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Magnified Healing Supplies







The Magnified Healing System is a trademarked system and it is necessary for initiates to be trained in accordance with the set system procedures to be recognised within the lineage. Although I have incorporated these teaching procedures into my standard training format and teach therefore a wider course than the standard system, I always teach what is in the standard Magnified Healing training manuals. In addition, I always issue the standard Magnified Healing training manuals, three colour flame cards and bottles of essence to ensure that anybody who learns from me can be recognised within the requirements of the lineage.


There are now a number of Magnified Healing teachers around the world who double up as supply points for Magnified Healing products. English speaking people, however, still need to order from the official Magnified Healing website in the USA at http://www.magnifiedhealing.com.  If you click through on the ‘Online Store’ option, a page appears welcoming you to the Online Store. If you then click through on ‘Order Form’, you are taken through to an order form. At this stage, you might be wondering where the Online Store is.  If you scroll down on the ‘Order Form’, a list of products and prices is at the bottom of the form from which you can make your selection. Basically, this is the Online Store.


Could you please note that this website does not have an integrated online shop / shopping trolley. The preferred method of ordering is to print out the order form, complete it by hand, then send through the post to the USA.  The website advises that international delivery can take up to 14 days. Given that time will be needed as well for the order form to reach the USA, it is not advisable here in the UK to wait until the last minute to order your Magnified Healing supplies. To be safe, I would suggest ordering at least a month before you will need the products.  It is also a good idea to keep a buffer stock of your own supplies to cope with unexpected teaching needs.           




If you are buying from the USA, please note the following:

-     Import duty and VAT (Value Added Tax or Sales Tax) are chargeable on the value of all imports into the UK where the value is above the personal Customs Allowance. Most of us are familiar with the personal Customs Allowance as this is what we have to bear in mind when bringing back items purchased when out of the country on holiday.  If we import goods valued at less than the personal Customs Allowance, no tax is payable. In the past, I have not been able to persuade HM Revenue and Customs to allow spiritual training material to be treated as exempt from tax when I have imported with values higher than the personal Customs Allowance.

-     For tax purposes, the value of any items imported will include the cost of shipping.

-     Information about current rates of tax may be found from HM Revenue and Customs. The main website is at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/home.htm. It is not easy to find all the necessary information on this website so it might be easier to use the helpline for some guidance.




If you wish to purchase the card prints of the image of Kwan Yin that I use when working with Magnified Healing, you can obtain these by mail order within the UK from Aristia who are based in Southsea near Portsmouth.  Aristia have an online shop at  http://www.aristia.co.uk

with secure server payment facilities. To find the cards, please click through on ‘Ascended Master Pictures’ and scroll through the listing that follows. The Kwan Yin prints come in different sizes so it is advisable to double check that you have found all the Kwan Yin prints in the listing before placing your order. You can buy these prints laminated in clear plastic so that they do not get damaged when they are used regularly. If you have received the Kwan Yin empowerment, you may pass this on to the image in the card so that Kwan Yin’s energy flows through.


Other contact details for Aristia are:

Shop Opening Times:

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5.30pm

+44 (0)23 9235 5645

233 Albert Road, Southsea, PO4 0JR

Mail Order Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

+44 (0)19 8372 1060

PO Box 45, Ventnor, PO38 3ZQ

Aristia have a very good shop in Southsea which is well worth a visit if you are passing through the neighbourhood.  








Date of posting : 30th June 2007