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This is a page in the Training Courses section of the website and gives details of the training offered in the Lama-Fera Healing System.






Lama-Fera is an energy healing system that has been practiced over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas. It is used there for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It involves calling upon Lord Buddha to come to the healing situation. His healing energy flows through the healer to the person needing healing.




Differences with other healing systems


The application techniques for the Lama-Fera healing are not the same as with most other energy healing systems such as Reiki and do not require the laying on of hands. The most important action undertaken by the healer is to act as a channel for Lord Buddha so that he can be conduct the healing session. In the monasteries, Lama-Fera healing sessions tend to be of shorter time duration than traditional Reiki style healings but are repeated more often than with Reiki before the healing sequence is completed.




My lineage


I learned Lama-Fera from the late Rajeev Wagle in September 2001. Rajeev is shown in the picture on the right. Rajeev opened The School of the Living Light (India) in Mumbai and worked with a number of different energies. Rajeev was taught Lama-Fera by Mr.S.K.Saini of the Energy Transformation Foundation in Delhi. Mr.Saini learned Lama-Fera direct from a Buddhist monk who practiced it.



Who is suitable to learn Lama-Fera


The first requirement for people who wish to learn Lama-Fera is to have a genuine interest in trying to help other people through healing work. The second requirement is to understand that this system involves the healer channelling the energy of Lord Buddha and chanting the traditional Buddhist mantras for seeking refuge in Lord Buddha, in the spiritual teachings of Lord Buddha and in the community that follows the path of Lord Buddha. If prospective healers are not actively following the Buddhist path, it is important for them to understand the sacred nature of any future relationship with Lord Buddha and of the mantras and what they represent and to have empathy with this. Lord Buddha of course will help anybody with healing whether they are Buddhist or not but Lama-Fera healers should still have an appropriate level of respect for him and the Buddhist community and to be coming from the heart with their wish to learn Lama-Fera.




Who is not suitable to learn Lama-Fera


Lama-Fera requires practitioners to develop an appropriate relationship with Lord Buddha and with the energies represented by the symbols used in the Lama-Fera system. Healers are usually less proactive in this healing system than in others like Reiki and need to let Lord Buddha take the lead. Healers who have a very strong sense of self and are not able to work in relationship with others and as team players will not be suitable candidates to learn this system. Healers who feel the need to put their mark on systems they have learned by changing the systems unnecessarily will not be suitable candidates. Healers who have damaged the public perception of other healing systems by engaging in public attacks upon the Heads of Lineage of those systems or by spreading incorrect teachings will not be suitable candidates for Lama-Fera.All energy teachers have a responsibility to ensure that they teach only to people who will respect the healing systems and I have that responsibility with Lama-Fera.




Who is suitable to receive Lama-Fera healing


As Lama-Fera is a system practiced within the Buddhist community, it is an appropriate way to give healing to people following the Buddhist path. It may also be used for people who are not Buddhists as long as they are aware of who Lord Buddha is, can have respect for him, and are happy to receive healing from him. As the system is usually practiced by Buddhist monks, there has been no traditional self-healing procedure for the Lama-Fera healers. Their spiritual practice should have taken them beyond the need for emotional and mental healing and their fellow monks would be available to conduct healing sessions for any physical conditions. However, with a bit of creativity in technique Lama-Fera healers will be able to receive healing for themselves if needed.




How Lama-Fera is taught


Rajeev taught Lama-Fera in two levels over two days.


Experienced Reiki Masters will find this a very straightforward system to work with and I will cover the two levels in one day of training. This will help to keep the cost of training down.††††


Usually I prefer people who wish to learn energies with me to have already learned Reiki or some other energy with a reasonable amount of Earth element energy in it to ensure that they can work with energies in a grounded way. People in the Buddhist community who have never practiced energy work before will wish to learn this system. Rather than exclude them from learning, they may learn Lama-Fera after they have also worked through the Foundation Chapters of my Reiki manual covering the basics of meditation, channelling the life force energy all around, communicating with the Higher Beings, and the principles of laying on of hands healing with the chakra, meridian and reflexology systems. They will need to spend more time with me than will experienced healers. I will teach Lama-Fera to newcomers to energy healing over two days. The first day will be spent working through the Foundation Chapters. Students will then need to keep practicing this work back at home for several weeks. When they are ready, a second day of training for the Lama-Fera itself may be organised.†††††


Upon successful completion of learning, students will be able to initiate other people into the Lama-Fera system and will be issued with Lama-Fera Master certificates.



Where Lama-Fera can be taught


I am based in London but am happy to travel anywhere in the UK to teach Lama-Fera. I am also happy to travel anywhere overseas to teach. As a European Union passport holder I can work anywhere within the European Union without the need for a work permit. If anybody would like me to teach outside of the European Union, it will be necessary to have any required work permit arrangements in place before teaching can take place.




Distance Learning


Teaching for Lama-Fera is face to face only and there is no distance learning option.




The cost of learning


The way that I work in London is that I do not have a predetermined forward schedule of training course dates. Instead, I usually wait for people to contact me about learning and arrange training dates around when we can get together. If I have nobody else wishing to learn a particular energy at the time of enquiry, I usually ask if the enquirer would be happy to wait for a couple of weeks in case anybody else turns up who would also like to learn that energy. If nobody else joins the training, the cost quoted for the initial query represents the charge I make for teaching on a one to one basis. If other people do join the training, the cost per person quoted will be reduced to try to make the training more affordable for people on lower incomes.


For experienced energy people who can come to London and will only need one day with me, the cost for learning on a one to one basis will be 170 Pounds. Course materials included in this price are:

        Printed training manual

        Copy of the training manual on CD. This is written in Microsoft Word for Windows. The training manual may be copied provided that acknowledgement of where it has come from is given

        Bodhi Mala

        Small amethyst obelisk


Course materials do not include the following which students will have to buy for themselves if they wish to follow the traditional Lama-Fera system exactly as practiced in the Himalayas:

        Wooden sticks

        Burning sticks (crystals)

        Robe or covering garment


For people who are not experienced with working with energy, the charge for my time for teaching one to one in London would be 340 Pounds (2 days at 170 Pounds). This charge includes the same material referred to above and also hard copy print of the Foundation Chapters manual. This manual is very large and there can be some reduction in charge if you are happy to work at home from a CD copy of the manual rather than hard copy. The cost per person for my teaching time will be reduced if two or more people are present.


For people who would like me to travel to them elsewhere in the UK or overseas, travelling and overnight accommodation expenses will have to be added to the charge for teaching time. If the travelling time is significant, there might be some further charge for the opportunity cost of the lost working time. The cost of work permit applications will have to be recovered. This means that the cost of learning could be significantly higher away from London. If a small group of students can be organised, the expenses can be shared across the group and the teaching charge per person reduced.†††




Your teaching


For people who learn Lama-Fera with me, I would ask that they ensure that both Rajeevís training notes and my training manual are passed to everybody in the teaching lines beneath us. The teaching received from Rajeev was very much in the oral tradition. The training notes received from him were not in the format of a comprehensive training manual, were difficult to follow and were incomplete. My training manual is comprehensive and is based upon Rajeevís notes and what he taught in class. By passing this material down the teaching lines we can be sure that everybody is working from the same core material. The Lama-Fera manuals are not large so this should not be an onerous requirement. It is my intention that an online version of the Lama-Fera training manual will be available free of charge to everybody in the teaching lines beneath me in a secure Membersí Area on this website and this will support the availability of the core training material. Whilst I cannot guarantee that the online manual will always be available, I will give my best efforts to try to ensure availability.

††††† If there is a need to include material from my Foundation Chapters in your teaching, you may use as much of my material as you need. It is my intention that in due course this will also be available online.

††††† Historically, it has sometimes been the case that teaching lines have ended when teachers have passed away before teaching what they knew to other people. Even if you do not intend to work with Lama-Fera as a teacher, I would ask please that if possible everybody in the teaching lines beneath me find the opportunity to teach Lama-Fera to at least one person during their lifetimes and for this to continue down the teaching lines. This way, our work and Rajeevís work can become a living legacy when we have passed away and the benefits from it will always be down here on the Earth planes.†††††




Application to learn


If you are interested in learning Lama-Fera, please contact me by e-mail or by phone to discuss. It will be helpful for me to know why you would like to learn Lama-Fera and about any history that you have with the healing energies. Also, if you could let me have a photo of yourself, I would need your permission to check with Lord Buddha that he would be happy for you to learn Lama-Fera. This would involve him tuning in to the energy of your intention and how this is likely to influence the way that you work with Lama-Fera in the public domain but would not involve any psychic intrusion into your private life.