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March 2007 Newsletter


Welcome to the March 2007 newsletter. 


Some of the newsletter items have links to other pages in this website. I will need to introduce some kind of content management system in due course as the number of pages posted to this website is increasing. For the time being, however, please follow the main section headers at the top of each page if you get lost. 


As in previous newsletters, the legal issues referred to in this newsletter are intended for healers in England.  


Thank you.


Robert    31st March 2007 






Crystals Fairs

Crystals fairs will be held at these locations over the next few months by Rock’n’Gems. They are targeted at a variety of audiences including collectors, healers and jewellers.  Further details can be found at http://www.rockngem.co.uk/index.asp .


14th and 15th April 2007 -  Chilford Hall, Linton, Cambridge 


21st and 22nd April 2007 - Newark Showground, Winthorpe, Newark 


19th and 20th May 2007 - Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, London. 


2nd and 3rd June 2007 - Norfolk Showground, Costessy, Norwich. 


9th and 10th June 2007 - Kempton Park Racecourse, Sunbury-on-Thames. 


16 and 17 June 2007-  Newcastle Racecourse, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 


The biggest fairs held locally are at Kempton Park Racecourse at Sunbury-on-Thames to the south west of London. At the biggest fairs at Kempton there can be around 150 different stalls. Details on how to get to Kempton by road or train can be found at www.kempton.co.uk. Trains to Kempton Park from Central London run from Waterloo up to twice an hour.  If you use crystals in healing work and have never visited the fairs at Kempton before, a visit will be a good experience.




Pleiadian Agenda Activations / Journeys Through Nine Dimensions in Sweden, May 2007

I first got on to the spiritual path in this lifetime through the rediscovery of astrology from which we can get a wider appreciation of the web of energies all around us. One of the most important astrological books that I read was the book on Chiron written by Barbara Hand Clow. It has a lot of very deep teachings. A number of people came to me subsequently who had important Chiron aspects in their horoscopes and the teachings in the book were able to give them insights into their potential to follow the healing path. Some of the people were likely to be able to hold channelled energies well so I suggested that they might consider learning Reiki which was starting to make its impact felt at the time.  The book was also the catalyst for me to get on to the healing energies path so because of that Barbara changed my life.


Barbara is of course well known for all the various channelled information that she has received over the years and for the books that she has written either herself or with her husband Gerry such as The Pleiadian Agenda, Heart of the Christos, Eye of the Centaur, Signet of Atlantis, Liquid Light of Sex and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar. Gerry is also a leading healer. For many years, Barbara and Gerry have been holding training courses to introduce participants to the nine dimensions of consciousness revealed to Barbara by the Pleiadean Higher Beings in 1995.  In the forward schedule for these courses for 2007 there is only one visit to Europe planned at present. This will be to Sweden in May with workshops in both Gothenburg  (Göteborg)  and Stockholm.


Energy healers who practice energies taught in the Reiki workshop style have been having experiences for some time whereby they are now able to access frequencies and aspects of the energies beyond what is possible from the standard training platforms offered in their energies. The expansion of their own consciousnesses that has resulted from their work with the energies has been a big contributory factor in being able to access more of the energies. One of the big challenges for such energy workers is to find new teachers who have already done enough work on training structure who can help to pull them forward and develop further. Although I have never attended one of Barbara’s and Gerry’s courses, I feel sure that the Sweden workshops will give some healers the opportunity that they need to widen horizons so am posting details to my website.  If you might be interested in attending, please click here to go to a page that I have posted about them. I will be going to the workshop in Gothenburg so am looking forward to the experience myself.


Low cost budget flights to Sweden are available from RyanAir (http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/) who fly from London Stansted to Gothenburg and to Stockholm and from Sterling European Airlines (http://www.sterling.dk/flight) who fly from London Gatwick to Stockholm. There are also some low cost flights available from Air Berlin (http://www.airberlin.com/) who fly from London Stansted to Gothenburg. Cost with Air Berlin seems to be very variable and heavily dependent upon flight dates. I have had a look on the internet but did not find any low cost carriers offering flights to Gothenburg and to Stockholm from the three other London airports. 





Helen Belot’s Reiki Seichim and Sekhem Teachings

I am contacted from time to time by people who have visited this website and have seen the various postings about Sekhem. I learned Sekhem from Helen Belot as part of a series of Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem classes which she taught.  Helen was my teacher. It has been pointed out to me that Helen currently advises on her website that Sekhem is not compatible with either Reiki or Seichim. This is quite a profound statement given that Helen used to teach that all three energies could be channelled and applied in the healing situation together. As I have passed on her teachings to other people including active teachers, I feel it is appropriate to make some comment about this.  I do not know who is in the teaching lineage beneath me so the only way I have to try to communicate with anybody affected is by making a further posting to this website. Please click here to go to it.





Regulation for Energy Healers

I have posted a page to this website advising of the current situation regarding Regulation of practitioners in the energy healing sector in the UK. It is very likely that a system of Self Regulation will be introduced. This means that the equivalent of a Trade Association will be tasked with ensuring that members meet established training and practice criteria rather than there be a system of Statutory Regulation by the Government. Please click here to go to the page.





Counselling Skills Training

My experience with the energies is that the best healing is done when the healer and client are working together and with the client fully engaged in the healing process. The more the client is able to get to root causes and emotions and to understand their subsequent behavioural patterns, the deeper the energies seem to go and the faster the turn around. Sometimes, though, the client just needs an external catalyst to be able to get a better focus on issues or somebody away from family and friends who they can talk to openly and with whom they can explore how they feel about situations. Good counselling skills help with all of this so are valuable tools for the healer to have in his / her toolbox. As part of the development of an Information Centre as a resource for people who I am connected with, I have posted a page which might be helpful for people thinking of taking some professional training in counselling skills. Please click here to go to it.





Legal Framework

I have posted some more pages relating to the legislative framework in England within which healers need to work. The postings this month relate to the commercial aspects of running a practice and include the reproduction of the relevant legislation. I am not aware of any particular history of prosecutions for therapists under the legislation covered but it is likely that some healers do break the law in these areas from time to time without realising it.


A regulatory framework exists for the selling of goods and services by telephone, fax and e-mail. Healers who try to sell by these methods need to understand this framework. Please click here to go to the Guidance page.


The Trade Descriptions Act protects the consumer from situations where goods and services received are not as described when sold.  The nature of the work that healers carry out does not sit particularly comfortably with legislation which is based historically in quantitative outputs so it is helpful to understand this legislation. Please click here to go to the Guidance page.





Choosing a Massage Table

Sometimes what we think are going to be the easiest of tasks are the ones that go wrong.  I have seen a number of energy healers make the mistake of buying the wrong sort of massage table to work from. I have just updated the section on choosing a massage table in my training manuals so thought it would be helpful to have it on the website as well. It can be found by clicking here.





Petition to Tony Blair

As I am sure that some people in the UK will know, Tony Blair has set up a forum on the 10 Downing Street website whereby electronic petitions for Government action on all sorts of issues can be started. The original intention was that being able to read these on a website and allowing people to add their names online would contribute to a more open form of governance in the UK. Judging by the number of petitions currently live on the website, this might turn out to be one of those ideas that is great in theory but not very practical. There seem to be petitions open for every cause possible. The reason for referring to electronic petitions here is that there I have been asked to let people know about one at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/holistic . The petition reads, ‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to provide a system of Integrated Health within the NHS’ and goes on to provide further explanation about holistic approaches to health and about having alternative therapies available within the National Health Service. The closing date for the petition is 28 April 2007. There are not many signatures on it yet so if you feel minded to do so, please sign up and let other people know about it.


Whilst looking at this petition website, I saw also a petition calling for free Complementary Alternative Therapies on the NHS at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/naturalhealth/ and another calling for the saving of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital at  http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/SavetheRLHH/ . Some visitors might be interested in signing these as well.





Sekhmet Book

Nick Ameghino runs an energy healing and teaching practice up in Birmingham. His website is at www.nickameghino.co.uk. Nick works with the Sekhem energy and is very close to Sekhmet.


Nick is writing a book about Sekhmet. He is engaged currently in research to collate whatever historical and archaeological information can be found in reference books, news articles, websites, museums, universities, photographs, etc. about her. The particular focus for this research is on temples where Sekhmet was worshipped and on information about her priests and their rituals. His intention is then to move on to the ‘channelled’ and ‘inspired’ writings that people may have available about her.


He is putting out requests for help with this project. Some of the people on my e-mail newsletter notification lists are very connected to Sekhmet as are some general visitors to this website. If anybody could help Nick with this project it would be much appreciated. He would welcome both factual information, photographs, and details of experiences with Sekhmet.  It would also be appreciated if visitors could let him know about useful information sources and contacts that may be followed up.


Nick can be contacted at healing-info@blueyonder.co.uk . If you have any very large size files to e-mail to him, could you please be kind enough to contact him first so that he can check that they will not overload his e-mail system. 


Additionally, it would be a big help if anybody could advise Nick where he can find out about the exact  timing of the 2007 helical rising of Sirius as seen from Birmingham at latitude 52 degrees north.  






April Newsletter

The April newsletter will be posted towards the end of April.