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Living Reiki

Takata’s Teachings

By Fran Brown








This is a page in the Recommended Listening, Reading and Viewing section of this website about the book ‘Living Reiki, Takata’s Teachings’ compiled by Fran Brown.


Fran Brown was one of Hawayo Takata’s original 22 Reiki Masters. This book might be of interest to people who practice Reiki.


The book is a compilation of Hawayo Takata’s recollections of how she came to learn Reiki and of how she practiced it. It contains information about Mikao Usui and how he came to be connected with Reiki, and also about Hawayo’s relationship with Chujiro Hayashi.


The book is not a technical manual about how to work with Reiki and does not serve as a technical accompaniment to any Reiki training manual. It is, however, a good book to have for people who collect literature about the history of Reiki and how it came to be passed down through Hawayo Takata to the world.   


The book is approximately 21.5cm x 14.0cm and has 94 pages. It is not a large book but nonetheless contains a lot of interesting information. 


It was first published by Life Rhythm of California in 1992 with ISBN 0-049795-10-8.


If the book is not currently in print, internet search should throw up number of used copies of this book. They are most likely to be found on sites like eBay and Amazon and the online second hand booksellers.


Fran passed away on 12th April 2009. I am fortunate to have copy of this book that was signed by her.






Date of posting : 28th May 2009