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Kathleen Milner


Sexism in Reiki

Suggesting that Mikao Usui did not exist








Kathleen Milner is Head of Lineage for the Tera-Mai energies which are trademarked in the USA. Kathleen has done much to support the practice of working with the Tera-Mai energies for healing purposes and has travelled the world to teach them. Although I am not a member of Kathleenís Tera-Mai Association, I am in her lineage for the Seichem and Violet Fire energies which I teach and work with. My teacher for these energies learned them direct from Kathleen. I do not pass on Kathleenís Tera-Mai version of Reiki but pass on William Randís Tibetan Reiki.


In her Spring 2011 Newsletter which can be found at http://www.kathleenmilner.com/NewsletterSpring2011.html Kathleen Milner makes comment that there is no evidence that Mikao Usui ever existed and that it is possible that Hawayo Takata had to create a male image for the Reiki that Hawayo Takata had brought into the world as the world would not accept Reiki being introduced by a woman. Kathleen makes comment that she still refers to Mikao Usui in her Reiki lineage as a reminder of what women have gone through.


Elsewhere on her website at http://www.kathleenmilner.com/dr-usui-and-takata-and-usui-reiki.html Kathleen makes specific points about Mikao Usui and Reiki. Essentially these points question the existence of Mikao Usui and present the argument for him never having existed.†††


For copyright reasons I cannot reproduce Kathleenís comments on this website so readers will have to visit Kathleenís website to see what I am talking about.





My comments


As a member of her teaching lineages and of the wider healing energies community, I would like to make some comments about what Kathleen has posted by way of trying to get the record straight:


-†††† A page has been posted to my website summarising William Randís research into the history of Reiki which addresses a number of the points that Kathleen has made. It can be found by clicking here. A key point to understand is that when Japan was occupied by the Americans following Japanís surrender in World War 2, the Americans banned the practice of what we in the West would refer to as alternative and complementary medicine.††††


-†††† Research has indicated that there are some aspects of the traditional story of the introduction of Reiki that came from the USA that cannot be verified and that would appear to be incorrect. For example, no records have been found of Mikao Usui having a connection with the University of Chicago and no records have been found of Mikao Usui having a Christian connection. There is no problem with Kathleen making comments about those parts of the Reiki story that have been researched well.


-†††† With regard to Kathleenís comments about Mikao Usuiís tombstone, I do not know where she gets the idea that Mikao Usui was a Tibetan monk. Mikao Usui was born in Japan and was Japanese, not Tibetan. Mikao Usuiís tombstone was paid for and arranged by his students when he died so Kathleenís musings about how he could afford such a tombstone from his own resources and why would he have wanted such a tombstone are irrelevant. She is incorrect when she says that the tombstone is modern.


-††† The inscription on the tombstone does not indicate that half a million Japanese people were initiated into Reiki.††††††


-†††† Kathleenís comments about the Harth symbol are irrelevant to any debate about whether Mikao Usui existed or not.


-††† Although the mantra Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen might be written in Chinese Kanji characters, Hon Sha Ze Sho and Nen are Japanese words. When Japan adopted Chinese Kanji characters, existing analogous Japanese words were written in the appropriate Chinese characters. Japan never adopted the Chinese language in Mandarin or any other dialect.††††


-††† Kathleenís comments about Reiki healing not being practiced in Japan prior to Hawayo Takata are incorrect.


-††† Healers who are in Mikao Usuiís lineage have been found in Japan.

-††† Kathleen gives her Reiki lineage as being Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Iris Ishikuro, Arthur Robertson, Rick and Emma Ferguson, Margarette Shelton, Kathleen Milner. With regard to her comments about the Reiki Alliance, it did not come into being until 1983 after Hawayo Takata died. It was created by Phyllis Furomoto, Hawayo Takataís granddaughter.†††





The harm to the energy healing community


A person such as Kathleen Milner who holds the position of Head of Lineage has a responsibility to conduct her public affairs in a way that does not undermine the credibility of her energy lineages or what the wider energy healing community is doing. It does not appear as if she conducted thorough research before making her comments and has thereby exposed herself to the criticism that some of her suggestions are based not upon fact but upon the projection of her own personal subjectivity. A natural response to her publishing of incorrect information about Mikao Usui and to her suggestion that he did not exist is to question the validity of her other work including her lineage teachings. That affects everybody connected to her and we have all been let down by her suggestion that Mikao Usui did not exist.†††


What I do not understand about this matter is why did Kathleen Milner not find the Higher Aspects of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata and ask them about any lineage issues that she had concerns about. She is psychic and is a shaman so it should have been very easy for her to find them and to ask them. They come to help me when I initiate people into Reiki so if I can find them I do not understand why she does not call upon them also.


Personally speaking, I find it really offensive for it to be suggested that Mikao Usui gets air brushed from history because of projections of sexism. ††





Information Resources


The Information Centre of this website contains a Reiki section with a lot of postings about Reiki. There is so much information on the internet about Reiki that is incorrect that I have tried to collate the correct stuff in one place. Some of this information has a relevance to Kathleen Milnerís comments about Mikao Usui. All of the information will be of interest to people interested in the history of Reiki.


I have also posted a page on this website about Tera-Mai for which Kathleen holds trademark rights in the USA. It can be found by clicking here.






Date of original posting :30th October 2011

Last updated:10th September 2012 ††