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May 2007 Newsletter


Welcome to the May 2007 newsletter. 


If you get lost when looking at some of the other pages on this website, the headers at the top of the page are the navigation links to the main sections of the site.


Thank you.




31st May 2007 







Divine Dine

Divine Dine and Conni Elyse of Environments in Light are pleased to invite you to evenings of discussion and demonstration here in West London in June and July. Conni is an international seer and spiritual development guide. She will be at Divine Dine presenting on three evenings on Intuition and Psychic Abilities, Universal Feng Shui, and Light Awareness. As usual, delicious food and drinks will be provided.  The evenings will take place at the Hogarth Centre in Chiswick.

Conni is a very gifted guide and the evenings will be great experiences.

For further details please click here.   






Cutting The Cords That Bind – Sue Allen

Readers who do not subscribe to the Alternatives newsletters might be interested in attending either the forthcoming talk or workshop to be presented by Sue Allen. Sue is a very experienced psychic who works in the healing field and with energy entities.  She will be presenting a talk on the evening of Monday 4th June at St.James in Piccadilly here in London with a follow up workshop on Sunday 1st July in Kensington Square (just around the corner from Kensington High Street Station).  The subject of both events will be ‘Cutting The Cords That Bind’. Whenever we have some kind of relationship with another person, the energy links between us build up. Sometimes these links can be positive, sometimes negative, or sometimes a mixture of both. Sue teaches people to understand the nature of such links or cords and to recognise those that are not healthy or which deplete us of our own personal energy.  She also teaches how to deal with them so that they are gone and are not recreated.


A lot of us who work with the healing energies received most if not all of our training through teaching platforms that mirror the standard Reiki workshop format so it is always helpful to receive teachings from somebody in the same field of work but who approaches healing from a different angle. Both the talk and the workshop would be good for healers to attend as we often have to deal with cord situations with clients. The charges for both the talk and the workshop are very reasonable


Please click  here to go to Sue’s website. Details of the two events can be found on the Alternatives website by clicking  here and  here.    





The Mayan Calendar and Prophecies - Apolinario Chile Pixtun

Another forthcoming talk and workshop organised through Alternatives is about the Mayan Calendar. The current Mayan Calendar ends in 2012 with energy alignments out in the cosmos which will provide opportunities for people on the personal development path to expand their consciousness and to ground in the physical dimensions. A number of books have been written on the Mayan Calendar which has helped to bring awareness of it into western cultures.


Apolinario Chile Pixtun is a Mayan Priest from Guatemala who is a Keeper of the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Mayan people which is passed down from generation to generation in the oral tradition. In common with other indigenous cultures, the Mayan tradition is that their teachings include those that have come from the Pleiades. You can read about Apolinario on the Maya Europe website by clicking  here.  Apolinario is in England now and will be holding a number of presentations and workshops about traditional Mayan wisdom teachings and about the Mayan Calendar.


The talk and workshop about the Mayan Calendar to be held in London in June are being organised by Alternatives. You can read about them by clicking  here and here.  


Whilst in England, Apolinario will also be holding ceremony and a number of other workshops on different Mayan related topics as follows. Contact details for further information can be found by clicking here.

·        9th and 10th June, 12pm to 6pm.    Mayan Calendar Workshop at Addlestone, Surrey

·        21st June, Sunrise.   Summer Solstice Mayan Fire Ceremony, Glastonbury Tor

·        22nd June, 7.30 pm   Messages from the Mayan Elders to Humanity, Glastonbury

·        23rd June, 10.00am to 5.30pm   The Mayan Calendar Teachings, Prophecies and the Origins of Humanity, Glastonbury

·        6th to 7th October 2007  Two day workshop at Covent Garden Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LT.  Mayan Calendar and Prophecies.    


If you can make it to Glastonbury for the Solstice and to meet with Apolinario, could you please note that the Glastonbury Festival is back on this year over the Solstice period. It will be held just off the A361 before you get to Pilton a few miles after you have left Glastonbury driving eastwards. The traffic along the A361 is likely to be very problematic during the Festival so it would be advisable to take another route in if you are going to drive to Glastonbury. Glastonbury itself will be very busy at this time so please build in to your time planning enough slack to cope with delays in getting around.     





Egyptian Cartouche - Kathleen Milner and Set

In the Spring 2007 newsletter on her website, Kathleen Milner has made some comments about the Energy of Set which is one of the Egyptian Cartouche range of energies.  As I work with Set occasionally when doing healing work and have passed the attunement to Set to a few people, I feel it is appropriate to make some kind of position statement. I do not work with any forces of the kind that Kathleen describes and only work with the energies in a positive way. Please click here to read my comments.  





Summer Solstice

For anybody wishing to join in the festivities at Stonehenge, English Heritage will be allowing open access to the Standing Stones from the evening of Wednesday 20th June overnight to the morning of Thursday 21th June.  Further details can be found at their website

http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/server/show/nav.9587. For those who do not have cars, please make enquiries about special  services run by Wiltshire and Dorset Buses at http://www.wdbus.co.uk. They usually run buses into the early hours of the morning for the Solstice. 


If you wish to go to Avebury for the Solstice, the National Trust who own Avebury have advised that they have been served with an Enforcement Notice by Kennett District Council requiring them not to allow the car park at Avebury to be used overnight as a place for people to sleep in camper vans, motorhomes or caravans for the observance of pagan festivals. To comply with the Enforcement Notice, a height barrier has been erected at the car park entrance to prevent the access of such vehicles. Given the usual numbers of people who try to be at Avebury for the Solstice and the difficulties there always are with parking when it is busy there, the National Trust is advising visitors to come by public transport if at all possible. Stagecoach operate the regular buses to Avebury (http://www.stagecoachbus.com) from Swindon, Devizes and Marlborough.





Avebury - National Archaeology Week

Whilst checking out the situation at Avebury about the Solstice, I read that the Council for British Archaeology is holding National Archaeology Week between Saturday 14th July and Sunday 22nd July. The intention is to help people discover the architectural heritage of Britain by holding special events. At Avebury, there will be presentations by the archaeologists about what they have found their in previous digs. If anybody might be interested in going along for one of these details are at National Trust webpage






Rajeev Wagle

We are at the anniversary of Rajeev’s death again. For those readers who are in one of Rajeev’s teaching lineages through me, I have put up a page about him which can be found by clicking here.  I always send energy to Rajeev over the last weekend in May each year in memory of him and ask the Higher Beings to look after him. If anybody feels minded to do the same I am sure it would be a good thing to do.     





Legal Framework

I have posted some more guidance notes on the legal framework within energy healers have to operate within England. This month’s postings relate to the treatment of animals as governed by two key pieces of legislation:

·        Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

·        Animal Welfare Act 2006


The Veterinary Surgeons Act sets the regulatory framework within which only suitable qualified persons may treat illness and injuries to animals. There is an absolute prohibition on anybody who does not have the prescribed qualifications trying to heal or to cure animals. Whilst there is no legislation to restrict the application of energies to an animal, subject to this not causing distress to the animal, energies such as Reiki may not be applied in the context of healing or curing medical conditions.


The Animal Welfare Act sets out the responsibilities of animal owners to take care of their animals including making suitable arrangements in situations of illness or injury.


Please click on the names of the Acts above to go to the relevant webpage.






This month I have posted some more details of suppliers which I have used which visitors to this website might like to try. Please click on the supplier name to go to the page for that supplier.

·        John Harvey Gray was one of Hawayo Takata’s original Reiki Masters. A recording of Hawayo Takata giving guidance to students is available from John’s website together with a book detailing his experiences as a Reiki practitioner and teacher.

·        The transparent plastic sleeves that I use to protect the hard copy prints of my manuals come from Celsur Plastics in Staines. These sleeves are very expensive if bought in a high street store but are offered at much better prices by Celsur.

·        Rubinland Mineralienhandlung  in Gemany is a good supplier of Bodhi malas for the practice of Lama-Fera.    






June Newsletter
The June Newsletter will come out at the end of June.