason to exclude Set.†††††††





If anybody feels that they have any problems regarding exposure to Set, please feel free to make contact with me.


Thank you.††††






Date of posting : 31st May 2007